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iFarmer Rose, Lilliana Short Story Issue 628  
If a Tree Falls in Space Shternshain, Alex Short Story Issue 54  
If Ants Were Blue allen, euhal Poetry Issue 110  
If I Went Crazy Now, Would You Still Call Me Superman? Morris, Edward Short Story Issue 216  
If I Were a Werewolf Sanhueza, Roberto Poetry Issue 57  
If Looks Could Cook... Lee, Pete Poetry Issue 213  
If She Hadn’t Learned to Knit Yankovskaya, Tatyana Short Story Issue 512  
If There is a God Above Kona, Prakash Poetry Issue 228  
If Thou Art God McCormick, Bill Short Story Issue 457  
If Wishes Were Horses Ray, Amber Novella Issue 838 Author's bibliography
If You Pick at It, It Will Never Heal DeBord, Amanda K. Essay Issue 193  
If You Say It Again... Smith, Sherman Short Story Issue 599  
Ifegali Balogun, Shola Poetry Issue 702  
iGenesis Wang, Jie Short Story Issue 848  
Ignoring Spielberg's Munich Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 196  
Iguana Time Waldman, Mel Poetry Issue 325  
Illusion McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 196  
Illusions Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 944  
Illusions of You R., Thomas Poetry Issue 17  
Ilysveil: Den of Delirium Zech, J. H. Short Story Issue 913  
Ilysveil: Spiral of Madness Zech, J. H. Short Story Issue 789  
Ilysveil: The Hidden Vengeance Zech, J. H. Short Story Issue 906  
Imaginary Time Smith, Meg Poetry Issue 886  
Imagine Dead Imagine Rubin, Norman A. Short Story Issue 65  
Imagine His Thoughts Kruvant, Jonah Short Story Issue 737  
Imagine Live Imagine Grote, Jörn Short Story Issue 146  
Imagined You Stocks, John Poetry Issue 360  
Imitation Brooks, Michael D. Flash Fiction Issue 375  
Immersion Art Hegre, O. D. Short Story Issue 578  
Immortal Children Williams, Paul Short Story Issue 257  
Immortality Hagedorn, Susan A. Poetry Issue 470  
Immortality (Memorial Reissue) Hagedorn, Susan A. Poetry Issue 685  
Immortality Street Haas, Jeff Flash Fiction Issue 188  
Impact Rocks Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 426  
Impish Behaviour Pittman, Alan G. Short Story Issue 282  
Implacable Spirit Seery, Christine Poetry Issue 789  
Imprint Doerr, Edward C. Poetry Issue 268  
Imprisonment Bishop, Jon Short Story Issue 159  
Impromptu Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 506  
In a Language not Arabic Kona, Prakash Poetry Issue 175  
In a Little Café Leftow, Joy Poetry Issue 526  
In a Maryland Graveyard Roberts, Peter Poetry Issue 864  
In a Pickle Sanger, Katherine Short Story Issue 307  
In a Season of Storms Lang, Harry Serial Issue 758 Author's bibliography
In an Absent Dream Thorpe, Marian L. Short Story Issue 730  
In and Out of the Knickknackatorium Meggett, Joyce Flash Fiction Issue 799  
In Another Country’s Other Country Paper, Henry Alan Short Story Issue 891  
In Her Design Gauch, Ashleigh Short Story Issue 622  
In Hiding Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 381  
In Hindsight Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 613  
In His Boots Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 629  
In His House Balaskas, Peter A. Novella Issue 262 Author's bibliography
In India, Soaked in Sweat and Sex Rajamani, Ashok Poetry Issue 409  
In Memory Gabriel, Karen Poetry Issue 639  
In Memory of Dexter Roberts Armstrong, Forrest Short Story Issue 199  
In Memphis Viswanathan, Visalakshi Poetry Issue 554  
In My Cell Andersen, Tiffany Flash Fiction Issue 293  
In My Element Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 750  
In New Zealand Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 644  
In Pursuit of Princess Napalia Linson, Ronald Short Story Issue 646  
In Re: Crew of Spaceship ZPX47 Reasoner, Mark Short Story Issue 935  
In Russia in March Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 561  
