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Lebkuchen, Friedrich The Legacy of Friedrich Lebkuchen Article Issue 4  
Leblanc, Denise K. Him Short Story Issue 163  
Leblanc, Denise Kelly The Warning Short Story Issue 201  
LeBlond, Richard Make Way for the King Memoir Issue 853  
LeBlond, Richard Tea with the Grizzlies Memoir Issue 828  
Lecrivain, Marie A Gargoyle on Tuesday Poetry Issue 221  
Lecrivain, Marie On Pointe, Stiletto Short Story Issue 225  
Lecrivain, Marie Shall Not Short Story Issue 226  
Lee, Charlotte H. Finding Persephone Serial Issue 771 Author's bibliography
Lee, Kathryn Marlys and Jim Flash Fiction Issue 398  
Lee, Lanaia A Visit from Death Poetry Issue 51  
Lee, Mike On the Balcony Short Story Issue 875  
Lee, Pete Bonsai Poetry Issue 204  
Lee, Pete Calm People Poetry Issue 213  
Lee, Pete If Looks Could Cook... Poetry Issue 213  
Lee, Pete Space Poetry Issue 213  
Lee, Susan Savage The Illusion of Brilliance Short Story Issue 749  
Lees, Mel Aurora Again Flash Fiction Issue 343  
Lees-Haley, Paul The Old Man and the Pond Short Story Issue 669  
Leftow, Joy In a Little Café Poetry Issue 526  
Leggett, John I Penciled In Short Story Issue 784  
Lehman, Sally K. Anachronism Flash Fiction Issue 332  
Lehman, Sally K. Small Minutes Serial Issue 319 Author's bibliography
Lehoux, Sarah-Jane Socks and Brains Short Story Issue 327  
Lehoux, Sarah-Jane Trust Me Short Story Issue 349  
Leier, S. Michael Project Gateway Short Story Issue 204  
Leier, S. Michael The Skull Hunter Short Story Issue 183  
Leier, S. Michael The Skull Hunter, 2 Serial Issue 187 Author's bibliography
Leier, S. Michael The Skull Hunter, 3: 'Tis the Season Short Story Issue 189  
Leier, S. Michael The Skull Hunter, 4: The Kaining of Rick Vargo Short Story Issue 191  
Leier, S. Michael The Skull Hunter, 5: A Haunted Past Short Story Issue 194  
Leier, S. Michael The Skull Hunter, 6: The Hunger Short Story Issue 197  
Leinwand, Mark Target Unexpected Short Story Issue 713  
Lena, Maia Too Pale for a Lifeguard Short Story Issue 425  
Lens, Charles Picture a Bridge Short Story Issue 622  
Leonard, Alexander Now Moving Organics Short Story Issue 835  
Lerman, Eleanor What If There Is a Hidden World That We Can’t See? Serial Issue 613 Author's bibliography
Lesh, Thomas The Frog Prince Short Story Issue 533  
Letizia, Angelo J. The Pious Lie Poetry Issue 877  
Levi, Steven C. An Historical Holograph Flash Fiction Issue 195  
Levi, Steven C. Bandersnatch George and the Basin Rider Rendezvous Short Story Issue 209  
Levi, Steven C. Kid Cockroach Short Story Issue 202  
Levi, Steven C. Poetry With Eight Feet Short Story Issue 204  
Levi, Steven C. Swapping on Interlude Short Story Issue 192  
Levi, Steven C. The Behemoth in the Barn Short Story Issue 560  
Levi, Steven C. The Taste of Purple Short Story Issue 205  
Levine, Jeremiah Job Playground Religion Short Story Issue 113  
Lewandowski, Nick I Eat the Body Electric Flash Fiction Issue 423  
Lewis, Evelyn M. A Solipsist’s Country Short Story Issue 866  
Lewis, E. Michael The Divorcee Wore Black Short Story Issue 254  
