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Cole, Charles C. A Short History of the Secular Church Issue 613
Cole, Charles C. A Way to Win Issue 665
Cole, Charles C. Bugs Issue 689
Cole, Charles C. Deegan Meets Jell-O Man Issue 639
Cole, Charles C. Everybody Wins Issue 607
Cole, Charles C. Fire Fly Issue 625
Cole, Charles C. Getting Even Issue 834
Cole, Charles C. Happee Halloween Issue 641
Cole, Charles C. Happy Transition Day Issue 657
Cole, Charles C. Hart 2.0 Issue 627
Cole, Charles C. Magic Night at the Farm Issue 908
Cole, Charles C. Make Way For the Duck Family Issue 754
Cole, Charles C. Now Departing Issue 702
Cole, Charles C. Once More, With Feeling Issue 742
Cole, Charles C. Rare Dining Issue 594
Cole, Charles C. Releasing Shirley Issue 669
Cole, Charles C. The All-In Game Issue 633
Cole, Charles C. The Bitter Living Issue 600
Cole, Charles C. The Call from Mountainview Road Issue 617
Cole, Charles C. The Platonic Friends Society Issue 588
Cole, Charles C. The Rug Man Issue 731
Cole, Charles C. Until Next Time Issue 621
Cole, Charles C. Wet Coriander Issue 727
Deitrick, Rick The Cold Call Issue 545
Donihe, Kevin L. The Photoplay Trilogy Issue 3
Falk, Bertil The Deep-Frozen Spark of Life Issue 299
Falk, Bertil The Portent Issue 297
Harshbarger, Michael George and Marcus in Transit Issue 807
Hyslop, Jess Morning Light Issue 446
Kokotov, Boris Hooks and Loops Issue 662
McArdle, Mary B. Retta Charlotte Again Issue 231
Miklůs, Johanna Study from Blue Issue 497
Neary, Marina J. Hugo in London Issue 405
Neary, Marina J. Lady With a Lamp Issue 454
Purkis, Gordon Judas Street: an Emotional History Issue 449
Salisbury, Gavin The Rules Issue 24
Smith, Thomas L. J. Your Witness Issue 639
Spear, William Dead Men Donít Party Issue 138
Terre, Pomme D. Cliff Hangar dans le Restaurant du Roi Termite Issue 4
Terre, Pomme D. La BCBG Punk Compagnie de VÍtements Issue 4
Terre, Pomme D. Le Chien Issue 4
Ventura, Jo„o They... (and Portuguese original: Eles... ) Issue 248
Waldman, Mel A Jew in the House of Terror Issue 282
Waldman, Mel Dark Metamorphosis Issue 490
Waldman, Mel The First Death Issue 396
Waldman, Mel The Good Dybbuk of Brooklyn Issue 272
Waldman, Mel The Lost Golem Issue 271

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