In Rwanda Balogun, Shola Poetry Issue 692  
In Search of Wuthering Heights Ong, Richard Memoir Issue 920  
In Shining Armour Barber, David Short Story Issue 899  
In Solitary Balogun, Shola Poetry Issue 690  
In the Absence of Caution Clifton, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 662  
In the Belly of Guile González, Pedro Blas Short Story Issue 242  
In the Blink of an Eye Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 224  
In the Blood Simmons, Tim Flash Fiction Issue 287  
In the Blue Moon. Thursday Stocks, John Poetry Issue 205  
In the Box Seidler, Laurie Flash Fiction Issue 133  
In the Castle of Kings Pandey, Piyush Poetry Issue 544  
In the Circle Time R., Thomas Poetry Issue 31  
In the City Where Mother Dwelt Cayzac, Bertrand Poetry Issue 745  
In the Cold Marshall, Denny Art Issue 656  
In the Crowd Berces, Gergely Short Story Issue 733  
In the Crows’ Dialect Smith, Meg Poetry Issue 784  
In the Dark I Live Waldman, Mel Prose Poetry Issue 277  
In the Dim Plane Alfar, Dean Francis Short Story Issue 366  
In the Doorway of Her Smile Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 823  
In the Economy of Life Capasso, R. C. Short Story Issue 587  
In the Eye of the Beholder Van Sweringen, Ron Flash Fiction Issue 424  
In the Full Moon Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 559  
In the Game of God Wolfman, Marya M. Short Story Issue 372  
In the Garden of the Moon Crouch, Jeff Art Issue 214  
In the Hall of Splintered Mirrors Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 361  
In the Hole Crandall, Rob Flash Fiction Issue 509  
In the Hometown of the Devil Simpson, Kelli Poetry Issue 931  
In the Land of Maybe Adès, David Short Story Issue 499  
In the Lexicon Lab Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 390  
In the Light of Eternal Struggle Ong, Richard Art Issue 860  
In the Little Temple of My Sleeping Bag Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 542  
In the Lobster Pot Silver, Jasmine Flash Fiction Issue 409  
In the Manic Bruness, Christine Art Issue 210  
In the Matter of Eggshells Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 218  
In the Midst of Hell Falk, Bertil Memoir Issue 374  
In the Mood Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 782  
In the Morn, They 'a Come Oxman, Mike
Short Story Issue 205  
In the Mouse-Bird Ecozone Guarino, Jerry Flash Fiction Issue 874  
In the Name of ... Rubin, Norman A. Short Story Issue 166  
In the News Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 458  
In the Rear View Mirror Falk, Bertil Essay Issue 283  
In the Same Boat Burnsed, Jack Short Story Issue 382  
In the Secret Parts of Fortune Caddigan, Connor Short Story Issue 404  
In the Shadow of the Stars Sebastian, J. F. Short Story Issue 903  
In the Showroom Cinema: October Stocks, John Poetry Issue 384  
In the Unlikely Event of My Death Van Allen, John Short Story Issue 767  
In the Valley of Hermits Heintze, Colin Lee Serial Issue 374 Author's bibliography
In the Waiting Room Schwartz, G. David Essay Issue 181  
In the Woods Brown, Eric S. Short Story Issue 146  
In the Woods Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 347  
In This House of Music Greene, Jeffrey Short Story Issue 942  
In This Place, Poverty Falls Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 236  
In This Sea Mwanaka, Tendai R. Poetry Issue 517  
In Water, the Marked One Fades Bella, Lana Poetry Issue 660  
Inalienable Right Siciliano, Michael Short Story Issue 565  
Incarceration Wylie, Thomas F. Poetry Issue 440  
Inception Strout, E. S. Short Story Issue 219  
Incident Larson, R D Short Story Issue 137  
Incident at St. Laurita’s Greene, Kochava Serial Issue 610 Author's bibliography
Incognito, Ergo Summoned Thiel, John Short Story Issue 47  
Incommunicado Duarte, Jr., Hector Flash Fiction Issue 337  
