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Ultimate Particles Haelan, Ann Memoir Issue 459  
Umbra Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 364  
Un Ange à mon appel (translated from the original Russian by Maria Kazak) Sharga, Ludmila Short Story Issue 688  
Un Poème Terre, Pomme D. Poetry Issue 5  
Unblossomed Youths Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 705  
Unburied Legs Rubin, Norman A. Short Story Issue 327  
Uncertain Sky McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 184  
Uncultivated Fire McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 220  
Undead Rendezvous Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 547  
Under a Painted Sky Ong, Richard Art Issue 918  
Under New Management West, Bill Flash Fiction Issue 283  
Under the Bandstand Kwiatkowski, Walter Short Story Issue 817  
Under the Clay Pots Vogl, Howard Short Story Issue 840  
Under the Dome Marshall, Denny Poetry Issue 692  
Under the Green Sun of Slormor Falk, Bertil Novella Issue 273 Author's bibliography
Under the San Luis Bridge Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 867  
Under the Shell North, Stuart Short Story Issue 712  
Under the Storm Ong, Richard Art Issue 627  
Under the Waterfall Davies, Caroline Poetry Issue 223  
Underwater Kiers, Olivia J. Poetry Issue 679  
Underwired Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 470  
Undisclosed Temptation Neary, Marina J. Poetry Issue 379  
Unexplained Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 814  
Unexplored Poem Roy, Purbasha Poetry Issue 829  
Unfair and Unbalanced Murry, Michael Poetry Issue 608  
Unfamiliar Read Klein, Jessica Prose Poetry Issue 643  
Unfinished Business Green, Martin Flash Fiction Issue 217  
Unforeseen Consequences May, Tammy Flash Fiction Issue 522  
Unholy Meditation Murry, Michael Poetry Issue 834  
Unification Bailey, Byron Short Story Issue 115  
Uninvited Wills, Gillian Short Story Issue 875  
Unionville Church Ong, Richard Art Issue 601  
Unit Lost Downing, Patrick Short Story Issue 295  
Unity of the Citizenry James, Stephan Short Story Issue 676  
Unlike Her Children Greenberg, Channie Short Story Issue 578  
Unlikely Mike Burch, Michael R. Poetry Issue 885  
Unlocking the Oath Stewart, David Wayne Memoir Issue 943  
Unlost Locke, Amy Flash Fiction Issue 415  
Unnatural Endings Brown, Eric S. Flash Fiction Issue 114  
Unpredictable Factors in Human Obedience Obtained via Computer Chips in Saline Solution Knauss, Jessica Short Story Issue 414  
Unpublished Bacteriophage on the SF Horizon Spud, The Invincible Poetry Issue 10  
Unquiet Dead Grey, John Poetry Issue 6  
Unquiet House LoSchiavo, Linda Ann Poetry Issue 827  
Unrelated Events Barnes, Phil Poetry Issue 508  
Unseen Deep Travelers Marshall, Denny Poetry Issue 717  
Unspeakable Lovecraft, Virt Short Story Issue 4  
Unspoken Payne, LaVa Flash Fiction Issue 482  
Unstuck Harper-Murray, Brenton Short Story Issue 334  
Unsung Hero Smith, Willie Short Story Issue 182  
Unthought Experiment Alexander, Michael Jess Short Story Issue 946  
Until Death Do Us Part Quinn, Patric Short Story Issue 817  
Until Next Time Cole, Charles C. Drama Issue 621  
Until the Thawing Morn Kowaleski, Bill Poetry Issue 683  
Untried Verse Ghildiyal, Ashutosh Poetry Issue 330  
Unveiling the Authentic Sentence Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 881  
Up in Smoke
Bachard, Sophie Flash Fiction Issue 245  
Up Out of the Swamp Dorman, Roy Short Story Issue 766  
Upload and Reboot Marable, Tyler Short Story Issue 823  
Upstream Durham, Bruce Short Story Issue 333  
Upturned Hand Bella, Lana Poetry Issue 613  
Upward Spiral Kaplan, Karen B. Novella Issue 484 Author's bibliography
Upwyr Bowler, Bill Novella Issue 291 Author's bibliography
Urban Elf Barrington, P. I. Short Story Issue 268  
Ursa, Artist From Hell Ong, Richard Art Issue 664  
Us and the World Sheehan, Tamara Short Story Issue 344  
Us, Aging Rudolph, James R. Poetry Issue 620  
Users R., Thomas Short Story Issue 166  
Using My Head Hoffman, Jennifer Short Story Issue 171  
USS Endurance Lawrence, Mark Short Story Issue 304  
Utopia Lang, Atlee Poetry Issue 401  
Utopia Stocks, John Poetry Issue 252  
Utterly Presidential Kokotov, Boris Flash Fiction Issue 690  
Uttuku Stephenson, Robert N. Novel Issue 366 Author's bibliography
Vacancy Filled Eller, Mark Short Story Issue 252  
Vacant Lot Wylie, Tom Poetry Issue 588  
