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Title Author Appears in:
That Burning Question Marshall, Morris Issue 686
That Elusive Other Thiel, John Issue 74
That Great Big Ladder in the Sky Burian, Z.T. Issue 386
That Incident at Connellsburg Shaffer, Ralph E. Issue 827
That Unstable Summer Marshall, Morris Issue 660
The 101 Domitians Christopher, Max Issue 751
The 13th Operation Kishore, Swapna Issue 235
The 14:08 from Liverpool Street Fox, Dylan Issue 312
The Absence of Land Krauss, Dwight Issue 320
The Abyssinian Barlas, Nükhet Issue 345
The Accident Bradley, Abbey Issue 193
The Achiever Vieczorek, John Issue 298
The Ad Mart-Charman, Susan Issue 159
The Adventures of Supermom Madigan, D. A. Issue 174
The Affair Lachnitt, Tamy Contest 2
The After-Moon Vitolo, Edward Issue 404
The Air of Protest Pettit, Phillip Issue 229
The Alejandro Ray Mesler, Corey Issue 198
The Alien of Camelot Samuels, Clarise Issue 546
The Alienation of Clark Monohan Rumpel, James Issue 854
The All-Time Record Falk, Bertil Issue 383
The Alpha and Omega Device Finn, James Issue 168
The Alphabet Cage Paton, Huntley Gibson Issue 916
The Altar for Pan Mulroy, Sean Issue 682
The Alwar Dagger allen, euhal Issue 212
The Ambitions of a Restless People Beck, Randy Issue 60
The Ambitious Girl Ravindra, Rudy Issue 552
The Angel and the Locket Hodges, Andrew L. Issue 824
The Anniversary Trizna, Walt Issue 267
The Antiseptic House Sheehan, Tamara Issue 176
The Apostolic Destruction Falk, Bertil Issue 318
The Apparition of the Virgin Shalako, Louis B. Issue 488
The Apple Giver Van Sweringen, Ron Issue 573
The Apple of Her Heart Bar, Tala Contest 1
The Apprentice Bailey, Byron Issue 175
The Arcanus Project González, Pedro Blas Issue 528
The Arianthids Davies, Phil Issue 530
The Arrows of Apollo Petrakis, Byron Issue 360
The Art of the Deal Andrew, Jason Issue 177
The Artist (and Russian original "Khudozhnik") Litinskaya, Yelena Issue 494
The Assassin Mann, Lynn Issue 345
The Auctioneer's Prize Somerscales, Nicola Issue 330
The Audition Ruggero, Carmen Issue 200
The Avvy Murdock, S. M. Issue 243
The Backwards Detective Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Issue 356
The Bad News Worm Hunt Castlewitz, David Issue 782
The Balderson Legacy Bennett, Rebecca Issue 749
The Ball is Dead! Falk, Bertil Issue 271
The Ballad of Josh Henry Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Issue 444
The Banker of Bread Mackeown, Arthur Issue 541
The Banned-Aid Solution Marshall, Morris J. Issue 557
The Bantam Mole Tooth Cheez, Chunky Issue 6
The Barn Identity Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Issue 4
The Basement Lawrence, Mark Issue 285
The Basement Dwellers Willits, Thomas Issue 327
The Beaches of New Fairy Parsons, Rachel Issue 266
The Beantown Silverfish Venezuela, Clint Issue 83
The Beast Jackson, Alan Issue 218
The Beautiful Signature Crawford, Gary W. Issue 314
The Behemoth in the Barn Levi, Steven C. Issue 560
The Bell Singers Benton, LB Issue 699
The Bells of St. Michael's Vieczorek, John Issue 320
The Benefit of the Doubt Hogan, J. B. Issue 438
The Beth-Made Plants Porter, Geoffrey C. Issue 917
The Betrayal of Zoar Siciliano, Michael Issue 676
The Betrayed Raisovich, Joanie Issue 283
The Bewitched Bathtub of Boris Babikov Rees, Matthew G. Issue 823
The Big Empty Strout, E. S. Issue 226
The Big Insomnia Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Issue 91
