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D is for Evil Snow, Angelo Short Story Issue 160  
Dad Died Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 245  
Daddy’s Little Girl Finch, Julie Poetry Issue 725  
Daddy’s Unexpected Visit Weston, Emily Short Story Issue 565  
Dagger Quest Bresciani, Glenn Short Story Issue 859  
Dalamar’s Quest Kuehl, Heather Short Story Issue 419  
Dali’s Rose Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 672  
Dallas in Red Brick Crouch, Jeff Art Issue 213  
Damn Birds Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 308  
Damn Dog Died Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 657  
Damp Dampy of a Season Udeme, Kufre Poetry Issue 487  
Damsel-in-Distress-ophiles Beliaeva, Maria Flash Fiction Issue 179  
Dan and Sylvia Rosolen, Norm Short Story Issue 931  
Dance Hall Bounty Hunters Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 721  
Dance of the Forest Wraiths Ong, Richard Art Issue 677  
Dance of the Water Nymph Ong, Richard Art Issue 402  
Dance Studio Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 854  
Dance Studio 301 Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 914  
Dance Studio 304 Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 920  
Dance Studio 306 Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 925  
Dance Studio, II Ellison, John Eric Art Issue 856  
Dancers Bruness, Christine Art Issue 211  
Dancing Fool Quinn, Colleen Short Story Issue 384  
Dancing Machine Checkley, Shauna Short Story Issue 950  
Dancing with the Jersey Devil Giersbach, Walter Short Story Issue 576  
Dancing With Whiskey Jack Elberg, Nathan Short Story Issue 557  
Dandelion Hill Korgan, Dan Short Story Issue 679  
Dandelions Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 633  
Danger, Will Robinson! McBain, John Essay Issue 784  
Dangerous Ballet Ong, Richard Essay Issue 418  
Dante Dream Poussin, Fabrice B. Poetry Issue 726  
Daring with Monks Bensko, Tantra Short Story Issue 323  
Dark Chocolate Dreams Kiko, Sarah E. Short Story Issue 276  
Dark Dealings Brown, Eric S. Short Story Issue 19  
Dark Matters Campbell, Kirsten Short Story Issue 406  
Dark Metamorphosis Waldman, Mel Drama Issue 490  
Dark Ripples Perkins, Richard King II Flash Fiction Issue 641  
Dark Star Stocks, John Poetry Issue 405  
Dark Tide Starr, Byron Short Story Issue 6  
Dark Water Berry, Steven Short Story Issue 245  
Dark World Caner, Resha Serial Issue 386 Author's bibliography
Darkling Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 917  
Darkness to Darkness Tyler, Robert S. Short Story Issue 377  
Darwin Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 790  
Darwin's God Baker, Jeff Short Story Issue 331  
Dating Over Forty Tonn, Henry F. Memoir Issue 390  
Daughter of Bright Matter Smith, Meg Poetry Issue 837  
Daughter of Helios Ong, Richard Art Issue 403  
DAVE Giles, Dean Short Story Issue 460  
David's Angel Coet, Ed Short Story Issue 234  
Dawn, Early Autumn Rudolph, James Robert Poetry Issue 754  
Day at the Theatre Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 599  
Day Time Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 846  
Day Job Utley, Steven Essay Issue 108  
Day of the Dead Bruness, Christine Art Issue 212  
Day Twenty McCoy, R. Scott Short Story Issue 289  
Daydreamer Dotoli, Gregg Poetry Issue 654  
Days of Damselflies Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 340  
Days of Wordsworth Stamps, Laura Short Story Issue 265  
Days With Rob... and Sherri Welbaum, Bob Short Story Issue 591  
Daytrip Halupa, Colleen Poetry Issue 846  
De Brevitate Vitae Inbinder, Gary Poetry Issue 648  
Dead as a Doornail Slade, Killion Short Story Issue 485  
Dead Calm Sellers Jr., Robert L. Short Story Issue 160  
