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Haiku King, Mary Poetry Issue 166  
haiku Bruness, Christine Poetry Issue 207  
Hail and Farewell Van Sweringen, Ron Memoir Issue 357  
Hail the Bob White, Lewayne L. Short Story Issue 86  
Half a Life (translated by Bill Bowler) Bulychev, Kir Novella Issue 406 Author's bibliography
Half an Hour Glass Greathouse, Audrey Short Story Issue 935  
Half Full Hutchinson, Lindsea L. Poetry Issue 464  
Hallelujah Rubin, Norman A. Novella Issue 140 Author's bibliography
Halleth and Me MacAdam, J. G. P. Short Story Issue 801  
Hallowed Space Bowler, Bill Short Story Issue 246  
Halloween Gibb, Susan M. Poetry Issue 203  
Halloween Art: Flying Dutchman Ong, Richard Art Issue 736  
Halloween Art: Ghostly Apparitions Ong, Richard Art Issue 736  
Halloween Art: Mothman Vision Ong, Richard Art Issue 736  
Halloween Night Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 453  
Halloween Rider Di Cintio, Lee Art Issue 405  
Hallway Exchange Marshall, Denny Art Issue 655  
Halo Madigan, D. A. Short Story Issue 155  
Halted Johnston, Andrew Flash Fiction Issue 816  
Hamlet Cast Adrift Barber, David Poetry Issue 939  
Hand of Something Earls, Jason Short Story Issue 88  
Hands from the Sky Capps, Chris Serial Issue 637 Author's bibliography
Handshake at the Crossroads French, Steven Short Story Issue 915  
Hank and Frank Puleo, Carl A. Poetry Issue 216  
Hansel and Gretel: The Teenage Years Vogel, J. M. Short Story Issue 691  
Happee Halloween Cole, Charles C. Drama Issue 641  
Happily Perfect Murdock, S. M. Short Story Issue 272  
Happiness for Sale Whitaker, Arthur Short Story Issue 769  
Happiness Is a Place Out There Wolujewicz, Roman Short Story Issue 814  
Happy Birthday, Arnold Dorfman, Elliot R. Short Story Issue 339  
Happy Farms Revis, Paul Short Story Issue 839  
Happy Halloween Davies, Colin P. Short Story Issue 265  
Happy Jack Clifton, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 720  
Happy Planet Richardson, Adam C. Serial Issue 557 Author's bibliography
Happy Tenth van Wijk, Sjoerd Short Story Issue 723  
Happy Transition Day Cole, Charles C. Drama Issue 657  
Happyland Denvir, Noel Flash Fiction Issue 796  
Harbor City Blues Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 811  
Hard Bodies Burger, Eddy Short Story Issue 311  
Hard Cash Anderson, O. J. Short Story Issue 234  
Hard Labor Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 367  
Hard Times for Heroines Utley, Steven Essay Issue 184  
Hardwick Village War Memorial 1914-1918 Stocks, John Poetry Issue 222  
Harmony Blom, Agnes Poetry Issue 224  
Harold’s Day Out Whitefeather, Maggie Short Story Issue 523  
Harper's Pond Crandall, Rob Short Story Issue 354  
Hart 2.0 Cole, Charles C. Drama Issue 627  
Harvest Dawn Vieczorek, John Short Story Issue 467  
Harvesting Ideas Mitchell, Mari Poetry Issue 285  
Hatshepsut Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 302  
Haunt Couture Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 453  
Haunted Clothes Flynn, David Short Story Issue 564  
Haunted Spring Sims, Wesley D. Poetry Issue 762  
Haunted Totem Ong, Richard Art Issue 686  
Have a Drink Sanhueza, Roberto Flash Fiction Contest 2  
Have Witch, Will Travel Green, Martin Short Story Issue 358  
Have Yourself a Very Hairy Christmas Utley, Steven Essay Issue 178  
Haydn Seeks White, Lewayne L. & Dagan M. Short Story Contest 2  
Hazard Signs Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 513  
Hazy Arizona Sky Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 269  
He Gobbled Up the Minutes Bowler, Bill Poetry Issue 266  
He Gobbled Up the Minutes Bowler, Bill Poetry Issue 828  
He Married a Yeti Frye, Lloyd H. Short Story Issue 270  
He Upbraids His Wife Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 607  
He Was the Drunken Geisha Who Found the Golden Diamond Rajamani, Ashok Poetry Issue 407  
He Wrote Her a Love Poem Vijayan, P. K. Poetry Issue 766  
