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K in the Azaleas Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 665  
Kafka’s Woman Inbinder, Gary Short Story Issue 467  
Kairos Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 790  
Kaleidoscope Ong, Richard Art Issue 837  
Kali Meets Medusa Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 294  
Kansas Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 423  
Karat Cake Mirll, Terry L. Novella Issue 649 Author's bibliography
Karlo’s Curiosity Shop Crandall, Rob Short Story Issue 696  
Karma Bites Back Clifton, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 871  
Katie Kingsolver, Susan & Brown, Eric S. Short Story Issue 24  
Katt and Dawg on the Stairway to Heaven Sanhueza, Roberto Short Story Issue 92  
Katts and Dawgs Sanhueza, Roberto Novel Issue 53 Author's bibliography
Katts and Dawgs: In the Name of Truth Sanhueza, Roberto Novel Issue 238 Author's bibliography
Katy Byed Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 811  
Kaziranga Rhinosceros Bora, Deep Art Issue 328  
Keats’s Quantic Entanglement Raza, Sultana Poetry Issue 735  
Keep to the Fringe Fire, Kaolin Flash Fiction Issue 317  
Keeper of the Black Castle Marshall, Denny Art Issue 658  
Keeper of the Faith Murphy, Audie A. Flash Fiction Issue 218  
Kendall and Half of the Moon Tena, Otilia Short Story Issue 525  
Kev the Vampire Donnelly, Phillip Novel Issue 450 Author's bibliography
Kevin’s Room Owen, Stephen Flash Fiction Issue 761  
Kicking the Memory Syndrome Murry, Michael Poetry Issue 737  
Kid Cockroach Levi, Steven C. Short Story Issue 202  
Kiddo McGonegal, Mike Poetry Issue 520  
Kill A Tree For Christ Boomer, Alex Article Issue 17  
Kill the Hurkle! Tozzi, Alexander G. Short Story Issue 516  
Kill Them in the Night Reynolds, Thomas D. Poetry Issue 158  
Killer App Boettcher, Sophia Short Story Issue 534  
Killer Clan Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 757  
Kin Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 733  
King Anisika (translated by Toshiya Kamei) Sato, Tetsuya Short Story Issue 818  
King Boris and the Queen of the Skies R., Thomas Poetry Issue 38  
King of the Bears Krauss, Dwight O. Short Story Issue 408  
King of the Moss Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 752  
Kiosk Café Amitin, Michael Poetry Issue 840  
Kissing Goodbye Liu, Hongping Poetry Issue 484  
Kites R., Thomas Poetry Issue 8  
Kitty Cat poems Crystalwizard Poetry Issue 247  
Klepto Russ, Catfish Serial Issue 157 Author's bibliography
Knifepoint Males, Andrew Short Story Issue 294  
Knits and Knots McGlynn, Chelsea Short Story Issue 752  
Knitted Fractal Crystalwizard Art Issue 727  
Knock on Wood Ellis, Gregory W. Short Story Issue 299  
Knock-Knock Ruggiero, Cheryl Wood Flash Fiction Issue 850  
Knots Kowaleski, Bill Short Story Issue 645  
Know Forever Garfoot, Alan Poetry Issue 800  
Krish’s New Pet Allison, Charlie Short Story Issue 675  
Kuiper Court Sever, S. E. Short Story Issue 529  
Kynia's Funeral Murphy, Dan Short Story Issue 260  
Kyrill's Wishes Godim, Olga Short Story Issue 251  
L’Embarquement pour Cythère Pollin, Diana Short Story Issue 413  
La BCBG Punk Compagnie de Vêtements Terre, Pomme D. Drama Issue 4  
La Bella Italia Van Sweringen, Ron Art Issue 519  
La Cigale et la fourmi (translation of La Fontaine's fable) Webb, Don Poetry Issue 209  
La cigarra y la hormiga -- The Cicada and The Ant Ruggero, Carmen Flash Fiction Issue 399  
La Cikad' kaj la Formik' (translated into Esperanto from La Fontaine's original) Ratzlaff, Manfred Poetry Issue 398  
La Nouvelle Cendrillon Grace-Smith, A. J. Short Story Issue 492  
Lace Burke, Marge Short Story Issue 264  
Lady of the Lake Manachino, Albert J. Short Story Issue 375  
Lady With a Lamp Neary, Marina J. Drama Issue 454  
Land of Opportunity Crabtree, Neil Short Story Issue 271  
Languid Cat Dreams Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 202  
Laptop Webb, Don Art Issue 533  
Lars versus Space Aliens Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Short Story Issue 727  