Dead Ends Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 690  
Dead for Good Anderson, O. J. Short Story Issue 249  
Dead Heat Petrakis, Byron Short Story Issue 470  
Dead Horses Evans, Shelly Short Story Issue 475  
Dead Man’s Hill Porter, Geoffrey C. Flash Fiction Issue 591  
Dead Men Don’t Party Spear, William Drama Issue 138  
Dead Men Hanging Sellers Jr., Robert L. Short Story Issue 166  
Dead Man Working Sever, Janet E. Short Story Issue 776  
Dead Nightingale Ong, Richard Short Story Issue 445  
Dead North Towe, Anastasia Short Story Issue 502  
Dead Simple Giroux, Bryce V. Short Story Issue 234  
Dead Speak Sellers Jr., Robert L. Short Story Issue 168  
Dead Wrong Anderson, O. J. Serial Issue 276 Author's bibliography
Deadline W., William Serial Issue 4 Not available
Deadlines Mackeown, Arthur Flash Fiction Issue 422  
Dealing With the Little Things Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 615  
Dear Dad Brooks, Michael D. Short Story Issue 321  
Dear Heather Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 699  
Dear John Nichols, Kenneth Poetry Issue 258  
Dear Prudence Karambelas, Katie Short Story Issue 541  
Dear Sir Jones, Pugnacious & Donihe, Kevin L. Poetry Issue 16  
Death's-head West, Gary Poetry Issue 12  
Death Among the Apples Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 554  
Death at White Oaks Retirement Center Hammond, Hope Short Story Issue 154  
Death by Daffodils Dorman, Roy Flash Fiction Issue 805  
Death by Moonlight Tonn, Henry F. Short Story Issue 628  
Death by Numbers Walmsley, Jennifer Flash Fiction Issue 315  
Death Diminishes Crowley, Tom Short Story Issue 752  
Death Fugue — Todesfuge (translated by Michael R. Burch) Celan, Paul Poetry Issue 799  
Death in the French Quarter Dorman, Roy Short Story Issue 738  
Death in the Mind's Eye Douglas, Michael W. Short Story Issue 164  
Death in the Moonlight Gibson, Cleveland W. Prose Poetry Issue 409  
Death in the Outhouse Van Sweringen, Ron Flash Fiction Issue 366  
Death in Transdanubia Stocks, John Poetry Issue 529  
Death King Parker, Danielle L. Novella Issue 413 Author's bibliography
Death Knocks Three Times Lucid, Aidan Short Story Issue 358  
Death Mask Bowles, Jeff Short Story Issue 425  
Death Notice Bourg, B J Short Story Issue 342  
Death of a Stranger Sierra, Pete Flash Fiction Issue 300  
Death Takes a Holiday Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 189  
Death Unstung Grote, Jörn Short Story Issue 155  
Death Will Be Harder Now Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 758  
Deaths Must Be Reported Jones, R. Mac Poetry Issue 775  
Debt and Deletion Donnelly, Phillip Flash Fiction Issue 565  
Decadence Simpson, Ken W. Poetry Issue 636  
December Light Wooff, Michael Poetry Issue 884  
Deception Is Our Stock in Trade Pearson, Richard Short Story Issue 727  
Deegan Meets Jell-O Man Cole, Charles C. Drama Issue 639  
Deep Freeze Strout, E. S. Short Story Issue 266  
Deep in Africa Riggin, Karen S. Short Story Issue 427  
Deep Smoke Wend, Bob Flash Fiction Issue 54  
Defectus Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 664  
Defender of the Flesh Amati, Matthew F. Short Story Issue 741  
Defining Our Beloved Genre Sheehan, Tamara Essay Issue 276  
Definitions - after W. C. Minor Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 357  
Defuser Wright, Jerry Poetry Issue 42  
Defying the Lixcht Studies Griffin, Pamela Tyree Flash Fiction Issue 315  
Deleted Scenes Hamel, Matthew W. Short Story Issue 242  
Deletion R., Thomas Flash Fiction Issue 65  
Delmur and the Old Man Servis, Steven Short Story Issue 503  
Delphi, Voice From the Cloud Taylor, Charles David Short Story Issue 871  
Delphia Young, Douglas Poetry Issue 726  
Delphic Vision Ong, Richard Art Issue 681  
Deluna Munn, Victoria C. Flash Fiction Issue 351  