Incubus Cusimano, Alessandro Poetry Issue 496  
Incubus, Indentured Smith, Meg Poetry Issue 838  
Independences Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 566  
Indescribably Malicious Griffin, Pamela Tyree Flash Fiction Issue 242  
India Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 260  
Indiana Poem Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 235  
Indigo Dawn McArdle, Mary B. Short Story Issue 176  
Indigs Brown, Eric S. Short Story Issue 8  
Indivisible R., Thomas Poetry Issue 41  
Infiltration Fay, Richard H. Poetry Issue 288  
Infinite Marshall, Denny Poetry Issue 767  
Infinite Reveries Markiewicz, Pawel Poetry Issue 950  
Infinity’s Conclusion Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 503  
Infocommunicado Jackson, Luke Flash Fiction Issue 214  
Information Theory Wornan, Julie Flash Fiction Issue 340  
Infranet Falk, Bertil Novel Issue 498 Author's bibliography
Inga’s Persuasion May, Marion J. Flash Fiction Issue 904  
Inheritance Punsalan, Elyss G. Short Story Issue 495  
Initial Resources Westlake, Martin Short Story Issue 747  
Initiation Stocks, John Poetry Issue 287  
Initiation: Fantasy's Hidden Theme Mullins, Seth Essay Issue 178  
Ink of Loss Marshall, Denny Art Issue 689  
Inner Voice Pettit, Phillip Flash Fiction Issue 219  
Insect Warriors in the Hall of Interdimensional Transport Chico, Dave Hyperfiction Issue 1  
Inseparable Saxton, John Flash Fiction Issue 311  
Inside Darryl's Bookcase Neary, Marina J. Poetry Issue 373  
Inside Job Strout, E. S. Short Story Issue 214  
Inside Out Strout, E. S. Short Story Issue 208  
Inside Recursive Glass-Blown Rooms of Explosive Truth Bensko, Tantra Short Story Issue 387  
Inside the Artists' Colony Jackson, Luke Short Story Issue 197  
Inside the Cage Grant, Joseph Short Story Issue 343  
Inside the Quiet Room Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 694  
Inside the Rotten Apple Neary, Marina J. Short Story Issue 416  
Insight Erasure Lawson, John Edward Poetry Issue 18  
Inspector Klay and the Nico Lukas, Anthony Short Story Issue 602  
Instinctive Fear Larson, R D Short Story Issue 343  
Instructions Gagnon, Donna Poetry Issue 211  
Insufficient Transaction Riley, Christian Short Story Issue 434  
Intelligent Designers Kowaleski, Bill Short Story Issue 678  
Intensive Care Anderson, O. J. Flash Fiction Issue 245  
Intent Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 274  
Interdiction Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 774  
Interference Patterns Knudsen, Charles M. Short Story Issue 491  
Intergalactic Balladeer Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 502  
Intergalactic Poet Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 553  
Interior Designs Strattner, Larry Short Story Issue 441  
Intermission Between the Opening of the Sixth and Seventh Seals Crook, Jeff Flash Fiction Issue 197  
Interplanetary Explorer Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 783  
Interstellar Sport Poyner, Ken Poetry Issue 818  
Intervention Moan, Lee Flash Fiction Issue 264  
Interview Number 14 Kitcher, William Short Story Issue 924  
Interview with Aslan Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Essay Issue 187  
Interview with God King, Mary Flash Fiction Issue 166  
Interview with Maria Etxea R., Thomas Short Story Issue 51  
Interview With Mary Magdalene Neary, Marina J. Poetry Issue 353  
Interview with the Dungeon Master Humphrey, M. L. Short Story Issue 797  
Interviewing the CEO Maponi, M. Short Story Issue 930  
Intimate Sky Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 890  
Into the Burbs Hower, Sean Short Story Issue 124  
Into the Green Pit Monaghan, Sean Flash Fiction Issue 369  
Into the Light Vibert, Arthur Short Story Issue 261  
Into the Light Walmsley, Jennifer Flash Fiction Issue 298  
