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The Sad Story of Dr. Amnes Eek Ventura, João Flash Fiction Issue 250  
The Saga of the Cattle Killer Falk, Bertil Short Story Issue 322  
The Saga of the Flight Homewards Falk, Bertil Short Story Issue 508  
The Saga of the Murdered Bedfellow Falk, Bertil Short Story Issue 494  
The Saga of the Stolen Wooden God Falk, Bertil Serial Issue 496 Author's bibliography
The Salting Sheehan, Tom Short Story Issue 342  
The Sand Castle Laing, Charles Richard Flash Fiction Issue 178  
The Sandman’s Dream Shaffer, James Short Story Issue 574  
The Scarecrow Dreams Popovich, Ljubo Poetry Issue 769  
The Scarecrow Rebellion Gravel, Bosley Short Story Issue 267  
The Scarlet Mantle Goes to Goodwill Neary, Marina J. Short Story Issue 358  
The Scarlet Pencil Christian, M. Short Story Issue 625  
The Scent of You Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 527  
The Science Project Schicatano, Jim Flash Fiction Issue 166  
The Scientist and the Little People Haas, Jeff Short Story Issue 179  
The Scientist’s Garden Frederick, Heather J. Short Story Issue 587  
The Scream Painter, Julie Eberhart Flash Fiction Issue 253  
The Screaming Pool Kim, Harrison Flash Fiction Issue 809  
The Sculptor Crystalwizard Flash Fiction Issue 240  
The Sea Dweller Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 434  
The Sea Serpents of Mars Poyner, Ken Poetry Issue 876  
The Sea’s Spell Liu, Hongping Poetry Issue 488  
The Seagulls of Brachy Bay Kelechava, Brad Short Story Issue 869  
The Search Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 773  
The Seascape Watts, Gloria Flash Fiction Issue 308  
The Second Circle Keith, J. Michael Short Story Issue 245  
The Second Portal Inferno, Gehenna Short Story Issue 6  
The Secret in the Lake Grant, Joseph Short Story Issue 337  
The Secret Lake in Bowmere Industrial Estate Budd, S. J. Short Story Issue 639  
The Secret of Life Brill, Bob Short Story Issue 265  
The Secret of the Golden Tiara Rubin, Norman A. Article Issue 55  
The Seed of Hope Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 244  
The Seeker Katyal, Saurbh Short Story Issue 91  
The Seemingly Random Emergence of Threes Heister, Stephen Short Story Issue 98  
The Seldom-Seen Coypu Greenberg, Channie Art Issue 630  
The Selfie Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 627  
The Self-Confessed Thesaurus Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 640  
The Seminar Crawford, Gary W. Flash Fiction Issue 361  
The Sentinel v. 1.0 Grover, Kevin Short Story Issue 361  
The Sentry at Ice Cave Steele, John W. Short Story Issue 571  
The Seventh One Anker, John Short Story Issue 342  
The Shades of Willow's Creek Peake, Jr., Wayne C. Short Story Issue 331  
The Shadow of Geordie Harris Kregel, Eric J Serial Issue 274 Author's bibliography
The Shadows Shaner, Matt Short Story Issue 303  
The Shaft Marshall, Denny Poetry Issue 765  
The Shallows Smith, Meg Poetry Issue 816  
The Shareholders’ Meeting Vachowski, James Short Story Issue 480  
The Shark in My Backyard Hiser, Doug Flash Fiction Issue 141  
The Shed Krogstad, Keith Flash Fiction Issue 268  
The Shepherd of Zakhbaal Bowler, Bill Novella Issue 460 Author's bibliography
The Shield of Jamos Capasso, R. C. Short Story Issue 852  
The Shining Crescent Antonelli, Lou Short Story Issue 705  
The Shining World Kittle, Vanessa Short Story Issue 799  
The Shirt Eiland, Rudy Short Story Issue 346  
The Shomer Afsai, Shai Short Story Issue 469  
The Shop Window Mackeown, Arthur Flash Fiction Issue 385  
The Short Life of Johnny Apocalypse Waldman, Mel Memoir Issue 252  
The Shrinking of Barry Teeter Kulkarni, Sameer Short Story Issue 717  
The Shuttle Marshall, Denny Art Issue 679  
The Sick Kitty Meton, C. Short Story Issue 145  
The Sign of the Cat Horning, Edna C. Short Story Issue 775  
The Sign of the Cross Simmons, Tim Short Story Issue 204  
The Silence of the Lamb Chops Murry, Michael Poetry Issue 475  
The Silence of the Silver Bells Nielsen, Astrid S. Short Story Issue 525  
The Silent World Spud, The Invincible Poetry Issue 12  
The Sin Eater Brown, Eric S. Short Story Issue 10  
The Singer and Madness of the Song Kona, Prakash Poetry Issue 174  