He’s No Genie-us Sheagren, Gerald Short Story Issue 60  
Head-On Hill Ortiz, Martin
Flash Fiction Issue 446  
Headhunters of Argaron Rapala, Slawomir Serial Issue 192 Author's bibliography
Healer Spencer, Mark Short Story Issue 244  
Healer’s Trades Morris, Jacob T. Short Story Issue 559  
Hearing Voices Blackford, Troy Short Story Issue 515  
Hearing Voices Bowler, Bill Poetry Issue 253  
Hearing Voices Enright, Corinne Short Story Issue 659  
Heart of Truth Willits, Thomas Short Story Issue 447  
Heart Sounds Van Sweringen, Ron Flash Fiction Issue 601  
Heart Too Hard Bowler, Bill Short Story Issue 214  
Heartbreak Café Amitin, Michael Poetry Issue 845  
Heart's Desire Ritchie, John D. Flash Fiction Issue 208  
Hearts and Minds Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 664  
Heathcliff and Cathy Ong, Richard Art Issue 902  
Heaven and Hell Waldman, Mel Essay Issue 295  
Heave(n) for Don(e) Pedro Isbell, Betsy Flash Fiction Issue 685  
Hector’s Walk Cronin, Paul Short Story Issue 112  
Hedgehogs Démodés Greenberg, Channie Short Story Issue 667  
Heinlein: the Man, the Myth, the Whack Job Madigan, D. A. Article Issue 119  
HeLa Is Here (translated by Toshiya Kamei) Steward, Ketty Short Story Issue 819  
Helen Russ, Catfish Short Story Issue 196  
Hell Camino Endres Jr., Will Short Story Issue 320  
Hell Is the Abundance of Shod R., Thomas Poetry Issue 12  
Hell Raisin Starr, Byron Short Story Issue 29  
Hell Storm Forehand, Beverly Flash Fiction Issue 218  
Hell, Cafeteria Style White, Thomas B. Poetry Issue 225  
Hell's Fire MacKay, Sandra Y. Serial Issue 347 Author's bibliography
Hello, Future Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 823  
Hello, Noon Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 223  
Help Me, Angel Samerkhanova, Farida Flash Fiction Issue 376  
Help Wanted Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 346  
Helping Hands Fischadler, E. B. Short Story Issue 681  
Helping Hands Rivera, Liz Flash Fiction Issue 383  
Hemming Westlake, Martin Short Story Issue 683  
Henderson’s Hand Joslin, Oonah V. Flash Fiction Issue 605  
Henry Grey, John Poetry Issue 297  
Henry Spencer, Mark and Chiusano, Shawn Novella Issue 257 Author's bibliography
Henry Jumps a Shark Davies, Colin P. Short Story Issue 400  
Her Favorite Demon Prindle, Bill Serial Issue 899 Author's bibliography
Her Imagination Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 786  
Her Judas Eyes Bourg, B J Short Story Issue 196  
Her Mother’s Girl Vaine, Tom Short Story Issue 745  
Her Precipitous Pride, His Lamentable Ears Davies, Colin P. Short Story Issue 267  
Her Reflection Inbinder, Gary Short Story Issue 947  
Here Today Cordingley, Ian Short Story Issue 231  
Here With Me Now Cordingley, Ian Short Story Issue 308  
Here You Go Taylor, John R. Short Story Issue 862  
Here’s the Deal Grey, John Poetry Issue 630  
Hereditary Expressions Lagorio, Joseph Short Story Issue 913  
Hero Bobier, Michelle Short Story Issue 249  
Hero Cop Saves Cat Douglas, Steve Short Story Issue 190  
Heroes and Heroism in Myth, Legend and Fiction Bar, Tala Essay Issue 200  
Heroes of the Hydra Coon, Scott D. Short Story Issue 469  
Hexaflexagon 8191 Wennerström, Cecilia Short Story Issue 101  
Hey Bert! Allen, Aubrie Art Issue 36  
Hey, You Popovich, L. S. Short Story Issue 793  
Hi, I’m Corpse Bride Barbie Sandoval, Hannah Short Story Issue 684  
Hidden Robot Salzwedel, Marjorie Short Story Issue 339  
Hidden: The Lost Works of Dernell Hall Gamber, Jackie Short Story Issue 263  
Hide and Seek Sellers Jr., Robert L. Short Story Issue 167  
High Livers Painter, Julie Eberhart Flash Fiction Issue 356  
High School Honey Bowler, Bill Novella Issue 378 Author's bibliography
High-Stakes Testing Rumpel, James Short Story Issue 828  
Higher Cause Hawfield, Ann Poetry Issue 189  
Highway McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 270  
Highway Orchestrations McArdle, Mary B. Short Story Issue 421  
Hiking With Angels Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 836  