Into the Morning Alfar, Dean Francis Short Story Issue 251  
Into the Mountains Liu, Hongping Prose Poetry Issue 490  
Into the Rainbow Allen, Nick Flash Fiction Issue 368  
Into Thin Space Rich, David Short Story Issue 802  
Intrusion Inbinder, Gary Short Story Issue 470  
Intrusion Tyzuk, Michael J A Serial Issue 67 Author's bibliography
Invasion of the Alien Parasite From Interdimensional Space Hagerman, Lisa Marie Short Story Issue 925  
Invasion Ship Ong, Richard Art Issue 699  
Inventory of Things Left Behind Alaverdova, Liana Poetry Issue 374  
Inverness Dogs Brown, Cheyenne Short Story Issue 671  
Investment Horizon Hansen, Gregory Serial Issue 107 Author's bibliography
Invisible Boy Reynolds, Thomas D. Poetry Issue 209  
Invisible Government Debenham, Graham Short Story Issue 470  
In-Flight Convergence Burch, Michael R. Poetry Issue 807  
Iona Stocks, John Poetry Issue 362  
iPop Brooks, Michael D. Flash Fiction Issue 456  
Irene’s Farewell Zocco, LaVerne Flash Fiction Issue 438  
Iridium-Poisoned Seeds Garfoot, Alan P. Poetry Issue 683  
Irish Graveyard Jig Hollis, Marty Poetry Issue 500  
Iron 59 Christopher, Max Short Story Issue 786  
Is and Vision Dotoli, Gregg Poetry Issue 687  
Isaac Asimov: The Good Doctor Spud, The Invincible Article Issue 8  
Isabella Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 658  
Islamic Metalwork Rubin, Norman A. Article Issue 84  
Island Long Anderson, Brevin Short Story Issue 527  
Island of the Fortunate Barber, David Short Story Issue 890  
Island Princess Crystalwizard Art Issue 711  
Island Water Bruness, Christine Art Issue 210  
Isolated Cases Marshall, Morris Short Story Issue 561  
It's a Dragon Thing Ruiz, Anna Flash Fiction Issue 191  
It's All About Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 224  
It's a... Grey, John Poetry Issue 291  
It’s Coming for You Adès, David Poetry Issue 547  
It’s Like Mr. Potato Head Messineo, Len Short Story Issue 834  
It's Raining Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 370  
It's Reigning Time Bernstein, David S. Short Story Issue 378  
It’s the Bricks Again McGonegal, Mike Poetry Issue 431  
It's Time Crystalwizard Flash Fiction Issue 233  
It Brought the Snow Young, E. H. Short Story Issue 636  
It Can Play Dead, Too! Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Short Story Issue 106  
It Comes Brown, Neil Poetry Issue 6  
It Could Have Been So Easy Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 237  
It Feels Like a Broken Violin Palevich, Eva-Maria Poetry Issue 664  
It Is Raining Stocks, John Poetry Issue 231  
It Takes Me Back Ritchie, John Essay Issue 431  
It Was Elvis! Sheagren, Gerald E. Short Story Issue 46  
It Was Nearly Curtains Gray, Will Memoir Issue 310  
Ivan and the Gray Wolf Grote, Jörn Short Story Contest 1  
Iwayu González, Pedro Blas Short Story Issue 153  
I’m Better Off With a Cat Mendelson, Melissa R. Flash Fiction Issue 652  
I've Missed You
Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 504  
Jabs and Stabs Wylie, Thomas F. Poetry Issue 504  
Jack and Jill Stirling, Bruce Flash Fiction Issue 275  
Jack Kerouac’s Run Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 461  
Jack Spriggins, Villain Nolf, P. S. Short Story Issue 798  
Jacob's Naked Aquarium Monaghan, Sean Flash Fiction Issue 390  
Jade Coburn, Jef Novel Issue 892 Author's bibliography
Jam On, In No Particular Flavour Green, Chadwick TC Poetry Issue 285  
Jane and Mike Iatsko, Viacheslav Poetry Issue 159  
Janstein's Subject Lahrman, Randall Short Story Issue 204  
Janthyn the Desperate Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 895  
Jargos Caner, Resha Serial Issue 253 Author's bibliography
Jason's Log Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 370  
Jason’s Solution Brookes, David Short Story Issue 556  
Javelin Warriors Morris, Lee Short Story Issue 343  
