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Kobayashi, Chris Man in a Dark Room Short Story Issue 402  
Koerner, Mark A Fresh Start Short Story Issue 321  
Koerner, Mark From Esperanto to ET: Artificial Languages in the Internet Era Article Issue 104  
Koerner, Mark Generation Ships: a Neglected Issue Article Issue 94  
Koerner, Mark Voices from Tomorrow Short Story Issue 172  
Koger, Grove Effect and Cause Short Story Issue 589  
Koger, Grove How is the Empire? Flash Fiction Issue 357  
Koger, Grove Treacherous Waters Short Story Issue 553  
Kokotov, Boris A Model of Bliss Poetry Issue 588  
Kokotov, Boris A Selling Point Flash Fiction Issue 779  
Kokotov, Boris An Authentic Gnosis Flash Fiction Issue 792  
Kokotov, Boris Auld Acquaintance Poetry Issue 884  
Kokotov, Boris For My Brother Memoir Issue 863  
Kokotov, Boris Hooks and Loops Drama Issue 662  
Kokotov, Boris No Plans Poetry Issue 797  
Kokotov, Boris Poetry Reading at a Local Library Essay Issue 569  
Kokotov, Boris Rameau, Couperin and Others Flash Fiction Issue 744  
Kokotov, Boris The Chess Players Flash Fiction Issue 533  
Kokotov, Boris The Fish Bubble Flash Fiction Issue 531  
Kokotov, Boris The Suckers Poetry Issue 834  
Kokotov, Boris Utterly Presidential Flash Fiction Issue 690  
Kokotov, Boris Welcome to the Smashing Center Flash Fiction Issue 758  
Kokotov, Boris X-red Flash Fiction Issue 549  
Kolodziej, Rebecca Ice Maiden Poetry Issue 674  
Kona, Prakash A Dreamer of the Other World (serial)
Essay Issue 154 Author's bibliography
Kona, Prakash Ambivalence Poetry Issue 180  
Kona, Prakash Diapason Poetry Issue 179  
Kona, Prakash Extrapolate Essay Issue 163  
Kona, Prakash For the Indolent Reader Poetry Issue 172  
Kona, Prakash If There is a God Above Poetry Issue 228  
Kona, Prakash In a Language not Arabic Poetry Issue 175  
Kona, Prakash Lila Poetry Issue 193  
Kona, Prakash Love's Nest Prose Poetry Issue 388  
Kona, Prakash Metaphysic of Color Poetry Issue 173  
Kona, Prakash Nameless in a Faceless City (serial) Essay Issue 148 Author's bibliography
Kona, Prakash Phoolan Devi Poetry Issue 232  
Kona, Prakash Rites of Passage Poetry Issue 183  
Kona, Prakash Subaltern Poetry Issue 231  
Kona, Prakash The Personal and the Political (serial) Essay Issue 158 Author's bibliography
Kona, Prakash The Singer and Madness of the Song Poetry Issue 174  
Kona, Prakash Tragedy and Farce: Reflections Upon an Unjust War Essay Issue 166  
Konicki, Andrew At the Fifth Hour Short Story Issue 805  
Kontak, Maria A Very Convenient Affair Serial Issue 472 Author's bibliography
Kontak, Maria Painting Faces Short Story Issue 433  
Kopp, Allen Phiz Short Story Issue 449  
Korgan, Dan Dandelion Hill Short Story Issue 679  
Korgan, Dan Earlier Snows Flash Fiction Issue 664  
Korgan, Dan Maybe We’re on the Ocean Short Story Issue 440  
Koroma, Osman My African Dreams Poetry Issue 756  
Kowaleski, Bill Andrew’s Gift Short Story Issue 790  
Kowaleski, Bill Canticles for a New World Short Story Issue 616  
Kowaleski, Bill Changing Places Short Story Issue 787  
Kowaleski, Bill Cindy’s New Profession Short Story Issue 503  
Kowaleski, Bill Creative Destruction Novel Issue 841 Author's bibliography
Kowaleski, Bill
Critical Mass Short Story Issue 534  
Kowaleski, Bill Don’t Forget the Pastries Short Story Issue 647  
Kowaleski, Bill Down Under and Over There Serial Issue 664 Author's bibliography
Kowaleski, Bill Dumping in the Woods on a Snowy Evening Poetry Issue 838  
Kowaleski, Bill End of the Affair Poetry Issue 681  
Kowaleski, Bill How I Helped Mrs. Vastbinder Short Story Issue 781  