Hill Country Showdown Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 706  
Hill Walk Graham, James Short Story Issue 599  
Hilltops Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 850  
Him Leblanc, Denise K. Short Story Issue 163  
Hindsight Ruggirello, Andrea Flash Fiction Issue 337  
Hints of Lost Stories Falk, Bertil Poetry Issue 905  
His Acid Snow R., Thomas Poetry Issue 57  
His Ghost Crawford, Gary W. Short Story Issue 311  
His Knives Are Few and Small Lang, Harry Flash Fiction Issue 424  
His Lasts Owens, Simon Flash Fiction Issue 102  
His Name is Happiness Laws, Kaci Skiles Poetry Issue 778  
His Other Face Cooper, Loren W. Serial Issue 752 Author's bibliography
His Tongue Is a Hyperbole Bella, Lana Poetry Issue 680  
History Lloyd, Michael E. Poetry Issue 329  
History [Classic Reissue] Lloyd, Michael E. Poetry Issue 600  
History Books Newton, Jo-Ann Poetry Issue 879  
History of a Déjà Vu Falk, Bertil Essay Issue 277  
Hitchhiking Memories Cole, Charles C. Memoir Issue 535  
Hold on to My Feets McKinley, LaKimbra Serial Issue 593 Author's bibliography
Hold That Hot Phone Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 836  
Holding the Sky Sadin, Marjorie Poetry Issue 639  
Hole Card Blevins, Robert M. Short Story Issue 163  
Hole in One Adès, David Poetry Issue 682  
Hollow Forehand, Beverly Short Story Issue 203  
Hollywood Nymph Cusimano, Alessandro Poetry Issue 468  
Holy Bowlers R., Thomas Short Story Issue 72  
Holy Candle Blues Amitin, Michael Poetry Issue 580  
Holy Wafer Hogan, J. B. Short Story Issue 200  
Homage McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 219  
Homage to Kenneth Patchen Falk, Bertil Poetry Issue 367  
Home Fox, Eric Z. Poetry Issue 37  
Home Brew Schulte, Ronald Short Story Issue 753  
Home Fires Burning Ahern, Edward Short Story Issue 577  
Home Free Clifton, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 716  
Home, Sweet Home Crystalwizard Short Story Issue 486  
Home, to the Sea Grote, Jörn Short Story Issue 125  
Home, to the Sea [Classic Reissue] Grote, Jörn Short Story Issue 601  
Homebody Sheehan, Tamara Short Story Issue 281  
Homecoming Prestridge, Robert H. Short Story Issue 303  
Homecoming Blues Clifton, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 844  
Homer Barnett’s Last Worry Pace, E. J. Short Story Issue 724  
Homeward Bonazzoli, Nancy D. Poetry Issue 837  
Homeward Bound Corddry, Jill Short Story Issue 555  
Homework Goldman, Ken Flash Fiction Issue 510  
Homo Sapiens III Stevenson, Richard Poetry Issue 935  
Honest Philomena Greene, Jeffrey Short Story Issue 916  
Honest Win Kertzman, Mark Flash Fiction Issue 382  
Honey of the Gods Mitchell, Mari Short Story Issue 270  
Honey-Trap Sellers Jr., Robert L. Flash Fiction Contest 3  
Honey, I Am Only a Big Foot Spencer, Mark Short Story Issue 183  
Honourable Discharge Raza, Sultana Poetry Issue 731  
Hooks and Loops Kokotov, Boris Drama Issue 662  
Hoosier Steaks Bailey, Byron Serial Issue 121 Author's bibliography
Hooverville Hogan, J. B. Short Story Issue 217  
Hope Isenor, Jonathan Poetry Issue 18  
Hope in the Long Dark Gales, Danielle N. Short Story Issue 542  
Hope Is Transparent Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 635  
Horizon’s Shadow Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 644  
Horrors of War Brown, Eric S. Short Story Issue 38  
Horse Men Gray, K. C. Short Story Issue 420  
Horse Sense Hawfield, John Short Story Issue 201  
Horsing Around Crystalwizard Art Issue 754  
Hot Cocoa with Catherine N. R., Thomas Short Story Issue 4  
Hot Hand Hole, Simon Short Story Issue 664  
Hot Rod Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 888  
Hounded by Heritage McFarlane, Kevin Short Story Issue 328  
Hounded Grey Stop Hiortdahl, Sandy Flash Fiction Issue 539  
House Call White, Lewayne L. Flash Fiction Contest 2  
House of Clouds Erickson, Leah Short Story Issue 583  
House of Six Hewitt, Gary Poetry Issue 418  