Jellorotica Gray, Sherry Short Story Issue 1  
Jellyfish Ong, Richard Art Issue 567  
Jenna Temples, Phil Flash Fiction Issue 562  
Jenny by the Sea Allen, Robert Short Story Issue 156  
Jejune Opinions Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 739  
Jesse Mierek, Jordan E. Flash Fiction Issue 507  
Jesse Wept Brown, Eric S. and Allen, Pete Short Story Issue 46  
JGoldman10 Theatre Utley, Steven Essay Issue 107  
Job’s Lament Vijayan, Prem Kumar Short Story Issue 765  
Jock Deville, Sean Short Story Issue 738  
Jocko Homo Gravel, Bosley Short Story Issue 293  
John Bampfylde, the Archetypal Mad Poet Falk, Bertil Essay Issue 365  
John Harris, Hustler Blom, Zane Poetry Issue 567  
John Lennon, in memoriam Falk, Bertil Poetry Issue 361  
John the Snake Man Rudolph, James R. Poetry Issue 676  
Johnny at the Bar Sheehan, Tamara Short Story Issue 258  
Joie de vivre Bella, Lana Poetry Issue 662  
Jonah’s Memories on a Slippery Ground Fazio, Antonino Short Story Issue 419  
Jonas and the Hospitable Vampyre Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Short Story Issue 580  
Jonathan Gomel, Elana Short Story Issue 497  
Joseph Olenin’s Coat (translated by Patricia Worth) Vogüé, Eugène-Melchior de Serial Issue 831 Author's bibliography
Josh Harrison, Matthew Short Story Issue 688  
Josh Lentin Adès, David Short Story Issue 693  
Jots and Tittles Lloyd, Michael E. & Webb, Don Discussion Issue 321  
Journal from Sigma Eden Hazel, Nathaniel Short Story Issue 580  
Journey to Exile Weiss, Erik Short Story Issue 268  
Journey’s End Grey, John Poetry Issue 566  
Joy in Life and Labor Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 781  
Joy in the Attic Wornan, Julie Short Story Issue 540  
Juanita La Lagrimosa Dotoli, Gregg Poetry Issue 637  
Judah Hewitt, M. J. Short Story Issue 3  
Judas Street: an Emotional History Purkis, Gordon Drama Issue 449  
Judith and the Night LaValley, Dustin Short Story Issue 120  
Judy in Skye R., Thomas Serial Issue 118 Author's bibliography
Juggler Cartwright, Steve Art Issue 150  
Julia’s Hellmark Card Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 469  
Julian Ellams, Stephen Memoir Issue 650  
Julie and the View Dean, Ken Short Story Issue 241  
Juliet’s Street-Side Serenade Begley, Joshua Short Story Issue 778  
Julie’s Murderer Biswas, Brian Short Story Issue 437  
Julie's Special Afternoon McArdle, Mary B. Short Story Issue 172  
Julie’s Tree Asher, L. L. Short Story Issue 827  
July McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 253  
June Walk Dotoli, Gregg Poetry Issue 717  
Junie B. May Meets a Dragon Weber, Kelly Flash Fiction Issue 607  
Junk Output Ghildiyal, Ashutosh Poetry Issue 333  
Jupiter Street Jackson, Arthur Poetry Issue 803  
Jupiter’s Dream Anderson, Diana Poetry Issue 629  
Just a Bunch of Hot Air Tyzuk, Michael J A Flash Fiction Issue 279  
Just a Little Adjustment Lukas, Anthony Flash Fiction Issue 625  
Just Another Florida Day Van Sweringen, Ron Flash Fiction Issue 524  
Just Another Mark Clifton, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 741  
Just Another Sun Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 669  
Just Before It Rains Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 324  
Just Imagine Kayser, Larry A. Flash Fiction Issue 397  
Just Inside the Frame Kim, Harrison Short Story Issue 860  
Just Like the Movies Clegg, Jaleta Short Story Issue 405  
Just Like the Singing Cod Bastable, Mark Short Story Issue 304  
Just One More McClendon, Chad Flash Fiction Issue 618  
Just Protein Westlake, Martin Short Story Issue 572  
Just to Talk Hawes, Susie Short Story Issue 620  
Justice Brown, Eric S. Flash Fiction Issue 42  
Justice Morton, P.D. Flash Fiction Issue 82  
Jutzi Coblentz, Amish Time Traveler Blanc, Joshua Short Story Contest 2  

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