Ley, Roger Ancient and Modern Short Story Issue 843  
Liddick, Don Mewly Bob Short Story Issue 564  
Light, Terry J. Androids in the Garden Short Story Issue 403  
Lin, Derrick Tyrannosaurus Rex Visits Ankylosaurus at the Creationist Museum Flash Fiction Issue 290  
Linden, Seymour H. A Late Lunch Memoir Issue 285  
Linden, S. H. A Smart Kid Short Story Issue 321  
Linden, S. H. A Stacked Deck Novella Issue 308 Author's bibliography
Linden, S. H. Aboard the Tropic Tramp Memoir Issue 487  
Linden, S. H. The Escape Short Story Issue 397  
Lindsey, Loraine N. Resurrection of Mother Short Story Issue 210  
Ling, John Roulette Short Story Issue 44  
Link, Catherine J. Nathan Grundy’s Bloodline Short Story Issue 771  
Link, Catherine J. Nothing To Be Afraid Of Short Story Issue 808  
Linson, Ronald All Reapers Come Short Story Issue 757  
Linson, Ronald Child of Winter Poetry Issue 740  
Linson, Ronald Diurnally Challenged Flash Fiction Issue 763  
Linson, Ronald Emergent Properties Poetry Issue 715  
Linson, Ronald Ghost Lights Memoir Issue 747  
Linson, Ronald In Pursuit of Princess Napalia Short Story Issue 646  
Linson, Ronald Little Brother Poetry Issue 809  
Linson, Ronald New Ways of Summer Poetry Issue 711  
Linson, Ronald Nightburn Serial Issue 750 Author's bibliography
Linson, Ronald Psychotherapy for the Uploaded Poetry Issue 713  
Linson, Ron Psychotherapy for the Uploaded, part 2 Poetry Issue 755  
Linson, Ronald Random as the Rain Poetry Issue 722  
Linson, Ronald Sacrifice of the Honored Short Story Issue 773  
Linson, Ronald Schoolgirl Commando Poetry Issue 726  
Linson, Ronald Snowmen Short Story Issue 636  
Linson, Ronald Tapping the Line Short Story Issue 735  
Linson, Ronald The Preservation of Death Flash Fiction Issue 724  
Lipa, Dorota Moon Promises Short Story Issue 560  
Lissner, Jonah Viro and the Enchantress of Monu-Mar Short Story Issue 80  
Litinskaya, Yelena The Artist (and Russian original "Khudozhnik") Short Story Issue 494  
Litke-Farzaneh, Kayvan Easy Money From Your Couch Short Story Issue 824  
Litton, Myra Sorting Office for Lost Souls Poetry Issue 764  
Litton, Myra The Human Zoo Poetry Issue 762  
Litton, Myra The Interstellar Archaeologist and Librarian Poetry Issue 790  
Litton, Myra The Ministry of Private Information Poetry Issue 771  
Liu, Hongping Blue Reverie Poetry Issue 492  
Liu, Hongping Clouds and Rains Poetry Issue 507  
Liu, Hongping Into the Mountains Prose Poetry Issue 490  
Liu, Hongping Kissing Goodbye Poetry Issue 484  
Liu, Hongping Meteor Poetry Issue 437  
Liu, Hongping Playing the Accordion Poetry Issue 494  
Liu, Hongping Season Changes Poetry Issue 496  
Liu, Hongping Song of Spring Poetry Issue 486  
Liu, Hongping The Cost of Love Poetry Issue 505  
Liu, Hongping The King of the Forest Serial Issue 439 Author's bibliography
Liu, Hongping The Sea’s Spell Poetry Issue 488  
Liu, Hongping Tibetan Pilgrimage Poetry Issue 452  
Liu, Hongping Tidal Ebb and Flow Poetry Issue 435  
Liu, Hongping Towards Sunset Prose Poetry Issue 503  
Liu, Hongping Winter Scene Poetry Issue 662  
Lloyd, Madeleine J. The Likelihood of Nothing Short Story Issue 741  
