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    This Index includes all works published by Bewildering Stories in its main categories, including all Contest winners and editors’ choices.

    It does not include the generic "Departments" categories of Editorials, Welcomes, Letters, Reviews, News, Challenges, Critics’ Corner, Reading Room and Excerpts, nor any other Contest entries.

    However, Book and Film Reviews are indexed separately, here.  And all entries for Contest One (“Twisted Fairy Tales”) can be found separately, here;  all Contest Two (”Time Travel”) entries are listed here; all Contest Three (”Strange Places”) entries are available here; and all Contest Four (“Parodise Loosed”) entries appear here.  See also the important BwS links at the foot of this page.

    Each entry within these Index pages includes a direct link to the Contents Page of the BwS Issue in which the work appears or begins. For a multi-issue work, the entry also contains a direct link, where available, to that work's own full Table of Contents.



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