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Sabre Hits and Misses Sanhueza, Roberto Serial Issue 174 Author's bibliography
Sabre Takes a Case Sanhueza, Roberto Serial Issue 155 Author's bibliography
Sacrament McArdle, Mary B. Short Story Issue 170  
Sacred Ground Ong, Richard Short Story Issue 420  
Sacred Precious Things Budinski, Gerald Short Story Issue 268  
Sacred Surgical Strikes Murry, Michael Poetry Issue 604  
Sacrifice Bar, Tala Novella Issue 144 Author's bibliography
Sacrifice Hewitt, M. J. Poetry Issue 3  
Sacrifice Weldon, Laura G. Poetry Issue 445  
Sacrifice of the Honored Linson, Ronald Short Story Issue 773  
Sad Eyes Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 773  
Sadko Ahern, Edward Short Story Issue 509  
Safe as Houses Fetters, Ada Short Story Issue 719  
Safe Hate Division Lang, Harry Short Story Issue 613  
Safe Haven Bushlatov, Denis Short Story Issue 643  
Safe House Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 514  
Safe in You Grayhurst, Allison Poetry Issue 716  
Safe Time Grey, John Poetry Issue 585  
Sailing Wrigley, Sylvia Spruck
Flash Fiction Issue 302  
Sam Haine West, Bill Flash Fiction Issue 256  
Sam's Rose Shaw, Tomi Flash Fiction Issue 142  
Samarkand R., Thomas Poetry Issue 63  
Samuel and Irena Humphrey, Maurice Short Story Issue 801  
Sand Castle Poolet, Jeremy Flash Fiction Issue 296  
Sandcastles Shadbolt, Will Short Story Issue 692  
Sanjeeda Pervez, Ayesha Short Story Issue 333  
Sanjit, the Binturong Greenberg, Channie Short Story Issue 791  
Santa Cat Laing, Charles Richard Flash Fiction Issue 76  
Santa Claus Died in Lisbon Webb, Don Discussion Issue 93  
Santa Fe Unsettled Rudolph, James Robert Poetry Issue 803  
Santa’s Crossbow Buckley, J. G. Short Story Issue 452  
Santayana Station Carlson, Paul Short Story Issue 369  
Sap Sap Town R., Thomas Short Story Issue 38  
Sarah Bringing Rain Canter, Autumn Short Story Issue 341  
Sarah Hester's "The Silent One" (review) R., Thomas Alternate History Issue 60  
Sat Alone With His Computer Thiel, John Novelette Issue 26  
Satan's Indentation Gray, Sherry Article Issue 6  
Satanic Degrees (and Italian original: Gradi satanici) Bellomi, Antonio Short Story Issue 405  
Sathya Downloads Bennie Guy, Hungry Short Story Issue 201  
Satisfaction Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 373  
Satisfying the Ghost Green, Martin Flash Fiction Issue 377  
Saturation Greenberg, Channie Art Issue 855  
Saturday Night at Willie’s Bar and Grill Van Sweringen, Ron Flash Fiction Issue 536  
Savage Sands Clifton, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 665  
Save Point Grote, Jörn Flash Fiction Contest 2  
Saving Me Williams, Paul Short Story Issue 86  
Saving Science Fiction City Marshall, David Short Story Issue 267  
Saving the Golden Girl Barber, David Poetry Issue 482  
Say Goodbye to Macy Bamber, B. C. Short Story Issue 532  
Say Wot! Ruggero, Carmen Art Issue 318  
Saying Goodbye to Whiskers Van Sweringen, Ron Flash Fiction Issue 563  
Sa-sa Says Hickey, Laurel Short Story Issue 226  
Scapegoat Job Application Murry, Michael Poetry Issue 291  
Scar Wylie, Thomas F. Poetry Issue 468  
Scarecrow Lovely, Bob Serial Issue 729 Author's bibliography
Scarred Deep Sweet, Jonathan M. Short Story Issue 360  
Scary Moments Perry, Lyndon G. Flash Fiction Issue 305  
Scary Things Olivier, Rachel V. Short Story Issue 321  
Scenes From the River Balogun, Shola Poetry Issue 714  
Scheduled for Demolition Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Short Story Issue 641  