Last Call Apps, Lara Flash Fiction Issue 165  
Last Chance Strout, E. S. Short Story Issue 297  
Last Contact Hogan, J. B. Poetry Issue 415  
Last Contact Krauss, Dwight Short Story Issue 356  
Last Fare Britto, Tim Serial Issue 776 Author's bibliography
Last Night Racz, Elizabeth Poetry Issue 701  
Last Night I Dreamt of Rebecca Denvir, Noel Flash Fiction Issue 794  
Last Performance Ong, Richard Art Issue 824  
Last Shuttle Down Albers, Michael J. Short Story Issue 804  
Last Stand Hogan, J. B. Short Story Issue 203  
Last Tango on a Wintry Day Ruggero, Carmen Memoir Issue 207  
Last Train for Edinburgh Stocks, John Poetry Issue 247  
Last Week Russ, Catfish Short Story Issue 275  
Late Blue Hour Bella, Lana Poetry Issue 681  
Late Evening Walk Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 732  
Late for Dinner Wylie, Thomas F. Poetry Issue 524  
Late Night Snowfall Ahern, Edward Flash Fiction Issue 822  
Late Night Symphony Grey, John Poetry Issue 9  
Late-Blooming Artist McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 205  
Late-Summer Moon Ong, Richard Art Issue 538  
Latex Magic Bailey, Byron Flash Fiction Issue 173  
Laudanum Tinctures Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 700  
Laughing at Butterflies Hole, Donna Short Story Issue 744  
Laughing Lion Ong, Richard Art Issue 628  
Lawn Nazis, Hostages and Dating in the Suburbs - Welcome to My World Gray, Sherry Short Story Issue 1  
Lawn Nazis in the Suburbs Gray, Sherry Smith Essay Issue 592  
Layette Dawn McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 191  
Lazy Evenings DeAmaral, Melissa Poetry Issue 846  
Le Chien Terre, Pomme D. Drama Issue 4  
Leader of the Pack Reynolds, Graeme Flash Fiction Issue 336  
Leaping Miller, Jeffrey A. Short Story Issue 395  
Learning Curve Grote, Jörn Short Story Issue 105  
Learning How Reilly, Christine J. M. Poetry Issue 429  
Leaves After Autumn Edwards, Carol Poetry Issue 244  
Leaves of Glass Hickey, Laurel Short Story Issue 207  
Leaves of Peace Penha, James Short Story Issue 839  
Leaving Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 361  
Leaving Desire Street Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 575  
Leaving Mithra Krosinsky, Sari Poetry Issue 415  
Ledgework Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 561  
Left Behind Castle, Chris Short Story Issue 417  
Left Behind Grote, Jörn Serial Issue 144 Author's bibliography
Left Unsaid Stocks, John Poetry Issue 310  
Legacy of the Fallen Stars Roth, J. J. Novella Issue 566 Author's bibliography
Legacy Portal Larson, R D Short Story Issue 294  
Legs Laing, Charles Richard Short Story Issue 88  
Legs to Die For Tonn, Henry F. Short Story Issue 647  
Leigh Brackett: Much More Than the Queen of Space Opera! Falk, Bertil Essay Issue 250  
Leland Gaunt Laws, Kaci Skiles Poetry Issue 795  
Leonardo’s Map Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 523  
Leonora Hagey, Cathrin Short Story Issue 675  
Leroy and His Love Affair Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 273  
Les Fleurs de la Stupidité Terre, Pomme D. Short Story Issue 4  
Less Than the Eye Can See Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Flash Fiction Issue 756  
Less Than the Sum of the Movable Parts Thieme, Richard Serial Issue 391 Author's bibliography
Let Frank Handle It Cutting, EK Short Story Issue 774  
Let Go Wylie, Tom Poetry Issue 621  
Let Him Eat Cake Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 592  
Let It Ride Anderson, Richard Short Story Issue 715  
Let No One Steal Your Song Ogboh, Stephen E. Poetry Issue 826  
Let the Joy In Grayhurst, Allison Poetry Issue 451  
Let Them Eat Cat Food Neary, Marina J. Short Story Issue 418  
Let There Be War Beck, Gary Poetry Issue 739  
Lethal Life Ellison, John Eric Short Story Issue 772  
Lethal Tales Waldman, Mel Short Story Issue 270  
Lethe’s Lullaby LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Poetry Issue 871  
Letter From an Old Flame Draime, Doug Poetry Issue 510  
Letter to a Future Self Sierra, Pete Short Story Issue 280  
Letter to the New Editor of a Small-Town Newspaper Utley, Steven Essay Issue 158  