Housman on Mars Barber, David Poetry Issue 911  
How Am I Gonna Play Guitar Now? Neary, Marina J. Fictional Memoir Issue 349  
How Did Love Go? Mora, Harry L. Poetry Issue 274  
How I Became an Electric Nun White, P.F. Short Story Issue 421  
How I Helped Mrs. Vastbinder Kowaleski, Bill Short Story Issue 781  
How I Learned to Love the Internet Pettis, Charles B Essay Issue 723  
How I Met My Stalker Keramitas, D. Short Story Issue 557  
How I Wish... Young, Douglas Poetry Issue 863  
How is the Empire? Koger, Grove Flash Fiction Issue 357  
How Lincoln Became Immortal (and Arrived at Galaxy Mall) Searles, Vera Short Story Issue 55  
How Much Is Gold Worth? Connor, Cat Short Story Issue 296  
How Old Is Tomorrow? Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 367  
How One Builds a Life Rudolph, James Robert Poetry Issue 805  
How Others Do It Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 330  
How Papa Gheddy Saved the Village Chapman, Chris Short Story Issue 279  
How the Golden Goose Came To Be Coundjeris, Catherine Poetry Issue 934  
How the Truth Came to Gertrude W., William Short Story Issue 5  
How to Love Her Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 387  
How Young Splabbid Killed the Snord Burt, Hampton Poetry Issue 429  
Hue People Rosenblum, Mark Flash Fiction Issue 512  
Hugh Has a Grand Day Belle, William Q. Short Story Issue 562  
Hugh O’Neill: a Provocateur of Fate Neary, Marina J. Essay Issue 413  
Hugo in London Neary, Marina J. Drama Issue 405 Author's bibliography
Hugo Recommendations 3002 Thomas, Elizabeth (channeling Blake Tavon) Article Issue 43  
Hum Aitch, George Short Story Issue 908  
Human Rust — Menschenrost Heigl, Karin S. Poetry Issue 768  
Humankind at Dusk Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 799  
Humanlike Vernetti, Sarah Poetry Issue 677  
Humans Barber, David Poetry Issue 491  
Humidifier Hogan, J. B. Short Story Issue 202  
Humpback Dreams Michaels, Katherine L. Poetry Issue 292  
Hunger Quilford, Sally Short Story Issue 162  
Hungry for Love Frederick, Heather J. Short Story Issue 591  
Hunt Night Eller, Mark Short Story Issue 248  
Hunter of the East King, James Brian Short Story Issue 246  
Hunter's Story Sellers Jr., Robert L. Serial Issue 170 Author's bibliography
Hunter's Tale Masters, Kristin A. Short Story Issue 146  
Hurrying Sustenance Weldon, Laura Poetry Issue 324  
Hurt Purkis, Gordon Essay Issue 485  
Hypermodern Reader Crystalwizard Art Issue 681  
Hyper-Logic Wilkens, Ernest Short Story Issue 191  
H. P. Lovecraft: an Unforgotten Master of Horror Figueroa, Zack Article Issue 219  
I’ll Listen to Bach Young, Douglas Poetry Issue 692  
I'll Never Lose Affection Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 837  
I’m Alive Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 425  
I'm All, "And the Night Visitor!" Webb, Don Poetry Issue 348  
I'm Just a Villain Gray, Will Short Story Issue 371  
I’m Not Robert Sayre, A. T. Short Story Issue 720  
I'm Only Sleeping McGee, Perry Short Story Issue 10  
I'm So Glad We Took Over Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 369  
I'm Truly Sorry Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 287  
I Am Fading Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 766  
I Am Just Like My Mother Moss, Amber Poetry Issue 756  
I Am Not the Goddaughter of the Goblin King Parsons, Rachel Serial Issue 205 Author's bibliography
I Am Still Hovering Over the Past Çayci, Üzeyir Lokman Poetry Issue 408  
I Am Ulugh Beg Barber, David Poetry Issue 477  
I Am Your Creation Waldman, Mel Prose Poetry Issue 494  
I Awaken This Morning Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 289  
I Brew in Broth Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 279  
I Called You My Butter Cookie Rao, Cherry Poetry Issue 420  
I Confess Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 364  
I Did Not Take a Vow of Silence Balogun, Shola Poetry Issue 687  