Lloyd, Michael E. Adventures in Unsettling Times Short Story Contest 2  
Lloyd, Michael E. Big Night Out Short Story Issue 201  
Lloyd, Michael E. Big Night Out [Classic Reissue] Short Story Issue 596  
Lloyd, Michael E. Donna's Men Novel Issue 389 Author's bibliography
Lloyd, Michael E. Drop to Drink Flash Fiction Issue 216  
Lloyd, Michael E. For the Conference Flash Fiction Contest 2  
Lloyd, Michael E. History Poetry Issue 329  
Lloyd, Michael E. History [Classic Reissue] Poetry Issue 600  
Lloyd, Michael E. Mike and Bertil at Cambridge Art Issue 527  
Lloyd, Michael E. Missing Emilie Novel Issue 472 Author's bibliography
Lloyd, Michael E. Never Alone Poetry Issue 211  
Lloyd, Michael E. Observation One: Singing of Promises ... Novel Issue 122 Author's bibliography
Lloyd, Michael E. Observation Two: Standing Divided Novel Issue 225 Author's bibliography
Lloyd, Michael E. Observation Three: Changing Hearts Novel Issue 297 Author's bibliography
Lloyd, Michael E. On the Death of Marie (free translation of Ronsard sonnet) Poetry Issue 176  
Lloyd, Michael E. Quo Vadis? Poetry Issue 311  
Lloyd, Michael E. The Three Bears and the Intruder Flash Fiction Contest 1  
Lloyd, Michael E. (translator)
Translation of El Mundo Especular by Miguel Ángel López Muñoz Short Story Issue 255  
Lloyd, Michael E. & Webb, Don Jots and Tittles Discussion Issue 321  
Lochman, Martin What Used To Be Mom Short Story Issue 858  
Locke, Amy Sleeping With the Buffalo Poetry Issue 546  
Locke, Amy Unlost Flash Fiction Issue 415  
Locke, Duane A Corner Turned Poetry Issue 237  
Locke, Duane The Rigged Jury Poetry Issue 230  
Locke, Duane The "N" on a Bridge Poetry Issue 235  
Locke, Duane Zinc Oxide Poetry Issue 232  
Lohr, Michael Disposable Culture Poetry Issue 134  
Lokensgard, Megan Oatmeal Girl Short Story Issue 544  
Lopez, Lori R. Gallery Flash Fiction Issue 717  
Lopez, Lori R. Night’s Whispered Breath Poetry Issue 869  
Lopez, Lori R. Pincushion Poetry Issue 730  
Lopez, Lori R. Social Graces Poetry Issue 871  
Lopez, Lori R. Something in the Light Poetry Issue 714  
Lopez, Lori R. What Happened at the Lake Poetry Issue 727  
López Muñoz, Miguel Ángel
The Mirrored World (and Spanish original: El Mundo Especular) Short Story Issue 255  
LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Cemetery Walk in Winter Poetry Issue 848  
LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Every Theatre Hosts a Ghost Poetry Issue 850  
LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Lethe’s Lullaby Poetry Issue 871  
LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Night on Bald Mountain Poetry Issue 830  
LoSchiavo, Linda Ann Poe and His Women Poetry Issue 829  
LoSchiavo, LindaAnn The Quietus Poetry Issue 891  
LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Summoning Themis Poetry Issue 889  
LoSchiavo, LindaAnn The Blame the Fame Game Poetry Issue 887  
LoSchiavo, LindaAnn The Son-In-Law From Hell Poetry Issue 875  
LoSchiavo, Linda Ann The Tale of the Vintner’s Daughter Poetry Issue 825  
LoSchiavo, Linda Ann Unquiet House Poetry Issue 827  