Demeanor Retracted Artinian, Boghos L. Poetry Issue 449  
Demolition Stocks, John Poetry Issue 583  
Demon’s Wrath Heigl, Karin S. Poetry Issue 878  
Demons Ayles, Daniel Art Issue 649  
Denise Denvir, Noel Short Story Issue 346  
Dense and Dumb Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 667  
Dental Check Mulholland, Lily Short Story Issue 363  
Department Store Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 458  
Depths of Dvonia Saddoris, Matt Short Story Issue 710  
Der andere Mann hat den Krieg verloren Antonelli, Lou Flash Fiction Issue 55  
Der Gefangene -- The Prisoner Wedekind, Frank (trans. by Webb, Don) Poetry Issue 463  
Deric Brown, Eric S. Short Story Issue 31  
Desdae’s Vapors Murphy, Steven Francis Short Story Issue 55  
Desert Culture Pinnock, Jonathan Flash Fiction Issue 325  
Designer Deities Ruggiero, Cheryl W. Short Story Issue 423  
Desire Has Laid Me Low Wooff, Michael Poetry Issue 855  
Desiree and the Spinster Sisters McArdle, Mary B. Short Story Issue 193  
Desperate Women Foster, Randy Short Story Issue 291  
Destinations Gray, Sherry Smith Short Story Issue 10  
Destiny Spanel, Christopher Short Story Issue 456  
Desurrection Latyntseva, Rebecca Poetry Issue 229  
Deus Ex Machina Lives Here Chaney, Gayla Short Story Issue 230  
Developer No Hower, Sean Short Story Issue 111  
Devil of the Night Johnson, Michael Lee Flash Fiction Issue 295  
Deviled Spam Inbinder, Gary Flash Fiction Issue 421  
Devil’s Playground Marshall, Gillian Poetry Issue 110  
Devils' Work Smibert, Angie Short Story Issue 313  
Devotion Jones, Gareth D. Short Story Issue 144  
DFW, the Night Before the Morning He Hangs Himself Smechov, Aleksandr Poetry Issue 483  
Diabolus ex machina Misner, Caroline Short Story Issue 86  
Diamonds Fall Anderson, Diana Poetry Issue 586  
Diapason Kona, Prakash Poetry Issue 179  
Diary of a Nihilist Hayes, Aaron & Dives, Daniel Short Story Issue 242  
Did I Love Too Much? Moldoveanu, Cristina-Monica Poetry Issue 570  
Die Already Anderson, O. J. Short Story Issue 231  
Die Already, II Anderson, O. J. Short Story Issue 298  
Digger Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 741  
Digging for Adults Wilson, D. Harlan Short Story Issue 3  
Digging Up the Past Mara, John Short Story Issue 866  
Digital Future Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 643  
Dikon’s Light Memblatt, Bruce Short Story Issue 475  
Dimmity Dumpling and the Scarlet Cloak Webb, Don Short Story Contest 1  
Dinner Wornan, Julie Flash Fiction Issue 351  
Dinner at Eight Adams, Eleanor Flash Fiction Issue 277  
Dinner at Sea Quinn, Patric Short Story Issue 690  
Dinner with Henry Memblatt, Bruce Short Story Issue 430  
Dirt Forehand, Beverly Short Story Issue 500  
Dirty Tricks Russ, Catfish Short Story Issue 428  
Discipline Day, Holly Poetry Issue 346  
Disconnected Greenberg, Channie Art Issue 873  
Disconnected Rapala, Slawomir Flash Fiction Issue 179  
Discovered in a Library Cole, Charles C. Memoir Issue 817  
Discovering Bobbie Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 547  
Discovery’s Fortieth Mission Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 477  
Disgrace Ventura, João Flash Fiction Issue 322  
Dishes in the Sync Simmons, Tim Flash Fiction Issue 276  
Disorder Beck, Gary Poetry Issue 773  
Dispatches from Rovil 4 Daley, Matthew Poetry Issue 896  
Disposable Culture Lohr, Michael Poetry Issue 134  
Distance Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 781  
Distant Replay Welbaum, Bob Short Story Issue 643  
Distant Star Denvir, Noel Short Story Issue 302  
Distant Voices Balogun, Shola Poetry Issue 680  
Distilled Letters Kulkarni, Sameer Short Story Issue 714  
Distillery District Ong, Richard Art Issue 847  
