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R is for Rocket, S is for Space: Ray Bradbury Stocks, John Poetry Issue 376  
Ra and Isis Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 367  
Rabbit in the Moon Jackson, Alan Poetry Issue 240  
Racing with the Moon Faucett, John Short Story Issue 167  
Raft Conine, Richard A. Short Story Issue 531  
Rain Man Marshall, Gillian Short Story Issue 121  
Rain on the Highway Mukherjee, Shuvayon Short Story Issue 931  
Rainbow Embrace Crystalwizard Art Issue 253  
Rainbow Generator Ong, Richard Art Issue 870  
Rainbow in April Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 287  
Rainbow Star McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 283  
Rainbow Warrior Barber, David Poetry Issue 905  
Rainy Day Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 631  
Raising Hackles Kalos, Anastasia Short Story Issue 610  
Raising the Dead Kuehl, Heather Short Story Issue 288  
Ralegine Larson-Harsch, Dylan Short Story Issue 533  
Ramblin’ Bob Dylan Blues Moolla, Afzal Poetry Issue 480  
Rameau, Couperin and Others Kokotov, Boris Flash Fiction Issue 744  
Ramona X Zagardo, Donald Short Story Issue 767  
Rampion Tower Ross, Alyssa D. Poetry Issue 584  
Random Acts of Weirdness Ferngrove, Kali Novella Issue 6  
Random as the Rain Linson, Ronald Poetry Issue 722  
Random Chaos and the Lone Soldier Ferngrove, Kali Novelette Issue 6  
Random Confusion Ferngrove, Kali Short Story Issue 13  
Random Happenings Ferngrove, Kali Short Story Issue 6  
Random Thoughts Ferngrove, Kali Novelette Issue 4  
Rant Minusplot Poetry Issue 61  
Rapid Transit Strout, E. S. Short Story Issue 316  
Rapt Beck, Gary Poetry Issue 815  
Rare Dining Cole, Charles C. Drama Issue 594  
Rascal and Beetle Katyal, Saurbh Short Story Contest 1  
Raspberry Café Amitin, Michael Poetry Issue 758  
Rat Star R., Thomas Poetry Issue 12  
Ratburgers Badman, Rick Short Story Issue 118  
Rat's Paw West, Bill Flash Fiction Issue 227  
Ravensong Spencer, Hannah Short Story Issue 735  
Raw Realism: A Poetry Manifesto Beck, Gary Essay Issue 799  
Ray Harryhausen: Creator of Dreams Figueroa, Zack Article Issue 216  
Raymond Too Webster, Derek I. Short Story Issue 381  
Razor Burn Anderson, O. J. Novella Issue 218 Author's bibliography
Reaching Beyond Young, Douglas Poetry Issue 668  
Reaching for the Light Ong, Richard Art Issue 839  
Read This Before You Get One Day Balder! Lawson, John Edward Poetry Issue 17  
Reading an Old Letter Cole, Charles C. Memoir Issue 879  
Reading Blake Bowler, Bill Poetry Issue 342  
Reading Carlos Williams Bowler, Bill Poetry Issue 340  
Reading Poe Bowler, Bill Poetry Issue 341  
Reading the Rök Stone Falk, Bertil Poetry Issue 625  
Reading Wallace Stevens Bowler, Bill Poetry Issue 338  
Reality Check Pandey, Piyush Poetry Issue 547  
Reality Checked Tripp, Amy S. Short Story Issue 473  
Reality Jolt Costello, Bruce Short Story Issue 595  
Reality TV Bites Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Flash Fiction Issue 75  
Really Now! Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 257  
Reanimation Grey, John Poetry Issue 640  
Reaper Parker, Danielle L. Serial Issue 384 Author's bibliography
Reawaiting Orders Russ, Catfish Short Story Issue 221  
Rebooting Bower, A. Frank Short Story Issue 412  
Rebranding Withers, Dean S. Short Story Issue 878  
Recipe for Loss Pugh, Doug Poetry Issue 238  
Recollections Wylie, Thomas F. Poetry Issue 448  
Reconnected Markey, Sean E. Short Story Issue 246  
Recumbent Riches Greenberg, Channie Flash Fiction Issue 319  
Recycled Thoughts Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 671  
Recycling Gibb, Susan M. Poetry Issue 87  
Red Clouds of Cliff Island Marshall, Denny Art Issue 678  
Red Dancer Collins, Michael J. Poetry Issue 788  
Red Days, White Nights Salt, Valeriya Short Story Issue 915  
Red Eye Castlewitz, David Short Story Issue 702  
Red He Wept Samuels, David Novella Issue 932 Author's bibliography
Red Is the Original Colour Checkley, Shauna Poetry Issue 951  
Red Robin Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 395  
Red Shift Adčs, David Poetry Issue 477  