Kowaleski, Bill Intelligent Designers Short Story Issue 678  
Kowaleski, Bill Knots Short Story Issue 645  
Kowaleski, Bill Living Standards Novel Issue 685 Author's bibliography
Kowaleski, Bill Living Standards Short Story Issue 633  
Kowaleski, Bill Murder Among the Oaks Short Story Issue 541  
Kowaleski, Bill Peter Pan and the Mayfly Short Story Issue 754  
Kowaleski, Bill Politics Unusual Short Story Issue 684  
Kowaleski, Bill Sex, Oak and Rock ’n Roll Short Story Issue 581  
Kowaleski, Bill The Paradox Principle Short Story Issue 658  
Kowaleski, Bill The Vanishing Hairdresser Short Story Issue 562  
Kowaleski, Bill To Inferno and Back Short Story Issue 746  
Kowaleski, Bill Until the Thawing Morn Poetry Issue 683  
Kozusko, Frank Merry River Flash Fiction Issue 773  
Kraay, Heidi Running From Magic Short Story Issue 518  
Kratz, Ed Edna Goes to the Frogs Short Story Issue 857  
Krause, Eric J. Children of the Mall Short Story Issue 311  
Krauss, Dwight Do-Over Short Story Issue 301  
Krauss, Dwight Face to Face Short Story Issue 317  
Krauss, Dwight O. From You Shall Arise Short Story Issue 322  
Krauss, Dwight O. King of the Bears Short Story Issue 408  
Krauss, Dwight Last Contact Short Story Issue 356  
Krauss, Dwight The Absence of Land Short Story Issue 320  
Krauss, Dwight O. The Last Man in the World Explains All Short Story Issue 325  
Krauss, Dwight The Long Range Forecast Short Story Issue 353  
Krauss, Dwight The Trumpet Inside the Warehouse Short Story Issue 283  
Kregel, Eric J Fanboy 4D Taping Short Story Issue 310  
Kregel, Eric J She Shall Live On Serial Issue 413 Author's bibliography
Kregel, Eric J The Shadow of Geordie Harris Serial Issue 274 Author's bibliography
Kregel, Eric J The Trouble with Sitting Short Story Issue 236  
Krehbiel, James Pure in Their Own Eyes Serial Issue 740 Author's bibliography
Krenicki, Amanda As Exquisite and Unsatisfying as a Cigarette Short Story Issue 623  
Krogstad, Keith The Crowd Flash Fiction Issue 304  
Krogstad, Keith The Shed Flash Fiction Issue 268  
Krosinsky, Sari Leaving Mithra Poetry Issue 415  
Kruvant, Jonah Imagine His Thoughts Short Story Issue 737  
Kuch, Terence The Dragon's Will Short Story Issue 316  
Kuehl, Heather Dalamar’s Quest Short Story Issue 419  
Kuehl, Heather Raising the Dead Short Story Issue 288  
Kuell, Chris The Smell of the Deal Short Story Issue 263  
Kuhlman, Verdandi Forzando Poetry Issue 374  
Kuhn, John All-White Jury Short Story Issue 285  
Kulkarni, Sameer A Coat for the Chief Flash Fiction Issue 726  
Kulkarni, Sameer A Spy in McLeod Ganj Short Story Issue 741  
Kulkarni, Sameer Crown vs. Ducastle Short Story Issue 756  
Kulkarni, Sameer Distilled Letters Short Story Issue 714  
Kulkarni, Sameer Space Funerals Short Story Issue 759  
Kulkarni, Sameer The Shrinking of Barry Teeter Short Story Issue 717  
Kulp, Mickey Cultural Translation Poetry Issue 784  
Kunkle, J. Scott Autumn Passage Short Story Issue 475  
kusch, polycarp The Monday Penelope Thought Twice Short Story Issue 28  
Kuzmichev, Andrey Duty Free Short Story Issue 621  
Kwiatkowski, Walter Frosty Jack Short Story Issue 689  
Kwiatkowski, Walter The Dryers Are in Use Short Story Issue 725  
Kwiatkowski, Walter The Egg Short Story Issue 694  
Kwiatkowski, Walter The Jack-in-the-Box Short Story Issue 702  
Kwiatkowski, Walter The Joke Short Story Issue 716  
Kwiatkowski, Walter Under the Bandstand Short Story Issue 817  
Kyatt, Ed A Dance by the Lake Flash Fiction Issue 702  
Kyatt, Ed A Pulse in Oblivion Flash Fiction Issue 707  
Kyatt, Ed What Good Is Arithmetic? Flash Fiction Issue 698  