Diurnally Challenged Linson, Ronald Flash Fiction Issue 763  
Divided Judaism Waldman, Mel Essay Issue 297  
Divine Intervention Forehand, Beverly Short Story Issue 228  
Do Not Astound Me With My Own Perfection Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 406  
Do You Hear What I Hear? Trizna, Walt Flash Fiction Issue 269  
Do You Still Think of Me? Young, Douglas Poetry Issue 796  
Do You Wish to Proceed? Khayyat, A. A. Short Story Issue 719  
Doctor Mozmogo on Trial Etherflux, Splendiferopundit Short Story Issue 9  
Doe Test-Drives Venus Model 237 Alexa, Camille Poetry Issue 256  
Does DNA Mean "Do Not Answer"? Thiel, John Article Issue 60  
Dog Days Stocks, John Poetry Issue 282  
Dog Eat Dog Saeman, Matthew D. Short Story Issue 785  
Dog in a Purple Moon Çayci, Üzeyir Lokman Art Issue 419  
Dog Life Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Essay Issue 632  
Dogbye Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 424  
Dogged Dr. Owen Greenberg, Channie Short Story Issue 821  
Doggerelium Utley, Steven Poetry Issue 96  
Dogwood Blossom Dives, Daniel Flash Fiction Issue 211  
Dollard’s Perception Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 809  
Dollar-Bill Phil Hollander, Arnold Poetry Issue 417  
Dolly Spencer, Hannah Short Story Issue 714  
Dolores Metcalf, Comforter Zocco, LaVerne Short Story Issue 555  
Don Juan Harvey, Jack D. Poetry Issue 838  
Don Juan’s Demise Samuels, Clarise Short Story Issue 540  
Don Webb and Charlie Cole Bewildering Stories Art Issue 821  
Donna's Men Lloyd, Michael E. Novel Issue 389 Author's bibliography
Don’t Bother With Me Belle, William Q. Short Story Issue 676  
Don’t Call Me Terry Sanhueza, Roberto Short Story Issue 116  
Don’t Forget the Pastries Kowaleski, Bill Short Story Issue 647  
Don't Forget Your Dreams Between the Stars Houston, Graeme S. Short Story Issue 287  
Don’t Get Noticed Webb, Don Short Story Issue 76  
Don't Grow on Trees Joslin, Oonah V. Flash Fiction Issue 312  
Don’t Mess With the Marshal Ong, Richard Art Issue 928  
Don’t Praise the Machine Coverley, Harris Poetry Issue 808  
Don't Stand on Ceremony Vilhotti, Jerry Short Story Issue 331  
Don't Whisper That Good Night Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 304  
Don’t Worry, Little Sis Tremiti, Ellen Short Story Issue 803  
Doomsday Clock Dotoli, Gregg Poetry Issue 666  
Doorway McArdle, Mary B. Short Story Issue 229  
Doorway in Tsfat Greenberg, Channie Art Issue 634  
Doozy Painter, Julie Eberhart Flash Fiction Issue 366  
Doppelganger in the Loop Inbinder, Gary Short Story Issue 205  
Doppelgangster Antonelli, Lou Short Story Issue 113  
Dorian Gray: Not for Sale Watts, Sarah Ann Flash Fiction Issue 245  
Dormant Orchard Marshall, Denny Art Issue 653  
Double Feature Jones, Mark Poetry Issue 576  
Double Take Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 675  
Dove Poem Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 290  
Down a Slippery Slope Watts, Gloria Flash Fiction Issue 266  
Down the Rabbit Hole
Ong, Richard Art Issue 767  
Down the Rabbit Hole Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 235  
Down the Rue de la Paix Sadin, Marjorie Poetry Issue 701  
Down Time Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 905  
Down to the Wild Blue Yonder Lang, Harry Short Story Issue 698  
Down Under Cartwright, Christine Art Issue 172  
Down Under and Over There Kowaleski, Bill Serial Issue 664 Author's bibliography
Downburst McArdle, Mary B. Short Story Issue 214  
Down-Home Hunting Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 853  
Do-Over Krauss, Dwight Short Story Issue 301  
Dr. Asquith’s Intelligent Teeth Hill Ortiz, Martin Short Story Issue 514  
Dr Hargreaves Allen, Nick Flash Fiction Issue 326  
Dr. Laura Whitfield’s Dream of Recycling Greenberg, Channie Short Story Issue 687  