Red Umbrella Fleming, Richard Poetry Issue 856  
Red Water Grover, Kevin Short Story Issue 50  
Rediscovering Your Beauty Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 888  
Redshirt Jacobson, Shawn Poetry Issue 857  
Reduced Acuity Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 413  
Reembezzlement Collins, Michael Short Story Issue 147  
Referendum Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 671  
Reflection Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 522  
Reflection Strout, E. S. Short Story Issue 234  
Reflections Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 914  
Reflections in the Night Ford, Jason C. Poetry Issue 580  
Reflections on a Recursive Faustus Piovano, William J. Short Story Issue 260  
Reflections on Evil Waldman, Mel Essay Issue 278  
Reflections on Glass McMillan, Jessica Lee Poetry Issue 917  
Reflections on Retirement Young, Douglas Memoir Issue 890  
Reflections on Time Ghildiyal, Ashutosh Poetry Issue 339  
Reflections Turn Away Robbe, Gary L. Short Story Issue 668  
Regarding Homesickness Grey, John Poetry Issue 870  
Rehab Center, Third Shift Geoffrion, L. J. Flash Fiction Issue 344  
Reinventing the Night Meyer, Jacqueline Moran Short Story Issue 831  
Rejection Poem #8235 Spud, The Invincible Poetry Issue 4  
Relative Matters Clifton, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 889  
Relativity in the Art of Spices, Tiles and Stones Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 397  
Release Mahony, Tom Flash Fiction Issue 414  
Release: A Miner’s Sentence Ends Thompson, Gregory Short Story Issue 865  
Releasing Shirley Cole, Charles C. Drama Issue 669  
Rembo Quibilan, Jr., Zosimo Flash Fiction Issue 308  
Remedial Fae Ahern, Edward Flash Fiction Issue 740  
Remember Kenule Balogun, Shola Poetry Issue 684  
Remember the Horses Arthur, Jackson Short Story Issue 853  
Remembered Watts, Gloria Poetry Issue 378  
Remembering Boot Camp Cole, Charles C. Memoir Issue 555  
Remembering Paris, 1978 Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 442  
Remembering the Hyperopiac Man Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 739  
Remembrance Beck, Gary Poetry Issue 686  
Reminiscent of Copper Cove Tyrer, Patricia Short Story Issue 588  
Remnants of the Nest Lucas, Gregory E. Short Story Issue 732  
Remote Control Tyzuk, Michael J A Serial Issue 61 Author's bibliography
Remote Psychosis Tyzuk, Michael J A Essay Issue 148  
Rendezvous at Paul’s Place Tonn, Henry F. Memoir Issue 599  
Renee Winston, Traci Poetry Issue 517  
Repetitive Motion Injury Sun, Gordon Short Story Issue 856  
Reply Hazy. Try Again Prindle, Bill Serial Issue 932 Author's bibliography
Report from British Intelligence: Biblical Plague from the Deeps High-Placed Anonymous Source, A. Article Issue 3  
Report on the Raid at Medicine Hat Russ, Catfish Short Story Issue 470  
Repossession Forehand, Beverly Short Story Issue 172  
Requiem Irizarri, Ramon F. Short Story Issue 18  
Requiem Aeternum Bella, Lana Poetry Issue 684  
Requiem for an Android Falk, Bertil Serial Issue 248 Author's bibliography
Requital Brooks, Christopher Short Story Issue 166  
Rescue on Ragtop Mountain Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 507  
Reservoir Storm McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 309  
Resolutions Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 700  
Respawn Gray, Paul Alex Short Story Issue 744  
Response Transcript Douglas, Iona Short Story Issue 736  
Responsibilities of Being a Man Goelz, J. C. G. Novella Issue 798 Author's bibliography
Resumption of Life Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 613  
Resurrection Angel Ong, Richard Art Issue 806  
Resurrection of Mother Lindsey, Loraine N. Short Story Issue 210  
Retire First Hammann, William T. Short Story Issue 429  
Retirement Day Russ, Catfish Short Story Issue 208  
Retrograde Cass Jr., Wallace W. Short Story Issue 465  
Retta Charlotte Again McArdle, Mary B. Drama Issue 231  
Return Address Pinte, Arthur Short Story Issue 514  
Return of the Beloved Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 317  