The Bird Douglass, Lisa Issue 535
The Birthday Gift Dorfman, Elliot R. Issue 296
The Bitter Truth About Flying Saucers Russ, Catfish Issue 344
The Black Cadillac Spencer, Mark Issue 408
The Black Star Sullivan, Donald Issue 92
The Blackbird of Death Hiser, Doug Issue 281
The Blame Goblin’s Poem McDaid, Perry Issue 619
The Blood of Others Wolak, Kathleen Issue 622
The Bloodless Pollin, Diana Issue 362
The Blue Balloons Zadra, Adriana Alarco de Issue 112
The Blue Men of the Minch McKenzie, S. J. Issue 447
The Blue-Willow Teapot Van Sweringen, Ron Issue 444
The Bodhisattva’s Blessings Haselden, Justin Issue 648
The Bonding Parsons, Rachel Issue 180
The Bone Lady's Revenge Parman, Sue Issue 346
The Bonfire Bellomi, Antonio Issue 402
The Bony Ghosts of Courveau Manse Larson, R D Issue 219
The Book of Elijah Vernon, Anthony David Issue 934
The Borromean Cycle Bates, S. Decoteaux Issue 513
The Bottle Man Marshall, Morris J. Issue 790
The Bound Workers Sanhueza, Roberto Contest 1
The Bounty Hunter Kerwin, J. C. D. Issue 807
The Bow-Tie Traylor, Owen J. Issue 527
The Box Harris, Chris Issue 194
The Boy Who Could See and Touch Monkeys headsfromspace Issue 10
The Boy Who Couldn't Fly Harris, G. Alex Issue 401
The Boy Who Fell Moan, Lee Issue 231
The Boy Who's a Floating Flower Bensko, Tantra Issue 345
The Boys of Little Round Top Herting, A. Elizabeth Issue 691
The Bringer of Rain Ventura, João Issue 894
The Bullfrog’s Vision Davis, Jewel B. Issue 536
The Burden of the Box King, Michael A. Issue 631
The Bus Stop Sharlow, Mike Issue 855
The Bus to 9th and Waldo Strattner, Larry Issue 417
The Busy Life Arbuckle, Ian Donnell Issue 87
The Butcher's Portrait (and Spanish original: El Retrato del Carnicero) Valitutti, Gustavo Issue 242
The Butterfly Inquiries Skye, Catherine J. Issue 611
The Caboose Salzwedel, Marjorie Issue 238
The Cage Garden Pfeifle, Tess Issue 476
The Cake With the Secret Ingredient Gerber, Peggy Issue 907
The Calling Belle, William Quincy Issue 661
The Calling of Cadence Saenger DiPesa, Darshes A. Issue 483
The Candle Grisham, Brian Issue 37
The Cantalino Bus Ride Blake, Judson Issue 821
The Captain of the Reward Florian, Mike Issue 459
The Carnival of the Goat Man Hiser, Doug Issue 340
The Carrot Is Mightier Than the Sword Singh, Nidhi Issue 674
The Castaway (and Spanish original: Naufrago de sí mismo) Gaut vel Hartman, Sergio Issue 264
The Cat Jacobs, Fran Issue 87
The Cat-Witch of Laggan McKenzie, S. J. Issue 460
The Cessation Hogan, Ginny Issue 918
The Chalice and the Gargoyles Ross, Drew Alexander Issue 894
The Chancellor's Last Day Spencer, Mark Issue 198
The Change Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Issue 411
The Changeling’s Revenge Dorman, Roy Issue 786
The Chess Player of the Desert Campbell, Colin W. Issue 554
The Chicken Coop Zellers, Rachel Issue 252
The Chicken Lady Watson, Jerine P. Issue 801
The Clowns of Apocalypse White, Thomas B. Issue 274
The Coed, Some Ants, and a Flood Hower, Sean Issue 405
The Cold Cat Distribution Bellotto, Sam Jr. Issue 500
The Cold Melancholy of Machines Shrewsbury, Steven L. Issue 37
The Collar Out of Space Manachino, Albert J. Issue 427
The Collectors Anastasiadou, Mileva Issue 695
The Collision Bernstein, Matthew K. Issue 636
The Color of Disappearance Falk, Bertil Issue 309
The Comeback Medsker, Josh Issue 717
The Common-Sense Consensus Rodosek, Edward A. Issue 254
The Complaint of the Gardener and the Parable of the Vines Schwartz, G. David Issue 73