La Fleur, William A. College Cult Short Story Issue 247  
LaCarna, John E. Warning Signal Short Story Issue 330  
Lacey, Walter
Checking In Flash Fiction Issue 525  
Lacey, Walter Connecting the Dots Memoir Issue 515  
Lachnitt, Tamy The Affair Short Story Contest 2  
Laden, Jonathan Draw Cab Short Story Issue 56  
Laden, Jonathan Erasure Short Story Issue 28  
Laden, Jonathan The Wheel, Reinvented Short Story Issue 44  
Laffey, Tim At X Marks the Spot Poetry Issue 530  
LaFollette, Kristin Memento mori Poetry Issue 489  
LaFollette, Kristin November Baptism Poetry Issue 487  
Lahrman, Randall Janstein's Subject Short Story Issue 204  
Laing, Charles Richard Angeline Flash Fiction Issue 196  
Laing, Charles Richard Cold, Cold Heart Flash Fiction Issue 92  
Laing, Charles Richard Editorial Response Flash Fiction Issue 209  
Laing, Charles Richard Fit Flash Fiction Issue 84  
Laing, Charles Richard Five Cities Flash Fiction Issue 128  
Laing, Charles Richard Legs Short Story Issue 88  
Laing, Charles Richard Life in the Fast Lane Flash Fiction Issue 131  
Laing, Charles Richard Postscript Flash Fiction Issue 110  
Laing, Charles Richard Santa Cat Flash Fiction Issue 76  
Laing, Charles Richard Stabbed in the Back Flash Fiction Issue 125  
Laing, Charles Richard The Last Argument Flash Fiction Issue 79  
Laing, Charles Richard The New City Flash Fiction Issue 148  
Laing, Charles Richard The New Shampoo Flash Fiction Issue 190  
Laing, Charles Richard The Operation Flash Fiction Issue 86  
Laing, Charles Richard The Pageant Flash Fiction Issue 144  
Laing, Charles Richard The Sand Castle Flash Fiction Issue 178  
Laing, Charles Richard The Unicorn Sisters Flash Fiction Issue 173  
Laing, Matthew Fire Flight Poetry Issue 636  
Lamb, Lisamarie Travelling West Short Story Issue 461  
Lambert, Fiona Ghost of Christmas Past Flash Fiction Issue 459  
Landis, William Lumbee Legend Poetry Issue 676  
Landrum, David W. The Understudy Short Story Issue 422  
Lane, Nancy Three Marvins in a Diorama Short Story Issue 615  
Lang, Atlee Utopia Poetry Issue 401  
Lang, Harry All This Talk Flash Fiction Issue 353  
Lang, Harry Arabella of Radius Lane Short Story Issue 649  
Lang, Harry Beneath the Ice Serial Issue 366 Author's bibliography
Lang, Harry Blind Moon Poetry Issue 279  
Lang, Harry Chuchundra Flash Fiction Issue 389  
Lang, Harry Down to the Wild Blue Yonder Short Story Issue 698  
Lang, Harry His Knives Are Few and Small Flash Fiction Issue 424  
Lang, Harry In a Season of Storms Serial Issue 758 Author's bibliography
Lang, Harry Mr. Butterfly Short Story Issue 488  
Lang, Harry Mr. Hedayat’s Friend Short Story Issue 662  
Lang, Harry Safe Hate Division Short Story Issue 613  
Lang, Harry Somebody Knows Poetry Issue 376  
Lang, Harry The Good Doctor Short Story Issue 207  
Lang, Harry The Ministry of Heavenly Understanding Short Story Issue 548  
Lang, Harry The Mountains of the Eldritch Sea Short Story Issue 181  
Lang, Harry The Song of the Night Bird Short Story Issue 272  
Lang, Harry The Sun Men Flash Fiction Issue 447  
Lang, Harry The University of Dreams and Knowledge Serial Issue 422 Author's bibliography
Lang, Harry Walking Wounded Poetry Issue 381  
Lang, Harry Wham Bam! Short Story Issue 163  
Lang, Harry White Poetry Issue 310  
Lang, Natalie From the Beginning Memoir Issue 416  
Lang, Paul Not Like an Angel Short Story Issue 433  
Lang, Paul The Druid Flash Fiction Issue 430  
Lange, Thomas E. A Vicar’s Baptism Short Story Issue 585  
Larsen, Ronald M. Dragon-Fire Brewing Short Story Issue 841  
Larsen, Ronald Nicholas Chichester Short Story Issue 799  