Scheherezade Kenyon, Isabelle Poetry Issue 740  
Schiller’s Skull Harvey, Jack D. Poetry Issue 843  
School Nonnamus, C.V. Poetry Issue 4  
Schoolgirl Commando Crystalwizard Art Issue 726  
Schoolgirl Commando Linson, Ronald Poetry Issue 726  
Schoolyard Years Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 501  
Science and Derision Hines, Silvia E. Short Story Issue 829  
Science Comes Calling Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 601  
Science Fiction Kearnes, Thomas Flash Fiction Issue 433  
Science Fiction and Fantasy: a Preference Storrs, Graham Essay Issue 329  
Science Fiction Stuff Ian, Janis Article Issue 8  
Science Fictional Politics Bowler, Bill Discussion Issue 203  
Science-Fictional Politics, II: S. F. Murphy's "Sharpshooter" Bowler, Bill Article Issue 224  
Science Marches On Utley, Steven Essay Issue 182  
Scientific Imagination Crystalwizard Poetry Issue 768  
Scorned, Bereft and Innocent Blom, Zane Poetry Issue 589  
Scout Poyner, Ken Poetry Issue 826  
Scouting Alternatives Giersbach, Walter Flash Fiction Issue 553  
Scrabble Goes to the Vet Austin, Jacob Short Story Issue 885  
Scratch Handicap Webb, Don Short Story Issue 72  
Screening R., Thomas Flash Fiction Issue 63  
Scrubbed Eller, Mark Short Story Issue 250  
Scurrilous Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 779  
Sea Geese Meindl, Robert J. Poetry Issue 556  
Sea Nymph Ong, Richard Art Issue 670  
Sea of Tranquility Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 825  
Sea Pilot on the Smokestack Ulea, V. Memoir Issue 370  
Search for Dominant Gene Laursen, Kai Poetry Issue 399  
Search Light Wylie, Thomas F. Poetry Issue 434  
Searching for Nada Haas, Jeff Flash Fiction Issue 175  
Searching in the Night Ford, Jason C. Poetry Issue 667  
Seaside Sideshow Scarborough, Stephanie Short Story Issue 340  
Season Changes Liu, Hongping Poetry Issue 496  
Seasons Beckoned Unto Night Church, Bob Short Story Issue 192  
Second Bewildering Stories Writers' Conference Brown, Eric S. (et al) Article Issue 31  
Second Martian Eclogue Cayzac, Bertrand Poetry Issue 690  
Secondary Solutions Clifton, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 886  
Secret Agent in Sky City Giersbach, Walter Short Story Issue 836  
Secret Pal Stanley, Barbara Flash Fiction Issue 466  
Security From Saved Emails Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 844  
Seduction Franklin, Becky Poetry Issue 231  
See Me, My Darling Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 277  
Seed McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 240  
Seeds Dotoli, Gregg Poetry Issue 641  
Seeds Inbinder, Gary Short Story Issue 452  
Seeds of the Dark Lukas, Anthony Short Story Issue 574  
Seeing Red, Seeing Green Farley, Joseph Poetry Issue 455  
Seeing Santa Blundell, Ed Short Story Issue 830  
Seeing Things Bowler, Bill Poetry Issue 255  
Seeing Under, Seeing Over Grayhurst, Allison Poetry Issue 446  
Seeking Romance in Paradise Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 722  
Seen It Before Harrison, Matthew Short Story Issue 787  
Seize the Moment Rubin, Norman A. Short Story Issue 93  
Selective Memory Prestridge, Robert H. Short Story Issue 394  
Selfish Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 629  
Sensing Coppola, Marta T. Poetry Issue 360  
Sentient Forest Ong, Richard Art Issue 832  
September Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 650  
Serena Pearce, A. M. Flash Fiction Issue 287  
Serengeti Cawdron, Peter Short Story Issue 364  