The Condor and the Lizard Pollin, Diana Issue 436
The Confinement Structure Smith, Tom Issue 15
The Consubstantial Man Ahern, Edward Issue 690
The Contractual Obligation MacInnes, R Issue 515
The Conversation Dodson, Chris Issue 47
The Coral in Belize Is Dying Giersbach, Walter Issue 502
The Corridor Alvarez, Tabaré Issue 382
The Cosmic Matchmaker Falk, Bertil Issue 560
The Cosmic Slug Chapman, Chris Issue 323
The Cost of a Carnation Morrison, Danielle R. Issue 949
The Count of Grand Central Station Waldman, Mel Issue 267
The Covered Bridge Starr, Byron Issue 13
The Cracked Ball Chettiar, Charles G. Issue 707
The Crackling (and original German version: Das Knistern) Heigl, Karin S. Issue 695
The Crane and the Spear Williams, Nolan Issue 923
The Creature That Lives in Angkor Jafek, Bev Issue 835
The Crime of the Ancient Mariner Gee, C. E. Issue 572
The Cripple and the Brollochan McKenzie, S. J. Issue 454
The Cross Among the Lakes Van Sweringen, Ron Issue 388
The Cross Murders Falk, Bertil Issue 392
The Curse of the Dog-Faced Mummy Parker, Danielle L. Issue 130
The Curse of the Hirudineans Vieczorek, John Issue 329
The Curse of the Lighthouse Davis, Arthur Issue 566
The Curse of the Shepherdess Brill, Bob Issue 373
The Curse of The Whimsy Gibson, Cleveland W. Issue 341
The Cyclops Syndrome Heffernan, Anthony Issue 85
The Da Vinci Cough and Code Formula Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Issue 140
The Dark Snyder, Craig Issue 83
The Dark Pond Pereira, Ana Teresa Issue 866
The Data Eaters O’Brien, Anna Issue 742
The Day Ellie Ran Away Singer, Ophelia H.K. Issue 7
The Day I became A Squirrel Auchter, Jesse Issue 27
The Day of Concern Gilbert, Clark Issue 312
The Dead Are Easy to Keep Wornan, Julie Issue 385
The Dead Artist Pratt, Nina Issue 509
The Dealmaker Jones, Joseph L. Issue 455
The Death of Annie One-Horse Buhner, Stephen H. Issue 711
The Death of Elvis Spencer, Mark Issue 211
The Death Rider Sheagren, Gerald Issue 70
The Decision Button Froseth, Rune Issue 861
The Deed Is Done Schulte, Ronald Issue 832
The Deeper Why Henson, David Issue 906
The Deer Hunt Drake, John Issue 287
The Deer Hunters Sullivan, Donald Issue 77
The Del Rio Crossing Clifton, Gary Issue 692
The Delivery Robertson, Chris Issue 178
The Demon, the Witch and the Pumpkin Shackelford, Kelly H. Issue 536
The Demon’s Test Acheson, Matthew T. Issue 453
The Designer Lande, E. P. Issue 937
The Devil Does His Best Work in the Dark James, L. Jordan Issue 932
The Devil's Pen Peake, Wayne C. Jr. Issue 269
The Devil’s Sentry Box Jafek, Bev Issue 830
The Difference Splitter Harrison, Matthew Issue 723
The Difficult I’ll Do Right Now Kevlock, Mark Joseph Issue 764
The Dinner Guest Burnham, D. J. Issue 180
The Disappeared Man Strout, E. S. Issue 240
The Discarded Pais, Lisa Issue 624
The Distinguished Mr. Fife Vella, Robert Issue 352
The Divorcee Wore Black Lewis, E. Michael Issue 254
The Dogfisherman Ahern, Edward Issue 493
The Dolphins' Story Burger, Edward Issue 200
The Donor Syndrome Willits, Thomas R. Issue 307
The Door De La Garza, Lela Marie Issue 577
The Dragon Said to the Knight Frady, Keith Issue 603
The Dragon Slayer’s Helper Clifton, Gary Issue 795
The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo Hugh, Chris Issue 491
The Dragon's Black Box Antonelli, Lou Issue 186
The Dragon's Tale Forehand, Beverly Issue 269
The Dragon's Will Kuch, Terence Issue 316