Return of the Bone Lady Parman, Sue Short Story Issue 353  
Return of the King Hansen, Gregory Short Story Issue 109  
Return to Me Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 366  
Return to Sender Madigan, D. A. Short Story Issue 137  
Return to the Bridge Shaffer, Ralph E. Short Story Issue 919  
Returned to Man Thiel, John Short Story Issue 14  
Reunion R., Thomas Poetry Issue 70  
Revenge of the Randomizer Ferngrove, Kali Novella Issue 3  
Revenge of the Vanquished Sheagren, Gerald Short Story Issue 63  
Review of the Idea of the Dictionary Schwartz, G. David Essay Issue 111  
Revised Instructions Grey, John Poetry Issue 871  
Rewind Rose, Rick Short Story Issue 199  
Rhythm of Rain Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 546  
Ribbitt, the Frog Who Couldn’t Adčs, David Short Story Issue 569  
Ribbons McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 236  
Rich Pop, Poor Pop Brooks, Michael D. Flash Fiction Issue 383  
Ridding the World of Vice Cody, Laura Short Story Issue 912  
Ride the Whirlwind Brill, Bob Serial Issue 231 Author's bibliography
Ridge World DePriest, Jason R. Short Story Issue 493  
Riding an Angel Stanford, Edward Poetry Issue 194  
Riding the Freeways in Oregon Draime, Doug Poetry Issue 512  
Right Back At Ya Strout, E. S. Short Story Issue 216  
Right to Live Sun, Gordon Serial Issue 795 Author's bibliography
Right-Sided Greenberg, Channie Short Story Issue 691  
Ring of Fire Ong, Richard Art Issue 932  
Ringworm Bachard, Sophie Flash Fiction Issue 229  
Riot Cusimano, Alessandro Poetry Issue 488  
Rip Tides of the Mind Howard, James Poetry Issue 593  
Risks of Being Human Davis, Steve Short Story Issue 621  
Rite to Know Blundell, Ed Poetry Issue 806  
Rites of Passage Kona, Prakash Poetry Issue 183  
Rites of Spring Blundell, Ed Poetry Issue 808  
Ritual Ayles, Daniel Art Issue 625  
River Bloggs, Jo Poetry Issue 5  
River Glow — Flußglanz Heigl, Karin S. Poetry Issue 709  
River's Daughter Alexander, Elizabeth Flash Fiction Issue 154  
RNA Beck, Gary Short Story Issue 255  
Road Rage Conrad, Lynne Short Story Issue 825  
Roadside Assistance Marshall, Morris J. Short Story Issue 776  
Roamer Smith, Meg Poetry Issue 835  
Robert Marsh’s Hurricane Van Sweringen, Ron Flash Fiction Issue 638  
Robot City Ong, Richard Art Issue 883  
Robot Emissary Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Flash Fiction Issue 329  
Robot Raiders Marshall, Denny Art Issue 668  
Robot Runs Depressed.exe Bomar, Coleman Poetry Issue 839  
Robot Sonnet Martinson, Tyrean Poetry Issue 558  
Robots’ Picnic McDaniel, David Art Issue 655  
Robo-Bug Bowler, Bill Short Story Issue 363  
Rock and Roll Fantasy Foster, Randy Short Story Issue 261  
Rock Bottom and Up Parker, Danielle L. Short Story Issue 137  
Rock Music Kiewlak, Mark J. Short Story Issue 411  
Rocket Girl Ong, Richard Art Issue 866  
Rocket’s Discovery Ochterski, Amy E. Short Story Issue 125  
Rocking-Horse Paint Mackeown, Arthur Short Story Issue 435  
Rocky Road Marshall, Morris Short Story Issue 618  
Rod Stroked Survival with a Deadly Hammer Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 381  
Rod, Rex and Rhoda Brill, Bob Novella Issue 396 Author's bibliography
Rohtang Pass Bora, Deep Art Issue 311  
Rohtang Pass, 2 Bora, Deep Art Issue 315  
Rohtang Pass, 3 Bora, Deep Art Issue 316  
Rohtang Pass, 4 Bora, Deep Art Issue 322  
Rohtang Pass, 6 Bora, Deep Art Issue 325  
Roman Holiday Cusumano, Joseph Short Story Issue 766  
Romany R., Thomas Article Issue 43  
Ron’s Exposition Van Sweringen, Ron Art Issue 444  
Rook Band Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 550  
Root Causes: A Tale of Zodom North, Stuart Short Story Issue 680  
Roots of Consciousness Palomino, Julio X. Short Story Issue 700  
Rosamonde Calley Giersbach, Walter Short Story Issue 791  
Rose Mackeown, Arthur Flash Fiction Issue 378  
Rose Petals in a Dark Room Fall Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 383  
Rosemary McGonegal, Mike Flash Fiction Issue 473  
Roses Grow Poiro, Kay Short Story Issue 495  
Roses in December Cannon, Joanna Flash Fiction Issue 331  