Lovato, David A Sheltered Life Short Story Issue 239  
Lovecraft, Virt Naftha and Bitumen Blast Short Story Issue 4  
Lovecraft, Virt Unspeakable Short Story Issue 4  
Lovely, Bob Breeds Short Story Issue 652  
Lovely, Bob Dust Blind Short Story Issue 708  
Lovely, Bob Scarecrow Serial Issue 729 Author's bibliography
Lowe, Jack P. 170 Degrees Short Story Issue 379  
Lowe, Jack P. Endless Blue Horizons Short Story Issue 281  
Lowe, Jack Phillips Open Availability Flash Fiction Issue 604  
Lowe, Jack Phillips The Moral Flash Fiction Issue 432  
Lowe, Jack P. We Are You Serial Issue 315 Author's bibliography
Lowe, Jack Phillips Where This Was Going Poetry Issue 603  
Loya, Rose Sweet Hazel Sky (song lyrics) Poetry Issue 247  
Loya, Rose Voices Poetry Issue 243  
Lubaczewski, Paul The Organic Act of 2916 Short Story Issue 707  
Lubicz-Milosz, Oscar Vladislas de The Landau Pulled Up in the Night (translated by Michael Wooff) Poetry Issue 852  
Lucas, Christine Dragon Weather Poetry Issue 201  
Lucas, Gregory E. Remnants of the Nest Short Story Issue 732  
Lucas, Gregory E. The Slaughter Poetry Issue 638  
Lucente, Lark Luke's Last Page Short Story Issue 282  
Lucid, Aidan Death Knocks Three Times Short Story Issue 358  
Lucid, Aidan The Last Delivery Short Story Issue 600  
Lukas, Anthony Counter Guy Short Story Issue 555  
Lukas, Anthony Inspector Klay and the Nico Short Story Issue 602  
Lukas, Anthony Just a Little Adjustment Flash Fiction Issue 625  
Lukas, Anthony Seeds of the Dark Short Story Issue 574  
Luna, Edgar Rincón Friends With a Plane Waiting Poetry Issue 848  
Luna, Edgar Rincón Treeless Patio (Patio sin árboles - translated by Toshiya Kamei) Poetry Issue 853  
Lundin, Claës Oxygen and Aromasia (translation by Bertil Falk) Novel Issue 256 Author's bibliography
Lutton, N. Joy Pongo Short Story Issue 585  
Lynskey, Ed The Nth Degree of Me Short Story Issue 234  
Lyon, Richard K. Boxes Flash Fiction Issue 263  
Lyon, Richard K. Loophole Flash Fiction Issue 338  
Lyon, Richard K. Pigs at the Fraternity Party Short Story Issue 317  
Lyon, Richard K. Rotational Assignment Flash Fiction Issue 265  
Lyon, Richard K. Strangers on the Night Train Short Story Issue 318  
Lyon, Richard K. The Christmas Present War Flash Fiction Issue 272  
Lyon, Richard K. The Long Dark Road to Wizardry Novel Issue 319 Author's bibliography
Lyon, Richard K. The Menace of the Pink Lagoons Flash Fiction Issue 256  
Lyons, Jeffrey J. Shadow Images Short Story Issue 190  
Lyons, Jeffrey J. The Fairly Incredible Inventors’ Fair Short Story Issue 150  
Lyons, Jeffrey J. Transmitting Through Short Story Issue 170  
MacAdam, J. G. P. Halleth and Me Short Story Issue 801  
MacDonnell, Nicholas The Eraser Short Story Issue 736  
Mace, Lesley A Murder of Crows Poetry Issue 594  
Mace, Lesley Attic Poetry Issue 426  
Mace, Lesley Broken Glass Flash Fiction Issue 280  
Mace, Lesley The Final Stunner Short Story Issue 485  
Mace, Lesley Toys in the Attic Flash Fiction Issue 441  
MacInnes, R The Contractual Obligation Short Story Issue 515  
MacKay, Sandra Y. Hell's Fire Serial Issue 347 Author's bibliography