The Drama Major Schweizer, William Issue 167
The Dread W., William Issue 1
The Dream Machine Davis, Fiona Issue 282
The Dream Machine Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Issue 362
The Dream Miners Parker, Danielle L. Issue 379
The Dream Room Hand, Jill Issue 629
The Drinking Hand Greene, Jeffrey Issue 948
The Drowned Scroll Madigan, D. A. Issue 336
The Dryers Are in Use Kwiatkowski, Walter Issue 725
The Duke of Wunderbar Samuels, Clarise Issue 359
The Dupes Alcott, Jack Issue 501
The Dying Glory Dubrovin, Yelena Issue 342
The Earth and the Lion Blevins, Robert M. Issue 167
The Eberaldi Tree Cimo, Deborah Contest 1
The Edict of Vilnius Samuels, Clarise Issue 365
The Egg Kwiatkowski, Walter Issue 694
The Ein (and Spanish original: Los Ein) Valitutti, Gustavo Issue 233
The Eldritch Horror From Beyond the Nether Void Madigan, D. A. Issue 168
The Elevator Man Grisham, Brian Issue 36
The Embrace of the Four-Armed Houri Parker, Danielle L. Issue 388
The Emissary of Shadows Gomel, Elana Issue 534
The Empty Man Mathews, Michael Issue 177
The Enabler Slavin, Steve Issue 683
The Enchanted Cottage Van Sweringen, Ron Issue 590
The End of Days Goodman, Daniel Ross Issue 629
The End of the World as We Know It Wright, Jerry Issue 52
The End of the World, Again Pentoxide, Diphosphorus Issue 9
The End, Virtually Taylor, Charles David Issue 939
The Endless Night Vieczorek, John Issue 426
The Eradication of a Loser Fleming, Terri Issue 403
The Eraser MacDonnell, Nicholas Issue 736
The Escape Linden, S. H. Issue 397
The Escapist Castle, Chris Issue 364
The Essence Inferno, Gehenna Issue 1
The Evangelist Davies, Colin P. Issue 183
The Event Gibson, Cleveland W. Issue 178
The Exam Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Issue 423
The Excellence of Oysters Ellison, John Eric Issue 780
The Execution Festival Andrews, Brad Issue 259
The Exile and the Urchin Svich, K. R. Issue 637
The Exodus Effect Sellers Jr., Robert L. Issue 196
The Extinction Game Murray-Lawson, Philip Issue 516
The Extraordinary Quality of Happenstances of Small Importance Greenberg, Channie Issue 788
The Eye of Balance Ray, Robin Issue 814
The Eyes of Matilda Rose Van Sweringen, Ron Issue 559
The Face in the Mirror Vieczorek, John Issue 205
The Faces of Mikhail Gorokhov Barber, David Issue 914
The Faerie Ball Barrington, P. I. Issue 300
The Faerie Flag Painter, Julie Eberhart Issue 490
The Fairly Incredible Inventors’ Fair Lyons, Jeffrey J. Issue 150
The Far Moai Burlington, Neil Issue 217
The Fates of Atomic Zombies Van Allen, John Issue 708
The Father Waldman, Mel Issue 371
The Favor Russ, Catfish Issue 318
The Feathered Cloak Ahern, Edward Issue 591
The Fiddler and the Cricket Reynolds, Thomas D. Issue 209
The Final Act Shaner, Matt Issue 257
The Final Stunner Mace, Lesley Issue 485
The Finishing Touch Niaz, Neesha Issue 897
The Fireman Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Issue 583
The First Thanksgiving R., Thomas Issue 20
The First Town Hall Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Issue 351
The Five Thieves Brown, Eric S. Issue 6
The Flaming, Spectral Curse of Waxford Hall Donihe, Kevin L. Issue 7
The Flight of the Golden Plover McQuade, Peter D. Issue 899
The Fly on the Window Batorsky, Benjamin Issue 405
The Flyaway Garden Spoone, Chris Issue 6
The Flyfisher Fischadler, E. B. Issue 674
The Forensic Toddler Helms, Russell Issue 745
The Fourth Side Lawler, Robert A. Issue 631