Letters to the Luminiferous Aether Conway, John C. Flash Fiction Issue 482  
Letting Go of the Conceit Day, Holly Poetry Issue 811  
Lettuce Meditations Davies, Caroline M. Poetry Issue 265  
Level Carbon Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 799  
Ley Lines Blundell, Ed Poetry Issue 803  
Li Qingzhao’s Ornaments Graham, James Essay Issue 447  
Libertalia Schutte, Stefan Poetry Issue 821  
Licking Wounds Mwanaka, Tendai R. Poetry Issue 521  
Lie Pill, Death Pill Traylor, Owen Short Story Issue 536  
Liese and the Numbers from Blue Weston, Joanna M. Flash Fiction Issue 526  
Lies, Damned Eyes, and Statistics Murry, Michael Poetry Issue 123  
Life Isenor, Jonathan Poetry Issue 21  
Life and Death in Eaton Square Traylor, Owen Short Story Issue 553  
Life Extension Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 746  
Life Goes On Wight, Frank Short Story Issue 461  
Life in the Fast Lane Laing, Charles Richard Flash Fiction Issue 131  
Life Sentence Falk, Bertil Short Story Issue 366  
Life Stories Green, Martin Flash Fiction Issue 247  
Life Through Glass Anderson, Hillary G. Short Story Issue 777  
Life Under an Orange Tree Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 410  
Life, Interrupted Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 578  
Liftoff Ong, Richard Art Issue 785  
Light and Dark Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 345  
Light Before Mourning Gagnon, Donna Poetry Issue 233  
Light of the Beast Earls, Jason Short Story Issue 391  
Light on a Snowy Day Knapp, Artie Short Story Issue 459  
Light Up My Life Giersbach, Walter Short Story Issue 871  
Lighthouse Ong, Richard Art Issue 695  
Lighting the Candle Parsons, Rachel Short Story Issue 284  
Lignum Drury, Julian Flash Fiction Issue 602  
Ligulae Larson, R D Short Story Issue 158  
Lila Kona, Prakash Poetry Issue 193  
Lilac House King, Mary Poetry Issue 163  
Lilium Candidum — The Madonna Lily Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 693  
Lilly's Baptism Skinner, Josh Flash Fiction Issue 261  
Lily Stalk Moldoveanu, Cristina-Monica Poetry Issue 530  
Limited Reputation Poyner, Ken Poetry Issue 778  
Limping Step Graham-Leigh, Elaine Short Story Issue 247  
Lincoln Cathedral, 1312-2009 Stocks, John Poetry Issue 342  
Lines composed many light years above Westminster Abbey R., Thomas Poetry Issue 47  
Lion Cubs Weston, Joanna M. Flash Fiction Issue 205  
Listen to the Deaf Man Sing Ahern, Edward Short Story Issue 678  
Listening Kenyon, Joseph P. Short Story Issue 279  
Listening Along the Volga Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 608  
Little Boy Bachard, Sophie Flash Fiction Issue 239  
Little Brother Linson, Ronald Poetry Issue 809  
Little Dog Hill Ortiz, Martin Flash Fiction Issue 451  
Little Green Men Cawdron, Peter Short Story Issue 391  
Little Life Alterations Greenberg, Channie Flash Fiction Issue 352  
Little Pig, Little Pig Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Flash Fiction Contest 1  
Little Plastic Bag Pettis, Charles B. Short Story Issue 661  
Little Soul Mates Ong, Richard Flash Fiction Issue 855  
Little Stone Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 281  
Little Tina’s Ear Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 839  
Liverpool at Night Stocks, John Art Issue 792  
Liverwurst and Corn Chips Marshall, Morris Short Story Issue 575  
Living Charif Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 842  
Living in the Moment Guignard, Eric J. Short Story Issue 569  
Living in the Singularity Borthwick, Tom Short Story Issue 550  
Living Standards Kowaleski, Bill Novel Issue 685 Author's bibliography
Living Standards Kowaleski, Bill Short Story Issue 633  
Living the Fantasy Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 616  
Living With Information Technology Mr. Ben Essay Issue 725  
Living With OCD Monster Colbert, Jazzy Poetry Issue 844  
Lizzie Siddal Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 862  
Llorona Walton, Robert Flash Fiction Issue 869  
Local Diner Cartwright, Christine Art Issue 170  