The Singularity of Louisa Lindsay Bates, Steve Short Story Issue 792  
The Sinking of the Carnatic (translated by Michael Wooff) Mortdmann, August J. Short Story Issue 873  
The Sirens Malenfant, Jerome Poetry Issue 808  
The Sirens' Call Adès, David Poetry Issue 482  
The Sixth Extinction Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 521  
The Six-Thirty for St Pancras Stocks, John Poetry Issue 250  
The Skein of a Life Sexton-Riley, Dan Short Story Issue 863  
The Skeleton’s Scrapbook Mara, John Short Story Issue 850  
The Sketch Inbinder, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 883  
The Skull Hunter Leier, S. Michael Short Story Issue 183  
The Skull Hunter, 2 Leier, S. Michael Serial Issue 187 Author's bibliography
The Skull Hunter, 3: 'Tis the Season Leier, S. Michael Short Story Issue 189  
The Skull Hunter, 4: The Kaining of Rick Vargo Leier, S. Michael Short Story Issue 191  
The Skull Hunter, 5: A Haunted Past Leier, S. Michael Short Story Issue 194  
The Skull Hunter, 6: The Hunger Leier, S. Michael Short Story Issue 197  
The Skull of Columbus Smith, Meg Poetry Issue 870  
The Sky Gem Mulroy, Sean Short Story Issue 693  
The Sky-Colored Rocking Chair (translated by Toshiya Kamei) Awa, Naoko Short Story Issue 832  
The Skywatchers Hilary, Sarah Flash Fiction Issue 307  
The Slaughter Lucas, Gregory E. Poetry Issue 638  
The Sleeper in the Vale (and French original: Le Dormeur du val) Rimbaud, Arthur (trans. by Don Webb) Poetry Issue 624  
The Sleeper’s Requiem Perkins, Richard King II Poetry Issue 633  
The Sleeping God Ong, Richard Short Story Issue 416  
The Smell of Dangerous Jasmine Bramlett, Terry Short Story Issue 203  
The Smell of J. D. Salinger Spencer, Mark Short Story Issue 195  
The Smell of Land Zlotchew, Clark Short Story Issue 789  
The Smell of Orange Blossoms Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 532  
The Smell of the Deal Kuell, Chris Short Story Issue 263  
The Smiling Lady Pasvinter, Irena Poetry Issue 521  
The Smith and the Water-Horse McKenzie, S. J. Short Story Issue 450  
The Smith’s Gold Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 463  
The Snow Leopard O’Connor, Robert Poetry Issue 621  
The Snowbirds Mathews, Michael Short Story Issue 207  
The Socks Wornan, Julie Flash Fiction Issue 371  
The Soft Padding of Young Lions Rudolph, James R. Poetry Issue 700  
The Solar Experiment W., William Poetry Issue 1  
The Son-In-Law From Hell LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Poetry Issue 875  
The Song of the Harvesters Pagano, Heather Short Story Issue 879  
The Song of the Night Bird Lang, Harry Short Story Issue 272  
The Soon and Ending Nights Waugh, Joseph Short Story Issue 711  
The Soot In-Between Srivatsan, Sudha Poetry Issue 611  
The Sorcerer’s Bargain Williams, JM Short Story Issue 758  
The Sorceress and the Moon Sinha-Morey, Bobbi Poetry Issue 5  
The Soul Hunter Tyzuk, Michael J A Serial Issue 97 Author's bibliography
The Soul Snare McKinnon, Verna Short Story Issue 187  
The Soul’s Last Dance Vasquez, A. J. Short Story Issue 491  
The Sound of Breaking Glass Shaffer, James Short Story Issue 597  
The Sound of Distant Ankle Bells Moolla, Afzal Poetry Issue 524  
The Sound of Time Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 299  
The Sound of Time (Classic Reissue) Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 731  
The Soundless Ones Osias, Kate Flash Fiction Issue 464  
The Space Horsemen Pulma, Prospero Jr. Short Story Issue 555  
The Space of Eternity Falk, Bertil Short Story Issue 317  
The Spaceship Musvic, Elana Short Story Issue 10  
The Spare Room Vibert, Arthur Short Story Issue 268  
The Speaking of Lorna Dennis, Mark Short Story Issue 748  
The Spear of Destiny Rapala, Slawomir Serial Issue 220 Author's bibliography
The Spec Hunter Gerenz, Peter Flash Fiction Issue 186  
The Speechwriter Waldman, Daniel Short Story Issue 711  
The Speed of Silence Carter, Pete Flash Fiction Issue 227  
The Spider Lion Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Short Story Issue 781  
The Spider’s Spinning Thorpe, Marian L. Short Story Issue 734  
The Spinning Pinwheel Flame War Jackson, Luke Novella Issue 224 Author's bibliography