The Fracture Spinks, Danielle Issue 273
The Fragile Jackson, Luke Issue 220
The French Chair Van Sweringen, Ron Issue 386
The Friendless Unburied Moore, K. Noel Issue 809
The Friendliest Little Town in the Northeast Shaw, Adelaide B. Issue 311
The Frog Prince Lesh, Thomas Issue 533
The Frustration of Rhiannon Parsons, Rachel Issue 262
The Full Moon Caper White, Lewayne L. Issue 147
The Future of Mankind Dorfman, Elliot R. Issue 331
The Game Myril, Kaelen Issue 228
The Game of Burke and Hare Manachino, Albert J. Issue 365
The Games of Fifth Avenue Davis, Arthur Issue 724
The Garden Elliott, Karen S. Issue 414
The Garden Street Apartments Bermudez, Cyn Issue 610
The Gas Fields of Mars Wilson, Scott Issue 364
The Gate Spoone, Chris Issue 5
The Generosity of Spirits Thomas, Luke Issue 559
The Gentle Decay of the Past Williams, Simon Issue 709
The Gentleman with the Dog Spencer, Mark Issue 207
The Ghost of Mr. Renner Mitchell, Darby Issue 173
The Giant and the Moon (translated by Toshiya Kamei) Venegas, Socorro Issue 829
The Giant Earthworm Drek, Aerin Issue 10
The Giant, the Cow, and the Pixie Knox, Ellis L. Issue 876
The Gift Sanhueza, Roberto Issue 271
The Gift of Fenice Finn, James Issue 165
The Girl from the Sea (translated by Toshiya Kamei) Donoso, Paula R. Issue 841
The Girl Who Disappeared Clouds Lassiter, Tom Issue 388
The Glass Head Searles, Vera Issue 129
The Glass House Black, Matthew R. Issue 395
The Glorification of the System Spud, The Invincible Issue 24
The Glow Boy Davis, Jewel Beth Issue 462
The God Particle Tuggle, M. C. Issue 810
The Gold Key Waldman, Mel Issue 242
The Golden Door Wilcox, W. D. Issue 254
The Golden Man Mierek, Jordan E. Issue 463
The Golden Nightmare Vieczorek, John Issue 212
The Golden Tears Armstrong, Neil Issue 545
The Golden Thing Vieczorek, John Issue 260
The Good Daughter Ristine, Barbara Buckley Issue 632
The Good Doctor Lang, Harry Issue 207
The Governor of Earth Russ, Catfish Issue 359
The Grand Pineda Murphy, Audie A. Issue 166
The Great Alien Mind Keller, Robert E. Issue 360
The Great Blue Heron Fears, David H Issue 195
The Great Carb Uncle Hesselbach, Bruce Issue 590
The Great Project Mann, Lynn Issue 266
The Great Train Accident Rubin, Norman A. Issue 191
The Great Tree’s Last Thoughts Carmine, F. Hampton Issue 587
The Greatest Artist of the 22nd Century Henson, David Issue 742
The Green Fields of Mars Grote, Jörn Issue 129
The Green Woman of Kittlerumpit McKenzie, Steven J. Issue 356
The Greers' Holiday Finn, James Issue 170
The Grove Gray, Ezra T. Issue 240
The Growling Santo, Heather N. Issue 754
The Gruagach and the Milk Stone McKenzie, S. J. Issue 462
The Grumbling Dark Doerksen, Patrick Issue 683
The Guardian Hegre, Orie D. Issue 552
The Guardian Tree Tyler, Tara Issue 499
The Guest Potkar, Rochelle Issue 363
The Guilt Doctor Vieczorek, John Issue 258
The Gun-Blazing Marionettes of Blue Haven Ong, Richard Issue 626
The Hackbolt Fractal Earls, Jason Issue 120
The Hackers Johnson, A. M. Issue 943
The Hakkapirelli Life Jansen, Kjetil Issue 944
The Hand That Feeds You White, Kyle Issue 357
The Hands Tillard, Graciela Inés Lorenzo Issue 152
The Hanging O’Hagan, Denise Issue 782
The Hangover Cáceres, Frank Issue 938
The Happening Quilter, L. Roger Issue 163
The Head of the Snake Johnson, Jack Issue 253
The Heart Is Exposed Wire Moore, Jessica Issue 922
The Heart of a Boy Snyder, Tonya Issue 81