Mackeown, Arthur Can't Catch Me Short Story Issue 401  
Mackeown, Arthur Deadlines Flash Fiction Issue 422  
Mackeown, Arthur Force of Circumstance Flash Fiction Issue 515  
Mackeown, Arthur Lover Boy Short Story Issue 527  
Mackeown, Arthur On the House Memoir Issue 392  
Mackeown, Arthur Rocking-Horse Paint Short Story Issue 435  
Mackeown, Arthur Rose Flash Fiction Issue 378  
Mackeown, Arthur The Banker of Bread Short Story Issue 541  
Mackeown, Arthur The Biter Bit Flash Fiction Issue 397  
Mackeown, Arthur The Curse of the Prize Marrow Flash Fiction Issue 529  
Mackeown, Arthur The Eyes Have It Flash Fiction Issue 393  
Mackeown, Arthur The Mug’s Game Short Story Issue 592  
Mackeown, Arthur The Neighbour's Cat Flash Fiction Issue 383  
Mackeown, Arthur The Prophecy Flash Fiction Issue 546  
Mackeown, Arthur The Shop Window Flash Fiction Issue 385  
Mackeown, Arthur The Yellow Road Short Story Issue 462  
Mackeown, Arthur Vampire's Night Out Flash Fiction Issue 391  
Mackeown, Arthur Van Helsing’s Miraculous Mouthwash Flash Fiction Issue 560  
Maclaren, Mary The Old Hag Short Story Issue 62  
Macor, Iris Fangs Flash Fiction Issue 378  
Madigan, D. A. A Dish Best Served Cold Short Story Issue 354  
Madigan, D. A. Electronic Submission Short Story Issue 164  
Madigan, D. A. Halo Short Story Issue 155  
Madigan, D. A. Heinlein: the Man, the Myth, the Whack Job Article Issue 119  
Madigan, D. A. Mania Short Story Issue 151  
Madigan, D. A. Meeting of the Mindless Short Story Issue 133  
Madigan, D. A. No Good Angel Short Story Issue 142  
Madigan, D. A. No Time Like the Present Short Story Issue 149  
Madigan, D. A. On the Road Again Short Story Issue 158  
Madigan, D. A. Positive Short Story Issue 141  
Madigan, D. A. Power 2 the Peepz Short Story Issue 364  
Madigan, D. A. Primogeniture Short Story Issue 156  
Madigan, D. A. Pursuit of Happiness Short Story Issue 150  
Madigan, D. A. Return to Sender Short Story Issue 137  
Madigan, D. A. Talkin’ ’Bout My Girl Short Story Issue 157  
Madigan, D. A. The Adventures of Supermom Short Story Issue 174  
Madigan, D. A. The Captain and the Queen Serial Issue 175 Author's bibliography
Madigan, D. A. The Drowned Scroll Short Story Issue 336  
Madigan, D. A. The Eldritch Horror From Beyond the Nether Void Short Story Issue 168  
Madigan, D. A. The Fundamental Immorality of "The Matrix" Essay Issue 161  
Madison, Mike Making Distinctions Short Story Issue 596  
Madison, Shawn P. Almost There Short Story Issue 50  
Madison, Shawn P. Something Short Story Issue 58  
Madison, Shawn P. The Great Magnanimous Flash Fiction Issue 122  
Mahon, Dennis The Problem with Pirates Short Story Issue 49  
Mahon, Dennis J My Enemy, My Beloved Short Story Issue 60  
Mahoney, Bridgett Mermaid Girls Poetry Issue 425  
Mahoney, Bridgett Paradise of Wolves Poetry Issue 428  
Mahoney, Bridgett Time’s Kiss Short Story Issue 408  
Mahoney, Emer The Touch Short Story Issue 888  
Mahony, Tom Release Flash Fiction Issue 414  
Mahony, Tom Sharky Essay Issue 363  
Mahony, Tom Windowless Van Flash Fiction Issue 333  