The Spirit Animal Thorpe, Ryan Flash Fiction Issue 815  
The Spirit of a Library Falk, Bertil Short Story Issue 485  
The Splon Is a Lonely Hunter Pitcher, Roger Short Story Issue 685  
The Spoiler Godwin, Andrew Short Story Issue 775  
The Spoons of Jupiter Miller, Tim Serial Issue 787 Author's bibliography
The Squirrel and the Goodyear Retread McGee, Perry Short Story Issue 25  
The Squirrel Eaters Sexton-Riley, Jen Serial Issue 826 Author's bibliography
The Stage Manager Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 555  
The Stairs Furlong, Kendall Flash Fiction Issue 299  
The Stale Baby Goldsmith, Stephen Short Story Issue 63  
The Stars They Scream My Name Hewitt, M. J. Poetry Issue 4  
The Starship Telescope Marshall, Denny Poetry Issue 661  
The Station Crystalwizard Flash Fiction Issue 242  
The Stinging Bailey, Byron Short Story Issue 236  
The Stone Mason Cafarella, Scott Short Story Issue 826  
The Stone of Concord Bragen, Jack Short Story Issue 549  
The Stoning of Tityos Jones, Simon Short Story Issue 520  
The Storm of Destiny Ratliff, C. D. Flash Fiction Issue 255  
The Storm’s Edge Warren, Emily Poetry Issue 560  
The Story Never Written Spud, The Invincible Short Story Issue 12  
The Story of Dainty Dish Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 498  
The Story of Grace MacFarlane May, Marion J. Poetry Issue 909  
The Story of Us Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 474  
The Story You Wrote About Toothpaste Cassidy, Lou Short Story Issue 504  
The Strange Country Smith, Meg Poetry Issue 778  
The strange monument of dead world R., Thomas Poetry Issue 14  
The Strange Vow of Dom Felipe Pollin, Diana Short Story Issue 476  
The Stranger from Scyllamar Heckman, C. J. Short Story Issue 869  
The Stratocaster Wills, Gillian Flash Fiction Issue 933  
The Stray Finn, James Short Story Issue 167  
The Strict Dress Code of the Reclamation Miners Guild White, G. Kyle Short Story Issue 540  
The Subtle Hydropathist Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 735  
The Suckers Kokotov, Boris Poetry Issue 834  
The Suddenness of Scent Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 821  
The Sum of Our Lives Grote, Jörn Short Story Issue 124  
The Summer of Forgetting Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 619  
The Sun Men Lang, Harry Flash Fiction Issue 447  
The Sun Sets Crystalwizard Poetry Issue 595  
The Sun's Anger and the Lonely People R., Thomas Short Story Issue 16  
The Sun-Lovers Matsakis, Demetrios Short Story Issue 761  
The Sun-Sculptor, the High-Doctor and the Jirt Barber, David Flash Fiction Issue 479  
The Supplication Vieczorek, John Short Story Issue 276  
The Swarm Dosser, Jeff Short Story Issue 715  
The Swiped Shades Wells, D. L. Short Story Issue 758  
The Swordsmith Allen, Karlos Flash Fiction Issue 234  
The Symphony of Space and Time Ong, Richard Art Issue 868  
The Takers Brown, Eric S. & Pearce, D. Richard Short Story Issue 27  
The Takers Stephenson, Robert N. Short Story Issue 320  
The Tale of Fluting Joe Pugh, Doug Poetry Issue 224  
The Tale of John Marker Fontaine, Amy Short Story Issue 624  
The Tale of Nathaniel Ravendrake Popovich, Ljubo Short Story Issue 679  
The Tale of the Vintner’s Daughter LoSchiavo, Linda Ann Poetry Issue 825  
The Tale of Tie-Burn Tridds Chapman, Chris Short Story Issue 265  
The Taliban Within Moolla, Afzal Poetry Issue 507  
The Talk Frederick, Heather Flash Fiction Issue 517  
The Tarantula Cure Kim, Harrison Short Story Issue 821  
The Taste of Bitterness Rubin, Norman A. Short Story Issue 58  
The Taste of Bitterness Rubin, Norman A. Short Story Issue 75  
The Taste of Purple Levi, Steven C. Short Story Issue 205  
The Taxidermist Clark, Andrew Short Story Issue 210  
The Teapot Song Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 5  
The Technophobophile Brooks, Michael D. Flash Fiction Issue 492  
The Telemarketer Extraordinaire... Greenberg, Channie Flash Fiction Issue 434  
The Teller of Fortunes Ong, Richard Art Issue 671  
The Ten Plagues Marks, Jeremy N. Poetry Issue 836  
The Tequila Worm Walmsley, Jennifer Flash Fiction Issue 292  
The Test Davis, Fiona Flash Fiction Issue 295  