Rosie and the Three Badgers Hooper, Jean Flash Fiction Contest 1  
Ross Fulton's Shattered Soul Connor, Leighton Short Story Issue 202  
Rotational Assignment Lyon, Richard K. Flash Fiction Issue 265  
Rotted Iron Gowler, Josie Short Story Issue 480  
Roulette Ling, John Short Story Issue 44  
Round and Round Carr, Steve Short Story Issue 753  
Round Robin Gray, Sherry (& Norris & Spud) Serial Issue 53 Author's bibliography
Roundabout Stalemate Hayes, Aaron Flash Fiction Issue 241  
Roundup Malone, J. H. Novella Issue 861 Author's bibliography
Routine Operation Enos, Cat Poetry Issue 404  
Roxanne Gn, Joel Serial Issue 115 Author's bibliography
Royal Out of Season Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 804  
RTFM — Especially Aunt Bessie’s (and Portuguese original: "Viagem no Tempo") Ventura, Joăo Short Story Issue 552  
Rubbernecking from Bus Stops Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 796  
Ruben de la Vialle, 1660 Barber, David Poetry Issue 516  
Rude Awakening Tyzuk, Michael J A Serial Issue 91 Author's bibliography
Ruins by Jacob's Ladder Stocks, John Poetry Issue 249  
Rules for Civil Disengagement Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 747  
Rummy Park, 22 (To You in the Future) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 185  
Rummy Park, 23 (Against the Gods) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 186  
Rummy Park, 24 (Limbo) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 187  
Rummy Park, 25 (Borders) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 188  
Rummy Park, 26 (Meeting Winter) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 184  
Rummy Park, 27 (Games Ghosts Play) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 189  
Rummy Park, 28 (The Fate of the Sun) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 190  
Rummy Park, 29 (Let's Be Friends) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 192  
Rummy Park, 30 (Detour) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 193  
Rummy Park, 33 (Down to This) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 194  
Rummy Park, 34 (Schrödinger's Cat) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 195  
Rummy Park, 35 (Chasm) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 200  
Rummy Park, 44 (The Gift) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 201  
Rummy Park, 45 (He Never Spoke of His Love for Her) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 204  
Rummy Park, 46 (The Rain Said Your Name) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 208  
Rummy Park, 47 (A New Leaf) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 209  
Rummy Park, 48 (The Difference) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 212  
Rummy Park, 49 (Ecliptic) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 215  
Rummy Park, 51 (Indian Summer) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 218  
Rummy Park, 52 (Forget Winter) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 221  
Rummy Park, 53 (If Anything Changes) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 223  
Rummy Park, 54 (Inside My Hot House Orchid) Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 226  
Run After, Run Away Pandey, Mohan Short Story Issue 820  
Run Like You’re on Fire Batt, J. Daniel Flash Fiction Issue 575  
Run, Run, Run Modi, Dhruvi Poetry Issue 746  
Running Aground Ong, Richard Art Issue 755  
Running From Magic Kraay, Heidi Short Story Issue 518  
Runnin' allen, euhal Poetry Issue 187  
Rupert and the Girls’ Night Out Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 420  
Rupert and the Girls’ Night Out (Memorial Reissue) Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 684  
Rupert and the Jade Dragon Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 520  
Rust in Peace Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur & Madigan, D. A. Short Story Issue 169  
Rusted Chrome Allen, Karlos Novel Issue 381 Author's bibliography
Rusty Nails Ruggero, Carmen Poetic Memoir Issue 325  
Ryder’s Choice Noone, Mallory Short Story Issue 452  

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