Malach, Dan Together Forever Flash Fiction Issue 209  
Malak, Ed A Whopper with Cheese Short Story Issue 5  
Malat, Philip J. The Great Marble Caper Memoir Issue 435  
Malenfant, Jerome A Platypus Once Said to Me Poetry Issue 785  
Malenfant, Jerome The Sirens Poetry Issue 808  
Males, Andrew Knifepoint Short Story Issue 294  
Malinenko, Ally Maman Brigitte Short Story Issue 411  
Mallard, Jonathan Exploits in Etheria Short Story Issue 9  
Mallard, Jonathan Iceworld Poetry Issue 4  
Malone, J. H. Drunk on Time Novella Issue 873 Author's bibliography
Malone, J. H. Roundup Novella Issue 861 Author's bibliography
Manachino, Albert J. Lady of the Lake Short Story Issue 375  
Manachino, Albert J. Morning Encounter Short Story Issue 423  
Manachino, Albert J. Something Above Us Short Story Issue 432  
Manachino, Albert J. The Collar Out of Space Short Story Issue 427  
Manachino, Albert J. The Game of Burke and Hare Short Story Issue 365  
Mandel, Gerry The Meeting of the Friends of the Forlorn Society Flash Fiction Issue 284  
Mann, Lynn The Assassin Short Story Issue 345  
Mann, Lynn The Great Project Short Story Issue 266  
Mann, Lynn Tommy Short Story Issue 260  
Mann, Lynn Water Rights Short Story Issue 279  
Manning, Troy Show and Tell Flash Fiction Issue 437  
Manoogian-O’Dell, Brin Blurred Borders Flash Fiction Issue 297  
Manoogian-O’Dell, Brin Surmel's Litany Short Story Issue 353  
Mansi, K. A. Luzvaminda Short Story Issue 712  
Mara, John Digging Up the Past Short Story Issue 866  
Mara, John The Skeleton’s Scrapbook Short Story Issue 850  
Marable, Tyler Upload and Reboot Short Story Issue 823  
March, C. Q. Thicker Than Blood Short Story Issue 766  
Marcoux, Blaise Strike the Set Short Story Issue 474  
Marcoux, Blaise Yellow Pickle Short Story Issue 397  
Marcus, Susan Bass An Arm and a Leg Short Story Issue 664  
Marcus, Susan Bass Pieces of Stars Short Story Issue 658  
Margraf, Rory Private Existence Short Story Issue 512  
Marie, Christina Snow Witch Short Story Issue 671  
Mark, Joshua J. Beyond Time and Circumstance Short Story Issue 858  
Markey, Sean E. Reconnected Short Story Issue 246  
Marks, Jeremy N. Sturgeon Sea Flash Fiction Issue 875  
Marks, Jeremy Nathan The Reason I Hate My Body Flash Fiction Issue 825  
Marks, Jeremy N. The Ten Plagues Poetry Issue 836  
Marshall, Alex The Crimson Tower Serial Issue 266 Author's bibliography
Marshall, David Of Noble Blood Flash Fiction Issue 143  
Marshall, David Saving Science Fiction City Short Story Issue 267  
Marshall, David The Vegans are Coming! Short Story Issue 149  
Marshall, Denny A Single Thought Art Issue 704  
Marshall, Denny Bank Shot Poetry Issue 711  
Marshall, Denny Big Bang Center Poetry Issue 701  
Marshall, Denny Boxed In Art Issue 745  
Marshall, Denny By the Wall Art Issue 650  
Marshall, Denny Ceremony Art Issue 685  
Marshall, Denny Cinder Cale Art Issue 652  
Marshall, Denny Climbing a Web Art Issue 732  
Marshall, Denny Dormant Orchard Art Issue 653  
Marshall, Denny Early Warning Poetry Issue 727  
Marshall, Denny Ele-Bot Art Issue 654  
Marshall, Denny Funnel Vision Art Issue 764  