Larsen, Ronald Snakebitten Dragon Short Story Issue 874  
Larsen, Ronald Waiting for the 4:08 Short Story Issue 787  
Larsen, Ronald M. Young George and the Dragon Flash Fiction Issue 816  
Larson, R D A Benign and Archaic Afterthought Short Story Issue 139  
Larson, R D Absolutely Gutted Short Story Issue 213  
Larson, R D Alone Poetry Issue 328  
Larson, R D Blood Links Short Story Issue 227  
Larson, R D Brain Dead Poetry Issue 285  
Larson, R D Dreadlocks and the Three Heirs Short Story Contest 1  
Larson, R D Incident Short Story Issue 137  
Larson, R D Instinctive Fear Short Story Issue 343  
Larson, R D Legacy Portal Short Story Issue 294  
Larson, R D Ligulae Short Story Issue 158  
Larson, R D Night Stalker Flash Fiction Issue 287  
Larson, R D Phantom of the Sea Short Story Issue 127  
Larson, R D Sharing the Selfish Self Article Issue 219  
Larson, R D Slam the Door Softly Short Story Issue 134  
Larson, R D Summahtime Woes Poetry Issue 371  
Larson, R D The Bony Ghosts of Courveau Manse Short Story Issue 219  
Larson, R D The Last Experiment Flash Fiction Issue 196  
Larson, R D The Pharaoh's Official Short Story Issue 179  
Larson, R D The Trip Flash Fiction Contest 2  
Larson, R D The Whimsy Serial Issue 119 Author's bibliography
Larson, R D To Die Flash Fiction Issue 277  
Larson, R D Waiting for Aria Rose Flash Fiction Issue 323  
Larson, R D Wind From the Edge of the Cloud Short Story Issue 289  
Larson, Terry A Dog's Worst Enemy Short Story Issue 306  
Larson, Terry J. A Hero’s Reward Short Story Issue 406  
Larson, Terry Finding My Way Memoir Issue 304  
Larson-Harsch, Dylan Ralegine Short Story Issue 533  
Lassiter, Tom The Girl Who Disappeared Clouds Short Story Issue 388  
Latinkic, Ivan Gazing at the Edge of the Ocean Flash Fiction Issue 317  
Latyntseva, Rebecca Desurrection Poetry Issue 229  
Latyntseva, Rebecca Stardust Flash Fiction Issue 233  
Laughlin, Robert Moving the Picture Show Flash Fiction Issue 248  
Laursen, Kai Port Townsend Poetry Issue 402  
Laursen, Kai Search for Dominant Gene Poetry Issue 399  
Laursen, Kai The Whale Hunt Poetry Issue 404  
Lauzier, Jean Mirror, Mirror Flash Fiction Issue 380  
LaValley, Dustin Judith and the Night Short Story Issue 120  
LaValley, Dustin She Waits in the Moonlight Flash Fiction Issue 83  
LaValley, Dustin Tuesdays and Thursdays: a Tale of Obsession Flash Fiction Issue 126  
Lawler, Julian Battle Seer Novel Issue 118 Author's bibliography
Lawler, Julian Cain Poetry Issue 126  
Lawler, Julian The Prophet of Dreams Novel Issue 78 Table of Contents
Lawler, Robert A. The Fourth Side Short Story Issue 631  
Lawrence, Mark The Basement Short Story Issue 285  
Lawrence, Mark USS Endurance Short Story Issue 304  
Laws, Andrea A Disfigured Persona with Vivid Streams Poetry Issue 657  
Laws, Kaci Skiles His Name is Happiness Poetry Issue 778  
Laws, Kaci Skiles Leland Gaunt Poetry Issue 795  
Laws, Kaci Skiles The Cult of Cute Poetry Issue 759  
Laws, Kaci Skiles The Paper Man Short Story Issue 765  
Lawson, John Edward Alive, Alive-O Poetry Issue 17  
Lawson, John Edward Cable TB Poetry Issue 18  
Lawson, John Edward Insight Erasure Poetry Issue 18  
Lawson, John Edward Love Poem #1968 Poetry Issue 36  
Lawson, John Edward Read This Before You Get One Day Balder! Poetry Issue 17  
Lawson, Patrick Dale & Dale, S.
The Moamrath Papers (serial) Essay Issue 167 See Issues 167-8
Lawton, P. J. A Good Day to Die Serial Issue 86 Author's bio only
Lawton, P. J. A Requiem for Time Masters Short Story Issue 74  
Lawton, P. J. The Quest Short Story Issue 122  

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