Dr. Quasdonovich’s Solution Smeltzer, Ross Short Story Issue 561  
Dragon Eggs Trizna, Walt Poetry Issue 450  
Dragon Rider Bell, Eric Art Issue 130  
Dragon Scales Rapala, Slawomir Short Story Issue 180  
Dragon Skin Reynolds, Thomas D. Poetry Issue 186  
Dragon Tamer Ong, Richard Art Issue 844  
Dragon Tower Crystalwizard Art Issue 272  
Dragon Weather Lucas, Christine Poetry Issue 201  
Dragon’s Teeth Heigl, Karin S. Art Issue 727  
Dragon’s Teeth Murry, Michael Poetry Issue 115  
Dragon-Fire Brewing Larsen, Ronald M. Short Story Issue 841  
Draining Scribner, Joshua Flash Fiction Issue 315  
Draw Cab Laden, Jonathan Short Story Issue 56  
Dreadlocks and the Three Heirs Larson, R D Short Story Contest 1  
Dream a Little Dream Guarino, Jerry Flash Fiction Issue 701  
Dream Catcher Ong, Richard Art Issue 751  
Dream Date Harker, David Flash Fiction Issue 458  
Dream Dizzy Beat Dotoli, Gregg Poetry Issue 847  
Dream Entity Ong, Richard Art Issue 725  
Dream Girl Burnham, David Short Story Issue 239  
Dream Lovers Bonica, Mark Poetry Issue 320  
Dream Woman Naik, Prashila Short Story Issue 553  
Dreamer Waldman, Mel Memoir Issue 273  
Dreaming of a Small Town Williams, K. A. Poetry Issue 882  
Dreaming of Nina, First Lady of Fitzrovia Stocks, John Poetry Issue 211  
Dreaming the World - 2006 Redd, David Essay Issue 186  
Dreams Carroll, Paul Poetry Issue 29  
Dreams Isenor, Jonathan Poetry Issue 22  
Dreams About the Sky Kiewlak, Mark J. Short Story Issue 374  
Dreams of Babylon Rapala, Slawomir Short Story Contest 2  
Dreamscape Ayles, Daniel Art Issue 622  
Dreamtime Rapala, Slawomir Serial Issue 167 Author's bibliography
dreamy West, Gary Poetry Issue 20  
Drifter Train Gilland, Robert G. Short Story Issue 471  
Drinking from James Joyce's Glass Jones, Paddy Short Story Issue 169  
Drippage Wylie, Thomas F. Poetry Issue 473  
Drive Friendly Antonelli, Lou Flash Fiction Issue 56  
Drive Safely! Mont, Vera Flash Fiction Issue 694  
Driving Lesson Brooks, Michael D. Flash Fiction Issue 394  
Drop by Drop Vaillancourt, Chris G. Poetry Issue 221  
Drop to Drink Lloyd, Michael E. Flash Fiction Issue 216  
Drought Country Iyengar, Abha Short Story Issue 385  
Drunk on Time Malone, J. H. Novella Issue 873 Author's bibliography
Drunk Tank Checkley, Shauna Poetry Issue 933  
Dry Bone Bella, Lana Poetry Issue 619  
Dry Months Grey, John Poetry Issue 465  
Due North From Uvalde Clifton, Gary Short Story Issue 708  
Duet Burch, Michael R. Poetry Issue 884  
Dumb Mowers Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 582  
Dumbfounded Sadin, Marjorie Poetry Issue 708  
Dumbstruck, with a Vengeance! Newhamstershire, Esq., Decmerion P. Short Story Issue 6  
Dumped from "Hyperdump" Spud, The Invincible Short Story Issue 6  
Dumping in the Woods on a Snowy Evening Kowaleski, Bill Poetry Issue 838  
Duncan Grave in "The Sun and Moon" Watts, Sarah Ann Short Story Issue 326  
Dunsmoor Davis, Arthur Short Story Issue 651  
Duplicitous the Dawn Joslin, Oonah V. Short Story Issue 594  
Duplicity in Dubuque Dorman, Roy Short Story Issue 751  
Durrtan’s Quest Bonawandt, Christian R. Short Story Issue 133  
Dust Blind Lovely, Bob Short Story Issue 708  
Dust to Dust Davies, Colin P. Short Story Issue 209  
Duty Chapman, Chris Flash Fiction Contest 3  
Duty Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 241  
Duty Free Kuzmichev, Andrey Short Story Issue 621  
Dwight Janko Saves the Human Race Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 611  
Dying to Kill Anderson, O. J. Serial Issue 295 Author's bibliography
e e cummings in more than memoriam Falk, Bertil Poetry Issue 351  
Earlier Snows Korgan, Dan Flash Fiction Issue 664  
Early Warning Marshall, Denny Poetry Issue 727  
Earth Camp Rumpel, James Short Story Issue 911  