Marshall, Denny Galaxy Glider Art Issue 766  
Marshall, Denny Ghost Castle Poetry Issue 707  
Marshall, Denny Ghost of Forevermore Poetry Issue 705  
Marshall, Denny Gyro Art Issue 734  
Marshall, Denny Hallway Exchange Art Issue 655  
Marshall, Denny In the Cold Art Issue 656  
Marshall, Denny Infinite Poetry Issue 767  
Marshall, Denny Ink of Loss Art Issue 689  
Marshall, Denny Keeper of the Black Castle Art Issue 658  
Marshall, Denny Long Journey Poetry Issue 649  
Marshall, Denny Motion Stars Poetry Issue 729  
Marshall, Denny Music Man Art Issue 661  
Marshall, Denny Ode to Amanda Poetry Issue 694  
Marshall, Denny On the Other Side of the Eye in the Sky Art Issue 674  
Marshall, Denny Oort Cloud Bound Poetry Issue 720  
Marshall, Denny Opposite Catch Art Issue 687  
Marshall, Denny Orbital Mousetrap Poetry Issue 761  
Marshall, Denny Paliens Poetry Issue 703  
Marshall, Denny Pyramid Shot Art Issue 706  
Marshall, Denny Quest Poetry Issue 673  
Marshall, Denny Red Clouds of Cliff Island Art Issue 678  
Marshall, Denny Robot Raiders Art Issue 668  
Marshall, Denny Short Abduction Poetry Issue 763  
Marshall, Denny Skull Star Art Issue 665  
Marshall, Denny Space Cloth Poetry Issue 713  
Marshall, Denny Space Jet Art Issue 680  
Marshall, Denny Space #25 Art Issue 663  
Marshall, Denny Space #5 Art Issue 675  
Marshall, Denny Space #7 Art Issue 676  
Marshall, Denny Spiral Arms Sky Poetry Issue 681  
Marshall, Denny Square-Jawed Art Issue 735  
Marshall, Denny Star Maker Art Issue 691  
Marshall, Denny Story of the Stars Poetry Issue 698  
Marshall, Denny Stowaway Poetry Issue 731  
Marshall, Denny Tecon Art Issue 672  
Marshall, Denny Tecon 2 Art Issue 673  
Marshall, Denny The Blue Pyramids of Aquatina Art Issue 677  
Marshall, Denny The Core Art Issue 708  
Marshall, Denny The Enemy Art Issue 710  
Marshall, Denny The Escape Art Issue 667  
Marshall, Denny The Last Ride Poetry Issue 715  
Marshall, Denny The Listener Art Issue 762  
Marshall, Denny The Shaft Poetry Issue 765  
Marshall, Denny The Shuttle Art Issue 679  
Marshall, Denny The Starship Telescope Poetry Issue 661  
Marshall, Denny The Wizard and the Mask Art Issue 739  
Marshall, Denny Time Shift 33 Poetry Issue 696  
Marshall, Denny Time to Get Off This Rock Poetry Issue 647  
Marshall, Denny Trapped in a Fantasy Jungle Art Issue 660  
Marshall, Denny Twirl Art Issue 666  
Marshall, Denny Two Kings Poetry Issue 663  
Marshall, Denny Under the Dome Poetry Issue 692  
Marshall, Denny Unseen Deep Travelers Poetry Issue 717  
Marshall, Denny Volcano Planet Poetry Issue 688  
Marshall, Denny Wading the Gravity Stream Art Issue 768  
Marshall, Denny Waiting Behind the Wall Art Issue 662  
Marshall, Denny Watchful Stare Art Issue 669  
Marshall, Denny Waves of Sleep Poetry Issue 668  
Marshall, Denny Wingman Art Issue 737  
Marshall, Denny Work on Terra Five Poetry Issue 690  
Marshall, Denny Wrapped in Thought Art Issue 664  
Marshall, Denny Zebra Galaxy Poetry Issue 651  
Marshall, Gillian Bed Bugs Short Story Issue 153  
Marshall, Gillian Devil’s Playground Poetry Issue 110  