Sergeant Malvern Norlie, Louise Short Story Issue 206  
Settlements Griffith, Clem Essay Issue 776  
Settling Down Dalligan, Mark Flash Fiction Issue 273  
Seven Acts of Mercy: House Clearance Stocks, John Poetry Issue 407  
Seven Beauties Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 392  
Seven Degrees of Bogus Herman, Ilan Serial Issue 425 Author's bibliography
Seven of Nine Ong, Richard Art Issue 475  
Seven Seasons R., Thomas Poetry Issue 49  
Seven Signs You Might Be a Poet’s Muse Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 518  
Sex, Oak and Rock ’n Roll Kowaleski, Bill Short Story Issue 581  
SFCon HowTo Bachus, Kate Article Issue 68  
Shade of Mondays Purkis, Gordon Prose Poetry Issue 461  
Shades West, Gary Poetry Issue 14  
Shades of Azmattia Rapala, Slawomir Serial Issue 217 Author's bibliography
Shadow Howse, Joseph Art Issue 286  
Shadow Art McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 370  
Shadow Hour Barnes, C. M. Novella Issue 889 Author's bibliography
Shadow Images Lyons, Jeffrey J. Short Story Issue 190  
Shadow Self Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 295  
Shadowboxing My Doppelganger Chaney, Gayla Flash Fiction Issue 259  
Shadowlight Ong, Richard Art Issue 738  
Shadows Brown, Eric S. Short Story Issue 12  
Shadows Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 275  
Shadows of Forever Giroux, Bryce V. Novella Issue 198 Author's bibliography
Shakespeare in Mogadishu Shaffer, Ralph E. Short Story Issue 722  
Shaking the Tree Brookes, David Short Story Issue 396  
Shall I Compare Thee to an Asteroid? Spud, The Invincible Poetry Issue 3  
Shall Not Lecrivain, Marie Short Story Issue 226  
Shallalu Parker, Danielle L. Short Story Issue 394  
Shamans of Anjikuni Gross, Paul Short Story Issue 57  
Shamans of Atlantis Trujillo, Dennis Poetry Issue 772  
Shambling Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 649  
Shape Allen, Karlos Flash Fiction Issue 179  
Shards of Glass Bowler, Bill Prose Poetry Issue 276  
Sharing the Selfish Self Larson, R D Article Issue 219  
Sharky Mahony, Tom Essay Issue 363  
Sharp Cuts Costello, Bruce Flash Fiction Issue 599  
Sharp Edges Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 641  
Sharp Focus Stakes, Jennifer Flash Fiction Issue 341  
Sharpshooter Murphy, Steven Francis Short Story Issue 184  
Shaving My Lovely Donkey by Pugnacious Jones Jones, Pugnacious Poetry Issue 16  
Shawn Schwartz, G. David Essay Issue 173  
She Watts, Gloria Flash Fiction Issue 204  
She Did It Her Way Horton, Peggy T. Memoir Issue 496  
She Is Twice Touched and Once Recoiled Bella, Lana Poetry Issue 685  
She Said It Was the Hashish Amitin, Michael D. Poetry Issue 513  
She Shall Live On Kregel, Eric J Serial Issue 413 Author's bibliography
She Waits in the Moonlight LaValley, Dustin Flash Fiction Issue 83  
Shedders Saldanha, Luke Short Story Issue 817  
Sheffield Flood Stocks, John Poetry Issue 274  
Sheila and the Gypsy Falkowitz, Maureen L. Short Story Issue 562  
Shelbysville Swamp Monster Stevenson, Richard Poetry Issue 897  
Shendark Leaves The Zone Branca, Roberta Flash Fiction Issue 392  
Sheol Deville, Sean Short Story Issue 740  
Shep’s Last Day Donnelly, Phillip Short Story Issue 430  
Shimla Bora, Deep Art Issue 320  
Ship Upon An Unending Ocean R., Thomas Poetry Issue 27  
Ships Crystalwizard Art Issue 270  
Ships Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 272  
Shireoaks Stocks, John Poetry Issue 264  
Shirt of Iron Neary, Marina J. Poetry Issue 355  
Shoe House Searles, Vera Flash Fiction Contest 1  