The Heart of Cygnus Popovich, Ljubo Issue 742
The Heavenly Twins Farzaneh, Arash Issue 258
The Heretic (and original Italian version: L’eretico) Bellomi, Antonio Issue 427
The Hero Rush Coon, Scott D. Issue 460
The High-Desert Incident Cater, John P. Issue 374
The High Fructose Corn Syrup Conspiracy Nemo, Eckerd Issue 12
The High Priest of Roadkill Dorman, Roy Issue 721
The Hike WM, Jeff Issue 20
The Historian’s Debt Fontaine-Wood, Angelisa Issue 913
The Hit of a Marksman Falk, Bertil Issue 256
The Hobo Marshall, Morris Issue 434
The Hole Hurwitz, Sara Issue 213
The Hole Stephenson, Robert N. Issue 327
The Hole Vieczorek, John Issue 196
The Hole in the Closet Belle, William Quincy Issue 581
The Home of Gifts Anderson, Ian Issue 641
The Homecoming Parker, Danielle L. Issue 147
The Honored and the Forgotten Rubin, Norman A. Issue 195
The Horse Cusser McCoy, R. Scott Issue 333
The Horses of Marly Chapman, Marie Issue 609
The Horsey Tree Kingsolver, Susan Issue 24
The House Petroziello, Brian C. Issue 232
The House Across the Street Dorman, Roy Issue 740
The House Call Gifford, P. S. Issue 202
The House on the Hill Sanhueza, Roberto Issue 73
The House, the Lot (translated by John Haymaker) Zheng-Rong, Yu Issue 842
The Humans Always Dreamed of Falling Morgan, T. M. Issue 879
The Hump Balder, Bo Issue 524
The Hundred Falling Worlds Barber, David Issue 936
The Hunt Allen, Robert Issue 151
The Hunt White, Shawn M. Issue 189
The Hunter in the Ruins Walsh, Richard B. Issue 638
The Hydra Shalako, Louis B. Issue 433
The Iceberg Giersbach, Walter Issue 326
The Ice Man Vieczorek, John Issue 247
The Ice Rink McArdle, Mary B. Issue 164
The Illusion of Brilliance Lee, Susan Savage Issue 749
The Imposter Kaine, Lorna M. Issue 253
The Impressionist Wilson, D. Harlan Issue 45
The Inane Voyage Thiel, John Issue 78
The Incredible Machine Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Issue 718
The Ineffableness of Non-Genetic Inheritance Cole, C. A. Issue 208
The Inn Between Blevins, Robert M. Issue 175
The Innkeeper's Daughter Johnson, Nathaniel Issue 376
The Inside Brown, Eric S. & Kingsolver, Susan Issue 33
The Instancy Effect Rumpel, James Issue 888
The Insultalon Ellefson, Randy D. Issue 328
The Intelligence Machine Hamon, Rod Issue 479
The Interactive Classroom Donnelly, Phillip Issue 387
The Intercity Express Ferrari, Christina Issue 557
The Interview Keane, Mark Issue 696
The Is and the Ought Adams, Jeremy Issue 161
The Isle of the Shark-Dogs Nickolai, Monica Issue 521
The Issue at Hand Allen, Robert Issue 147
The IV-Therapy Coffee Shop of the 21st Century Sánchez, Jhon Issue 761
The Jack-in-the-Box Kwiatkowski, Walter Issue 702
The Jaggers Alcott, Jack Issue 526
The Jeeling Arrival Bielert, Ben Issue 783
The Joke Kwiatkowski, Walter Issue 716
The Journey Vieczorek, John Issue 232
The Joy in Forgotten Objects Welbaum, Robert Issue 612
The Jubilee Transmissions Graham, James Issue 483
The Keeper of the San Lo Gate Clifton, Gary Issue 598
The Keith Papers Bennett, Kevin Issue 415
The Kerala Princess Roumain, Ian Issue 670
The Key West Diamond Van Sweringen, Ron Issue 549
The Kill Switch Greene, Jeffrey Issue 928
The Killing Ground Sheagren, Gerald E. Issue 44
The Kind Gods Kephart, Carolyn Issue 429
The King Spencer, Mark Issue 188
The Knighthawk Grise, Martin Issue 880
The Knock Morash, Troy Issue 87
The Koenig Incident Cole, Charles C. Issue 483

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