Marshall, Gillian Rain Man Short Story Issue 121  
Marshall, Morris A Planned Intervention Short Story Issue 486  
Marshall, Morris J. Back to the Barber Shop Short Story Issue 860  
Marshall, Morris J. Changing Cocoons Fictional Memoir Issue 520  
Marshall, Morris Facing the Bullies Short Story Issue 538  
Marshall, Morris Food for Thought Short Story Issue 695  
Marshall, Morris J. Golden Silence Short Story Issue 831  
Marshall, Morris Good News First Short Story Issue 654  
Marshall, Morris Isolated Cases Short Story Issue 561  
Marshall, Morris Liverwurst and Corn Chips Short Story Issue 575  
Marshall, Morris J. Lucid Window Short Story Issue 885  
Marshall, Morris J. Roadside Assistance Short Story Issue 776  
Marshall, Morris Rocky Road Short Story Issue 618  
Marshall, Morris J. Tech Support Short Story Issue 768  
Marshall, Morris That Burning Question Short Story Issue 686  
Marshall, Morris That Unstable Summer Short Story Issue 660  
Marshall, Morris J. The Banned-Aid Solution Short Story Issue 557  
Marshall, Morris J. The Bottle Man Short Story Issue 790  
Marshall, Morris The Hobo Short Story Issue 434  
Marshall, Morris The Last Stop Short Story Issue 639  
Marshall, Morris The Power of “Not” Short Story Issue 627  
Marshall, Morris The Turquoise Turtle Short Story Issue 559  
Marshall, Morris Visiting Hours Short Story Issue 586  
Marshall, Morris J. Volatility Cycles Novella Issue 731 Author's bibliography
Marshall, Morris Warm Voice, Cold Calls Short Story Issue 677  
Marshall, Morris J. Word of Mouth Short Story Issue 503  
Marshallsay, Dawn Zero Interest Short Story Issue 406  
Martalas, Chariklia The Miner and the Opera Short Story Issue 861  
Martin, Christina Tim's Transformation Flash Fiction Issue 294  
Martin, Jarred Full Disclosure Short Story Issue 580  
Martin, Marilyn K. The Un-Spring Short Story Issue 551  
Martinson, Tyrean Robot Sonnet Poetry Issue 558  
Mart-Charman, Susan The Ad Short Story Issue 159  
Maschke, Irene Food for Thought Short Story Issue 577  
Maschke, Irene The Outage Effect Flash Fiction Issue 535  
Mason, Victoria My Lemon Short Story Issue 864  
Masters, Kristin A. A Watery Grave Short Story Issue 314  
Masters, Kristin A. Hunter's Tale Short Story Issue 146  
Mathews, Michael The Empty Man Short Story Issue 177  
Mathews, Michael The Snowbirds Short Story Issue 207  
Matsakis, Demetrios The Sun-Lovers Short Story Issue 761  
Matsakis, Demetrios Whatever Works Short Story Issue 821  
Mattson, Ingvar Project Unnamed: Memories Short Story Issue 357  
May, Andrew Melvyn Pettle's "Flowers of the Future" (review) Article Issue 61  
May, Andrew Planet of Evil Short Story Issue 48  
May, Jeffrey Penn Nuclear Power and the Civil War Lizards Short Story Issue 593  
May, Nancy The Family Whip Flash Fiction Issue 455  
May, Steven Tuesday Short Story Issue 210  
May, Tammy Captain Eli’s Mistake Flash Fiction Issue 568  
May, Tammy Unforeseen Consequences Flash Fiction Issue 522  
Mazurkiewicz, Greg Sweet Dreams Short Story Issue 387  
Mazza, Jarrett Afraid To Go Short Story Issue 730  

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