Shoes Pugh, Doug Poetry Issue 227  
Shopmart Brown, Eric S. Short Story Issue 37  
Short Abduction Marshall, Denny Poetry Issue 763  
Show and Tell Manning, Troy Flash Fiction Issue 437  
Show, Don't Tell Perry, Lyndon G. Flash Fiction Issue 264  
Shredded Pages Greenberg, Channie Short Story Issue 689  
Shree Sevlanti and the Numinous Lake Gravel, Bosley Serial Issue 211 Author's bibliography
Shrike Hiser, Doug Short Story Issue 189  
Shrisaelte and Dani Nelson, Christopher E. Serial Issue 590 Author's bibliography
Shropshire Pugh, Douglas Poetry Issue 201  
Shuffling Through Onion Grass Greenberg, Channie Flash Fiction Issue 390  
Shunned Pilling, David Short Story Issue 393  
Shunned by Polite Society Weldon, Laura G. Essay Issue 444  
Shy Moon McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 372  
Si vis pacem... Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Short Story Issue 103  
Sibling Hines, Silvia E. Short Story Issue 886  
Sibyl Bar, Tala Novella Issue 87 Author's bibliography
Sick Day Hinton, S.J. Short Story Issue 27  
Side Gig Sever, Janet Short Story Issue 891  
Side of the Almond Taylor, John R. Short Story Issue 843  
Sidewalk Chunk Harris, M. Scott Short Story Issue 130  
Sidris' Assets allen, euhal Short Story Issue 167  
Siege of the Ice Fortress Ong, Richard Art Issue 742  
Sigh, O Narnia Hueller, Patrick Short Story Issue 656  
Significant Other Bowler, Bill Short Story Issue 208  
Signs of Early Spring Day, Holly Poetry Issue 349  
Silence Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 328  
Silence or Laughter Bennett, Philip M. Poetry Issue 423  
Silent Moon Russ, Catfish Short Story Issue 303  
Silent Morning Obaigbo, Aoiri Short Story Issue 887  
Silhouettes Schwartz, Francine Poetry Issue 348  
Silicate Sentience Gray, Sherry Smith Poetry Issue 5  
Silly Sally Downey, Sarah Short Story Issue 211  
Silver Elvis Kennedy, Raud Short Story Issue 501  
Silver-Wing Caddy Amitin, Michael Poetry Issue 749  
Silverfish Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 552  
Simon and Papa John Coet, Ed Short Story Issue 245  
Simon’s Spectacles Smythe, Paulette Short Story Issue 542  
Simple Poems Quinn, Casey Poetry Issue 323  
Simplistic Armstrong, Forrest Poetry Issue 203  
Simulacrum Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 515  
Singalong Arbuckle, Ian Donnell Short Story Issue 137  
Singapore Cordingley, Ian Flash Fiction Issue 285  
Singing and Voice Ventura, João Flash Fiction Issue 881  
Singing With Caruso Questa o quello Smith, Sherman Short Story Issue 510  
Singularity Wimble, Caleb Short Story Issue 468  
Sins of Our Fathers Yngve, A.R. Short Story Issue 113  
Sir Simon's Well Walmsley, Jennifer Flash Fiction Issue 358  
Sirens Ringing Dry Amitin, Michael D. Poetry Issue 651  
Sirenum Scopuli Blackhart, Ella Flash Fiction Issue 340  
Sister Mary Ellen's Black Umbrella McArdle, Mary B. Short Story Issue 299  
Sisters of Promise Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 629  
Sitting in the Shade Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 331  
Sit-Ups of the Space Marines Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 302  
Six Characters in Search of a Plot Spud, The Invincible Short Story Issue 80  
Six Feet Over Carlos Cleats Catherman, Bryan D. Short Story Issue 256  
Six O’Clock News Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 867  
Sixpence Crystalwizard Poetry Issue 248  
Siya Michaels, Katherine L. Flash Fiction Issue 305  

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