The Thief Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 616  
The Thief Moore, Travis Short Story Issue 295  
The Thief and the Hidden Citadel Smeltzer, Ross Short Story Issue 596  
The Thief of Joy and Light Parker, Danielle L. Novella Issue 138 Author's bibliography
The Thing About Curses Johnson, A. M. Short Story Issue 807  
The Thing from The Thing from Another World Davies, Colin P. Short Story Issue 181  
The Thing in the Pond Woodruff, Peter Short Story Issue 247  
The Thing in the Trees Moamrath, M. M. Short Story Issue 175  
The Things I Will Miss Riso, J. D. Flash Fiction Issue 195  
The Thirteenth Door Zientek-Baker, Kelly Short Story Issue 570  
The Thirteenth Traveler Ervin, Dave Serial Issue 598 Author's bibliography
The Thought She Blurted Out Jeffreys, Tim Short Story Issue 463  
The Three Bears Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 236  
The Three Bears and the Intruder Lloyd, Michael E. Flash Fiction Contest 1  
The Three Kings Rapala, Slawomir Novel Issue 280 Author's bibliography
The Three Kings of Folly: The Angelic King Merwin, Jack Poetry Issue 922  
The Three Kings of Folly: the Dying King Merwin, Jack Poetry Issue 919  
The Three Kings of Folly: The Widowed KIng Merwin, Jack Poetry Issue 920  
The Three Moons of Tenoa Adès, David Poetry Issue 486  
The Tidy Ghost of Rook Manor Quilter, L. Roger Short Story Issue 324  
The Tiger Has Come to Town Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 445  
The Time Jungle Gibson, Cleveland W. Short Story Issue 74  
The Time Keeper Wright, Michaela Short Story Issue 41  
The Time Machinist Barber, David Poetry Issue 454  
The Time of Serfdom (translated by Patricia Worth) Vogüé, Eugène-Melchior de Short Story Issue 929  
The Time of Unknowing Garfoot, Alan Poetry Issue 810  
The Time Travelers' Companion Clark, Elena Flash Fiction Contest 2  
The Timeless Mr. Thelwall Smith, Ian D. Short Story Issue 409  
The Tolkien Bubble Yngve, A.R. Discussion Issue 89  
The Tomb of Amoratrix Ford, James A. Short Story Issue 386  
The Tome of the Time-Siege Babcock, Joshua Short Story Issue 251  
The Tooth Fairy Strait, Lauran G. Short Story Issue 212  
The Touch Mahoney, Emer Short Story Issue 888  
The Tower Petroziello, Brian C. Short Story Issue 300  
The Toxic Years White, Thomas B. Poetry Issue 262  
The Toymaker Buchanan, Myles Short Story Issue 605  
The Toymaker Pugh, Doug Poetry Issue 225  
The Trade Kaganof, Aryan Poetry Issue 141  
The Tragedy of the Species Snyder, Shannon Short Story Issue 608  
The Train Cries Harrison, Dawnell Poetry Issue 607  
The Train Will Stop Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 848  
The Traveler Wornan, Julie Flash Fiction Issue 435  
The Treasure of Mountainyville Ertsgaard, Gabriel Short Story Issue 737  
The Treasure of the Tide Rips Florian, Mike Short Story Issue 619  
The Treasures of Ala-a-Din Rubin, Norman A. Article Issue 79  
The Tree Museum Salzwedel, Marjorie Short Story Issue 256  
The Trendy Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 753  
The Trip Larson, R D Flash Fiction Contest 2  
The Trojan Expedition Barber, David Flash Fiction Issue 456  
The Trophy Room Gibson, Cleveland W. Short Story Issue 404  
The Trouble with Sitting Kregel, Eric J Short Story Issue 236  
The Trouble With Tulpas Hand, Jill Short Story Issue 606  
The Troubleshooters Alvarez, Tabaré Serial Issue 353 Author's bibliography
The Trucks at Night Grey, John Poetry Issue 431  
The True Nature of Time Avenger-Scientist XXXVII, Polyethylene Polymer Article Issue 1  
The Trumpet Inside the Warehouse Krauss, Dwight Short Story Issue 283  
The Truth About Bats Mitenko, David Short Story Issue 156  
The Truth Jar Checkley, Shauna Short Story Issue 932  
The Turning Acheson, Matthew T. Short Story Issue 504  
The Turquoise Turtle Marshall, Morris Short Story Issue 559  
The Turtle and Juan Sanchez Tonn, Henry F. Short Story Issue 579  
The Two Thiel, John Short Story Issue 24  
The Two Swans Crook, Sandra Flash Fiction Issue 461  
The Two Witches of Vildaretz Ulea, V. Short Story Issue 335  
The Two-Way Window Kevlock, Mark J. Flash Fiction Issue 794  
The Typo Quilter, L. Roger Short Story Issue 168  

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