Vagabond's Vision #102 Soriano, Felino Poetry Issue 229  
Vagabond's Vision 103 Soriano, Felino Poetry Issue 231  
Val and the White Shark Ballard, Lance G. Short Story Issue 179  
Valediction for the Dungeon Master Jones, Mark Poetry Issue 607  
Valentine for Lorenza Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 614  
Valentine's Gift Trizna, Walt Flash Fiction Issue 220  
Valeo, Valete Sheehan, Tamara Flash Fiction Issue 162  
Valkyrie of the Apes Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 417  
Vampire Gustav at the End of the Universe Monaghan, Sean Flash Fiction Issue 359  
Vampires’ Night Out Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 877  
Vampire's Night Out Mackeown, Arthur Flash Fiction Issue 391  
Van Helsing’s Miraculous Mouthwash Mackeown, Arthur Flash Fiction Issue 560  
Vanilla Man’s Lament Paradias, Konstantine Short Story Issue 521  
Vanitas Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 646  
Vapor Rising Frazier, Derek Short Story Issue 459  
Var of the Worm McGillveray, David Short Story Issue 131  
Varlets of the Virtual Moon Thiel, John Short Story Issue 56  
Vegetative Anthropomorphism Spud, The Invincible Short Story Issue 43  
Veil McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 322  
Venus Bar, Tala Short Story Issue 53  
Vermouth and Cigarettes Cole, Charles C. Memoir Issue 596  
Vertigo Ong, Richard Art Issue 843  
Vessel Cass Jr., Wallace W. Novella Issue 106 Author's bibliography
Victim of the Avenues Coker, Zane Serial Issue 299 Author's bibliography
Victims of Love Phillips, Mike Short Story Issue 526  
Victim’s Reassurance Grey, John Poetry Issue 514  
Victor Frenchstone, Medical Student Fischadler, E. B. Short Story Issue 631  
Victor Hugo and Oliver Cromwell Neary, Marina J. Essay Issue 351  
View from a Height Ross, Alyssa D. Poetry Issue 580  
Viking Queen Ong, Richard Art Issue 730  
Vincent's Offer McMillin, Kelli Short Story Issue 266  
Vino Diaboli Hooker, Tom Short Story Issue 863  
Vintage Fashions McArdle, Mary B. Short Story Issue 344  
Vintage Smog Foster, S. Short Story Issue 177  
Violet Ruggirello, Andrea Short Story Issue 402  
Violet Salling, J. R. Flash Fiction Issue 222  
Violet Cigarettes Castle, Chris Short Story Issue 476  
Violins for Sherry Amitin, Michael D. Poetry Issue 576  
Virgin Grey, John Poetry Issue 512  
Viro and the Enchantress of Monu-Mar Lissner, Jonah Short Story Issue 80  
Virtual America Beck, Gary Poetry Issue 743  
Virtually Painless Dentistry Kay, Timothy Short Story Issue 598  
Vision in Flames Watts, Sarah Ann Short Story Issue 187  
Visions of Bewilderment Stupide, Ima Art Issue 6  
Visions of Glory Benton, Ralph Serial Issue 896 Author's bibliography
Visions of Hummus-cide Scarborough, Stephanie Flash Fiction Issue 292  
Visions of Truth Cross, Daniel R. Flash Fiction Issue 305  
Visitation Grant, Rina Short Story Issue 210  
Visiting Hour Crook, Sandra Flash Fiction Issue 446  
Visiting Hours Marshall, Morris Short Story Issue 586  
Visitor From The Clouds Goldsmith, Stephen Short Story Issue 46  
Visitors Poussin, Fabrice B. Poetry Issue 728  
Visits Cox, Tammy Short Story Issue 160  
Vita, Vanitas Kaganof, Aryan Poetry Issue 118  
Vitruvian Man Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 598  
Voguing With Federal Agents Greenberg, Channie Art Issue 935  
Voice of a Princess Ong, Richard Short Story Issue 501  
Voices Loya, Rose Poetry Issue 243  
Voices from Deep Inside the Refrigerator Perkins, Richard King II Poetry Issue 637  
Voices from Tomorrow Koerner, Mark Short Story Issue 172  
Voices in Her Head Zakeer, Fehmida Flash Fiction Issue 401  
Voices in the Wind Falo, William Short Story Issue 255  
Void Blundell, Ed Poetry Issue 893  
Void and Repair Khayyat, A. A. Serial Issue 755 Author's bibliography
Volatility Cycles Marshall, Morris J. Novella Issue 731 Author's bibliography
Volcano Planet Marshall, Denny Poetry Issue 688  
Volcano Vixen LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Poetry Issue 941  
Voluntary Exile Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 481  
Vortex McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 357  
Vow Dotoli, Gregg Poetry Issue 775  
Voyage to the Other Mars Spud, The Invincible Short Story Issue 51  
Voyeur Grover, Kevin Short Story Issue 49  
Vulcan’s Forge Ong, Richard Art Issue 696  
VV Cummings, Thomas Short Story Issue 18  

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