Location, Location, Location Grey, John Poetry Issue 377  
Logic Is a Halfway House Clarke, Regina Short Story Issue 489  
Lonely Planet Conine, Richard A. Short Story Issue 559  
Long Journey Marshall, Denny Poetry Issue 649  
Long Memories Gifford, P. S. Short Story Issue 195  
Looking Back Ford, Jason C. Poetry Issue 517  
Looking for the Old Woman Who Plays Rummy Bonica, Mark Poetry Issue 152  
Looking Forward over a Life: A "Future Tense" Story R., Thomas Short Story Issue 28  
Looking Glass: The Costs of Ransoming an Ugly Princess Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 472  
Looking Past Midnight O’Neal, Margaret Flash Fiction Issue 138  
Loophole Lyon, Richard K. Flash Fiction Issue 338  
Lord of Time Keane, John F. Poetry Issue 554  
Losing Character Gordon, Jesse Short Story Issue 264  
Losing Definition Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 735  
Losing Schwartz James, Maxwell Serial Issue 305 Author's bibliography
Losing Touch Wesser, Pavelle Short Story Issue 391  
Loss of Control O’Quinn, Cindy Short Story Issue 703  
Loss of Signal Ginsburg, Ricky Short Story Issue 197  
Lost & Found Davis, Arthur Short Story Issue 523  
Lost Dogs and City Lights Okonkwo, Chiamaka Poetry Issue 731  
Lost in a Moonless Night Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 187  
Lost in Life Bruton, Nigel Prose Poetry
Issue 238  
Lost in Thought Grote, Jörn Short Story Issue 203  
Lost in Translation Akers, Jason Short Story Issue 10  
Lost Patrol Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Short Story Issue 381  
Lost Souls Clifton, Gary Memoir Issue 858  
Louie and Nick Hand, Jill Short Story Issue 670  
Love Akiva, Maia Short Story Issue 325  
Love and Damnation Herde, Damian Flash Fiction Issue 314  
Love and Pestilence Rehman, Nabeela M. Short Story Issue 517  
Love At First Sight Ghildiyal, Ashutosh Poetry Issue 328  
Love in Puddles Stocks, John Poetry Issue 521  
Love is a Harpy Mitchell, Darby Poetry Issue 380  
Love Letter Ong, Richard Art Issue 410  
Love Letters Lost Stocks, John Poetry Issue 436  
Love Letters Never Sent Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 702  
Love Poem #1968 Lawson, John Edward Poetry Issue 36  
Love Remembered Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 779  
Love, Finally Tolulope, Ayeni Poetry Issue 535  
Love, Modified Anderson, O. J. Flash Fiction Issue 225  
Love-Line Nichols, Kenneth Short Story Issue 185  
Love's Like That Stocks, John Poetry Issue 388  
Love's Nest Kona, Prakash Prose Poetry Issue 388  
Lover Boy Mackeown, Arthur Short Story Issue 527  
Lovers, Bedpans and Skunks Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 298  
Low Limb High Underhill, Tom Short Story Issue 339  
Low Tide Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 815  
Lucky Bastard Pasvinter, Irena Poetry Issue 533  
Lucky Dog Sherman, Gennady Poetry Issue 804  
Lucretia's New Mattress Parker, Danielle L. Short Story Issue 144  
Lucy IV-M35 Carrigan, Bryan Short Story Issue 499  
Lucy of the Valley Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Short Story Issue 511  
Ludek's Dawn Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 298  
Luke's Last Page Lucente, Lark Short Story Issue 282  
Lulu-Belle and The One That Got Away Crystalwizard Short Story Issue 249  
Lumbee Legend Landis, William Poetry Issue 676  
Luminescence Ong, Richard Art Issue 809  
Luna Calls Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 677  
Lunacy Beck, Gary Poetry Issue 798  
Lunar Eclipse Ong, Richard Art Issue 413  
Lunar Sunrise Ong, Richard Art Issue 408  
Lunari Bar, Tala Novella Issue 319 Author's bibliography
Lunch With a Killer Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 686  
Lunch With Dave Jasperson, Brad Short Story Issue 277  
Lunchbuddy Moore, C. Dennis Short Story Issue 35  
Luzvaminda Mansi, K. A. Short Story Issue 712  
Lycan Sellers Jr., Robert L. Short Story Issue 165  
Lyckolundastad Falk, Iris Art Issue 361  
Lynn the Ordinary Frederick, Heather J. Short Story Issue 593  

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