Earth Competition Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 794  
Earth Idol JwBennett Flash Fiction Issue 272  
Earth Treasure Rumpel, James Short Story Issue 867  
Earth’s Beating Heart Ong, Richard Art Issue 702  
Earthangel Parman, Sue Art Issue 366  
Earthbound Whippman, David Poetry Issue 789  
Earthport Wright, Jerry Poetry Issue 33  
Earth, One Each Murphy, Steven Francis Poetry Issue 98  
Earwitness to History Utley, Steven Essay Issue 110  
Earworm Young, Cynthia Robinson Short Story Issue 932  
Easter R., Thomas Short Story Issue 41  
Easter Eve Moldoveanu, Cristina-Monica Poetry Issue 534  
Easy Money From Your Couch Litke-Farzaneh, Kayvan Short Story Issue 824  
Eat at Joe's Allen, Aubrie Art Issue 36  
Eat Your Spinach Smith, Thomas Lee Joseph Short Story Issue 456  
Eaten by the Overlords Hansen, Michael C. Short Story Issue 110  
Eating Crow Wasserman, James Short Story Issue 138  
Eating Everything Grote, Jörn Short Story Issue 127  
Eating Strawberries With One Hand Van Sweringen, Ron Short Story Issue 498  
Ebb and Flow Murry, Michael Poetry Issue 123  
Ebb Tide Ahern, Edward Poetry Issue 653  
Echoes From Dust Popovich, L. S. Novel Issue 802 Author's bibliography
Echoes of Cassandra’s Voices Cayzac, Bertrand & Webb, Don Discussion Issue 691  
Echoes of Deception Johnson, Jannette Short Story Issue 375  
Echoes of Lisbon Cusimano, Alessandro Poetry Issue 474  
Eclipse at the Gates Ford, Jason C. Poetry Issue 543  
Eclipse of Thought Johnson, Michael Lee Poetry Issue 301  
Eden's End: Deception’s Truth Zech, J. H. Short Story Issue 822  
Eden’s End: Illusionary Birth Zech, J. H. Short Story Issue 812  
Eden’s End: Isolated Contamination Zech, J. H. Short Story Issue 833  
Eden’s End: Shadows Over Ivalstatt Zech, J. H. Short Story Issue 885  
Eden’s End: The Empty Cell Zech, J. H. Serial Issue 870 Author's bibliography
Edgy Watts, Gloria Flash Fiction Issue 267  
Editorial Response Laing, Charles Richard Flash Fiction Issue 209  
Edna Goes to the Frogs Kratz, Ed Short Story Issue 857  
Eensy Weensy Stakes, Jennifer Flash Fiction Issue 361  
Effect and Cause Koger, Grove Short Story Issue 589  
Egad! How Did That Ever Win the Nebula? Spudwort, Alkaline Article Issue 6  
Egg Basket Hamilton, John Cooper Short Story Issue 685  
Eighty-Six Eggs Ruggero, Carmen Short Story Issue 295  
Ekos the Robot: A Tragic Epic of Time and the Mind Spud, The Invincible Short Story Issue 34  
Ekpyrosis Jackson, Luke Short Story Issue 270  
El Arte poético (Spanish translation of Ars Poetica by Bill Bowler) Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 421  
Elation Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 625  
Election Results Beck, Gary Poetry Issue 775  
Electric Love Bruness, Christine Art Issue 207  
Electrical Difplay Utley, Steven Poetry Issue 97  
Electronic Submission Madigan, D. A. Short Story Issue 164  
Element Kiernan, Rebecca Lu Poetry Issue 421  
Elevator Moore, Travis Short Story Issue 302  
Elevators, Escalators, All the Travel Automators Arbuckle, Ian Donnell Poetry Issue 129  
Ele-Bot Marshall, Denny Art Issue 654  
Elfredda’s Tress Blom, Zane Poetry Issue 606  
Elfriche LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Poetry Issue 930  
Ellen of Paris Annagu, Francis Poetry Issue 667  
Elmo's Sojourn Trizna, Walt Serial Issue 227 Author's bibliography
Eloise, a Girl on Film Stocks, John Poetry Issue 531  
Elusive Gravelle, Henry P. Poetry Issue 24  
Elvengate Ong, Richard Art Issue 885  
Elvis at 50 Cover, Arthur B. Short Story Issue 623  
Emancipation Dream Gorelik, Sasha Poetry Issue 60  
Embarcadero Spivey, Anthony W. Short Story Issue 205  
Embers Ahern, Edward Flash Fiction Issue 713  
Emerald R., Thomas Poetry Issue 43  
Emerald Gaze Ong, Richard Art Issue 638  