I Don’t Believe in Ghosts Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 762  
I Dream of Oceans Sanhueza, Roberto Poetry Issue 114  
I Dream of Tomorrow Dosser, Jeff Short Story Issue 779  
I Eat the Body Electric Lewandowski, Nick Flash Fiction Issue 423  
I Finally Rented 'Contact' Starring Jodie Foster Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 84  
I Get My Caresses from the Blood of My Victims Parsons, Rachel Serial Issue 148 Author's bibliography
I Got You Antonelli, Lou Serial Issue 104 Author's bibliography
I Had Bigfoot's Love Child Randall, Cherri Short Story Issue 239  
I Have Become the Leopard Davis, Arthur Short Story Issue 506  
I Have Been Lady Godiva Petrova, Maria Short Story Issue 502  
I Have No Mount and I'm Ice Cream Thiel, John Short Story Issue 10  
I Hide My Craft Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 289  
I Keep Hopin' Church, Bob Poetry Issue 190  
I Know a Secret Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 823  
I Know You Crystalwizard Poetry Issue 359  
I Know You Crystalwizard Poetry Issue 795  
I Know You Can Hear Me Reynolds, Thomas D. Poetry Issue 143  
I Laugh Balogun, Shola Poetry Issue 708  
I Lawn for Better Days Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 337  
I Married a Monster Parsons, Rachel Short Story Issue 369  
I Miss My Face Sanhueza, Roberto Poetry Issue 66  
I Miss the Stars Sadin, Marjorie Poetry Issue 643  
I Once Saw a Flowered Dress Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 363  
I Planted My Garden McNerney, Joan Poetry Issue 663  
I Saved That for You, Baby Murray, Daniel J. Short Story Issue 368  
I Saw God Mitchell, Darby Poetry Issue 266  
I Saw Myself Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 361  
I See Shadows Clayton, Ed Short Story Issue 12  
I Shall Weep No More Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 273  
I Shot Sonny Battalion McNichols, Mike Short Story Issue 597  
I Started Out Alone Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 816  
I Still Wake from Nightmares Parsons, Rachel Novella Issue 151 Author's bibliography
I Think It Was an Unknown God or Poet Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 264  
I Think So Young, Douglas Short Story Issue 946  
I Trip on My Poems Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 280  
I Walked With a Vambie Hill Ortiz, Martin Short Story Issue 558  
I Wandered Lonely as a Pride of Sheep Pugh, Doug Poetry Issue 215  
I Was a Great Oak Once Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 332  
I Was a T-Man Temp Utley, Steven Essay Issue 109  
I Was Dancing Schwartz, Francine Memoir Issue 281  
I Was in the Neighborhood Zocco, LaVerne Flash Fiction Issue 448  
I Will Eat the Ocean Ekholm, Sarah Poetry Issue 730  
I Will Remember Her Okoro, Dike Poetry Issue 248  
I Won’t Be Taking Any Questions Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 136  
I Wrote That? Utley, Steven Essay Issue 253  
I, Romeo Hume, J. R. Short Story Issue 305  
I, Too, Shall Anoint the Stones Balogun, Shola Poetry Issue 716  
Icarus Inbinder, Gary Short Story Issue 334  
Icarus Smith, Christopher C. Short Story Issue 443  
Ice and Otherwise Wesser, Pavelle Flash Fiction Issue 612  
Ice Castle Ong, Richard Art Issue 790  
Ice Cream and Wombat Ninnes, Peter Short Story Issue 798  
Ice Dream Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 870  
Ice Maiden Kolodziej, Rebecca Poetry Issue 674  
Ice Song Hollis, Marty Poetry Issue 495  
Ice Storm Art Dotoli, Gregg Poetry Issue 650  
Iceberg Steele, John W. Short Story Issue 941  
Iceberg Alert Inbinder, Gary Poetry Issue 888  
Icefields Dresselhaus, Lee Short Story Issue 237  
Iceworld Mallard, Jonathan Poetry Issue 4  
Ichthyological Metaphysics Murry, Michael Poetry Issue 456  
Icy Roads Brown, Eric S. Short Story Issue 28  
Identity Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 439  
Identity Spud, The Invincible Short Story Issue 12  

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