Emerald Night Ong, Richard Art Issue 817  
Emerald Tower Ong, Richard Art Issue 672  
Emergent Properties Linson, Ronald Poetry Issue 715  
Emergent Realisation Garfoot, Alan Poetry Issue 812  
Emily and Electra Castle, Chris Short Story Issue 454  
Emily Post’s Etiquette Book for Ghosts LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Poetry Issue 911  
Emma Ong, Richard Art Issue 882  
Emma and the Mermaid Cardwell, Bethany Short Story Issue 796  
Emmaline and Alander Bartleson, Brooke Short Story Issue 576  
Emphatically Yours Greene, Jeffrey Flash Fiction Issue 886  
Emptiness and Hope Hamel, Terry Short Story Issue 677  
Empty Hearts Medeiros, Peter Serial Issue 666 Author's bibliography
Empty of Love and Money Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 549  
Empty Places Rapala, Slawomir Serial Issue 223 Author's bibliography
Enchanted Hall Ong, Richard Art Issue 807  
Enchanted Scarlet Ong, Richard Art Issue 412  
Enchanted Twilight McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 178  
Enchanted Woods Ong, Richard Art Issue 609  
Enchantress of Books Ong, Richard Art Issue 799  
Encounter in the Sands Bailey, Byron Flash Fiction Issue 117  
Encroachment Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 949  
End of Day Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 763  
End of the Affair Kowaleski, Bill Poetry Issue 681  
Endeavour Spacewalk 5 NASA Art Issue 278  
Endeavour Spacewalk 6 NASA Art Issue 280  
Endeavour Spacewalk 7 NASA Art Issue 281  
Endeavour Spacewalk 8 NASA Art Issue 282  
Endeavour Spacewalk 9 NASA Art Issue 283  
Endeavour Spacewalk 10 NASA Art Issue 284  
Endeavour Spacewalk 11 NASA Art Issue 285  
Endgame Stocks, John Poetry Issue 308  
Endless Blue Horizons Lowe, Jack P. Short Story Issue 281  
Enduring Winter Coon, Scott Short Story Issue 849  
Endymion Inbinder, Gary Short Story Issue 446  
Enivrez-vous — Get High (translated by Don Webb) Baudelaire, Charles Poetry Issue 883  
Enoch Ascends Crouch, Jeff Art Issue 218  
Entertaining Ramdial, Rudra Flash Fiction Issue 184  
Envoy Cawein, Phil Short Story Issue 219  
Ephemerids Fetters, Ada Short Story Issue 680  
Epic Rain Lopez, Lori R. Poetry Issue 904  
Epiphany Strout, E. S. Short Story Issue 356  
Equal Employment Opportunity Kemp, Alice Short Story Issue 519  
Equinox Mirror Bensko, Tantra Novella Issue 578 Author's bibliography
Equivocation Cole, Charles C. Flash Fiction Issue 672  
Erasure Laden, Jonathan Short Story Issue 28  
Erato Bowler, Bill Poetry Issue 249  
Erika’s Story Šimunovic, Filip Short Story Issue 406  
Ernest Hart Bowler, Bill Short Story Issue 258  
Ernie Watts, Gloria F. Flash Fiction Issue 402  
Error Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Novel Issue 413 Author's bibliography
Erudition Greenberg, Channie Poetry Issue 366  
Escape Burch, Michael R. Poetry Issue 805  
Escaping Intact Weekley, J. Marcus Flash Fiction Issue 207  
Escapism Piovano, William J. Short Story Issue 306  
Escher Dines Alone Zaharoff, Howard Short Story Issue 868  
Esmé and O'Ryan Hilary, Sarah Flash Fiction Issue 286  
Estivation Rites Spud, The Invincible Short Story Issue 37  
Estrella R., Thomas Poetry Issue 76  
Et in Arcadia Ego Inbinder, Gary Poetry Issue 881  
Et In Arcadia Ego Wooff, Michael Poetry Issue 846  
ET Reader Crystalwizard Art Issue 603  
Eternal Return Barnes, C. M. Serial Issue 922 Author's bibliography
Eternal Stare Messina, H. Lee Art Issue 919  
Eternal Youth R., Thomas Poetry Issue 151  
Eternity Fox, Eric Z. Poetry Issue 36  
Eternity Wright, Julie Rae Poetry Issue 50  
Ethereal Journey Fay, Richard H. Poetry Issue 301  
Ethie McLean Stocks, John Poetry Issue 365  
Eucharist for a Sinless Mankind Falk, Bertil Novella Issue 284 Author's bibliography
Euclid Avenue Ruiz, Anna Poetry Issue 706  
Eva’s Trip Helweg-Larsen, Robin Poetry Issue 830  
Eve in the Belly of the Whale Popovich, Ljubo Short Story Issue 725  
Even Roses Coppola, Marta T. Poetry Issue 352  
Evening of the Last Light Spoone, Chris Short Story Issue 9  
Evening Rhymes Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 244  
Evening Serenade Ford, Jason C. Poetry Issue 581  
Evening Walk Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 832  
Events Greenberg, Channie Art Issue 912  
Ever So Quiet in My Plenitude Adès, David Poetry Issue 659  
Evergreen Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 654  
Every Summer Has a Story Ellams, Stephen Poetry Issue 632  
Every Theatre Hosts a Ghost LoSchiavo, LindaAnn Poetry Issue 850  
Every Thought Expects Betrayal Stocks, John Poetry Issue 393  
Everybody Has It Smith, Nicole Short Story Issue 670  
Everybody Wins Cole, Charles C. Drama Issue 607  
Everyday Disasters Elkinson, Eileen Flash Fiction Issue 348  
Everymutt versus Bilbo Bailey, Byron Article Issue 118  
Everything After the Monsters Medeiros, Peter Short Story Issue 728  
Everything Falls Apart Carr, Steve Short Story Issue 786  
Everything Is Alt-Right Leonetti, N. G. Short Story Issue 906  
Everything She Wanted Wrigley, Sylvia S. Flash Fiction Issue 289  
Everything Was Winter Frederick, Heather J. Short Story Issue 546  
Everything You See Belanger, Dan Short Story Issue 882  
Everywhere After All Trent, Brian Short Story Issue 377  
Evidence of Murder Rubin, Norman A. Short Story Issue 69  
Evil Eye Ong, Richard Art Issue 833  
Evil Grey Bueckert, Kelvin Poetry Issue 150  
Evolution, Inc. Fincham, Nathaniel Short Story Issue 374  
Ex Acker, Mike Poetry Issue 828  
Ex Libris Galef, Daniel W. Serial Issue 853 Author's bibliography
Ex Libris Pavonis Myers, Brandon Short Story Issue 286  
Excellent Madman Cusimano, Alessandro Poetry Issue 483  
Executives of Neon Death Cordingley, Ian Short Story Issue 501  
Exercise in Humility Panda, S. R. Flash Fiction Issue 388  
Exhaling Greenberg, Channie Art Issue 875  
Exile Hogan, J. B. Short Story Issue 201  
Exile's End Miller, R. J. Walker Poetry Issue 326  
Existential Sadness in H. P. Lovecraft's "The Outsider" Norlie, Louise Article Issue 208  
Exit from Xanadu Budinski, Gerald Short Story Issue 206  
Exoskeletons in the Closet Bayne, Martin Short Story Issue 490  
Expectations Simpson, Ken W. Poetry Issue 639  
Experience a Book Starkloff, James Allen Short Story Issue 186  
Experiment Failed Peters, Emily M. Short Story Issue 547  
Experiments Grey, John Poetry Issue 564  
Exploits in Etheria Mallard, Jonathan Short Story Issue 9  
Exploration Niditch, B. Z. Poetry Issue 541  
Exploring Hemispheres Joslin, Oonah V. Poetry Issue 731  
Exposing Magic Brames, J(ae)D Short Story Issue 317  
Exposure Joslin, Oonah V. Flash Fiction Issue 288  
Extended Conversations Marshall, Morris J. Short Story Issue 950  
Exterminator Inbinder, Gary Short Story Issue 186  
External Archives Bottema, Benny & Bewildering Stories
Discussion Issue 928  
Extinction Burst Birge, John Short Story Issue 301  
Extraordinary Man Rosen, Mimi Short Story Issue 409  
Extrapolate Kona, Prakash Essay Issue 163  
Extreme Makeover Pollin, Diana Flash Fiction Issue 331  
Eye Contact McArdle, Mary B. Poetry Issue 243  
Eye of the Beholder Karmin, Aaron Essay Issue 273  
Eye of the Galaxy Rice, Steven Art Issue 719  
Eye on the Clock Watts, Sarah Ann Flash Fiction Issue 194  
Eyes Franklin, Becky Poetry Issue 233  
Eyes for the Inquisitor’s Children Cole, Jedd Short Story Issue 589  
Eyes of Green Bar, Tala Short Story Issue 62  
Eyes of the Raven Ruggero, Carmen Poetry Issue 226  
E.S.P. Revealed Upon Pluto! Bora, Deep Serial Issue 66 Author's bibliography

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