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Sacks, Andrew A Friend Is a Friend Is a Friend? Essay Issue 575  
Sacks, Andrew Chess Inexhaustible Essay Issue 699  
Sacks, Andrew Chess Masters: Fact and Fiction Essay Issue 612  
Sacks, Andrew Grandmaster Fearless Essay Issue 680  
Sacks, Andrew Martinís Reward Flash Fiction Issue 535  
Sacks, Andrew The Game of Life Flash Fiction Issue 537  
Sacks, Andrew Westwoodís Hidden Treasure Essay Issue 652  
Saddoris, Matt Depths of Dvonia Short Story Issue 710  
Sadin, Marjorie An Apology Poetry Issue 856  
Sadin, Marjorie Autumn Passion Poetry Issue 706  
Sadin, Marjorie Down the Rue de la Paix Poetry Issue 701  
Sadin, Marjorie Dumbfounded Poetry Issue 708  
Sadin, Marjorie Finding My Way Home Poetry Issue 710  
Sadin, Marjorie Holding the Sky Poetry Issue 639  
Sadin, Marjorie I Miss the Stars Poetry Issue 643  
Sadin, Marjorie Ocean of Love Poetry Issue 645  
Sadin, Marjorie Pas de deux Poetry Issue 854  
Sadin, Marjorie The Wind Has No Home Poetry Issue 852  
Sadin, Marjorie Without Bees Poetry Issue 641  
Saeman, Matthew D. Dog Eat Dog Short Story Issue 785  
Saki, Zuku Confound Interest Short Story Issue 280  
Saknussemm, Kris War Dream Flash Fiction Issue 189  
Salas, Alexander The Dream Cannibal Flash Fiction Issue 362  
Saldanha, Luke Shedders Short Story Issue 817  
Salisbury, Gavin The Rules Drama Issue 24  
Salling, J. R. Apparition in a Photograph Poetry Issue 229  
Salling, J. R. Violet Flash Fiction Issue 222  
Salt, Valeriya Kutna Horaís Ossuary Gallery: Memento Mori Essay Issue 894  
Salt, Valeriya Red Days, White Nights Short Story Issue 915  
Salt, Valeriya The Guardian of Twin Oaks Serial Issue 938 Author's bibliography
Salzwedel, Marjorie Captain Webster and the Proprietary Scientist Short Story Issue 329  
Salzwedel, Marjorie City of Strangers Short Story Issue 292  
Salzwedel, Marjorie Hidden Robot Short Story Issue 339  
Salzwedel, Marjorie The Amateur Over the Badlands Flash Fiction Issue 276  
Salzwedel, Marjorie The Caboose Short Story Issue 238  
Salzwedel, Marjorie The Tree Museum Short Story Issue 256  
Samerkhanova, Farida Help Me, Angel Flash Fiction Issue 376  
Samerkhanova, Farida My Second Death (and Tatar and Russian versions) Flash Fiction Issue 384  
Samerkhanova, Farida Never Trust Witches Flash Fiction Issue 445  
Samuels, Clarise Caesar and the Nymphs Poetry Issue 551  
Samuels, Clarise Don Juanís Demise Short Story Issue 540  
Samuels, Clarise The Alien of Camelot Short Story Issue 546  
Samuels, Clarise The Duke of Wunderbar Short Story Issue 359  
Samuels, Clarise The Edict of Vilnius Short Story Issue 365  
Samuels, Clarise The Vampire Papers Short Story Issue 409  
Samuels, David Red He Wept Novella Issue 932 Author's bibliography
SŠnchez, Jhon The IV-Therapy Coffee Shop of the 21st Century Short Story Issue 761  
Sanders, C. A. Masked Man Works at Shop-Rite Flash Fiction Issue 499  
Sandoval, Hannah Hi, Iím Corpse Bride Barbie Short Story Issue 684  
Sanger, Katherine In a Pickle Short Story Issue 307  
Sanger, Katherine Nice Fishy, Fishy Short Story Issue 187  
Sanhueza, Roberto A Fine Day at the Compound Short Story Issue 68  
Sanhueza, Roberto Always on My Mind Short Story Issue 249  
Sanhueza, Roberto Another Night in Transylvania Prose Poetry Issue 234  
Sanhueza, Roberto At Dusk Flash Fiction Issue 250  
Sanhueza, Roberto Bogey Man Short Story Issue 120  
Sanhueza, Roberto Cry Me Not Poetry Issue 130  
Sanhueza, Roberto Donít Call Me Terry Short Story Issue 116  
Sanhueza, Roberto For Your Eyes Only Short Story Issue 153  
Sanhueza, Roberto Guilty Baby Short Story Issue 107  
Sanhueza, Roberto Have a Drink Flash Fiction Contest 2  
Sanhueza, Roberto I Dream of Oceans Poetry Issue 114  
Sanhueza, Roberto I Miss My Face Poetry Issue 66  
Sanhueza, Roberto If I Were a Werewolf Poetry Issue 57  
Sanhueza, Roberto Katt and Dawg on the Stairway to Heaven Short Story Issue 92  
Sanhueza, Roberto Katts and Dawgs Novel Issue 53 Author's bibliography
Sanhueza, Roberto Katts and Dawgs: In the Name of Truth Novel Issue 238 Author's bibliography
Sanhueza, Roberto Sabre Hits and Misses Serial Issue 174 Author's bibliography
Sanhueza, Roberto Sabre Takes a Case Serial Issue 155 Author's bibliography
Sanhueza, Roberto The Bound Workers Short Story Contest 1  
Sanhueza, Roberto The Gift Short Story Issue 271  
Sanhueza, Roberto The House on the Hill Short Story Issue 73  
Sanhueza, Roberto The Runway Short Story Issue 223  
Sanhueza, Roberto The Wolf and I Short Story Contest 1  
Sanhueza, Roberto Yesterday Flash Fiction Issue 149  
Santo, Heather N. The Growling Short Story Issue 754  
Santra, Hayleigh The Young Cloudmaker Short Story Issue 728  
Santulli, Anthony Trump Card Short Story Issue 535  
Sanyal, Aniket And Where Were You? Poetry Issue 528  
Sanyal, Aniket Never Satisfied Poetry Issue 532  
Sanyal, Aniket You Would Be Surprised Poetry Issue 526  
Sappenfield, H.E. Tryst Short Story Issue 336  
Sapper, Oscar Bright Orion Short Story Issue 459  
Sato, Tetsuya King Anisika (translated by Toshiya Kamei) Short Story Issue 818  
Savage, W. Jack Not for the Weak Art Issue 715  
Saxton, John Inseparable Flash Fiction Issue 311  
Sayre, A. T. A Discourse on the Aliens Short Story Issue 759  
Sayre, A. T. Iím Not Robert Short Story Issue 720  
Scarborough, Stephanie Seaside Sideshow Short Story Issue 340  
Scarborough, Stephanie Visions of Hummus-cide Flash Fiction Issue 292  
Schaefer, Doug A Merry Visigothic Christmas Art Issue 76  
Schaeffer, Charles Beauty or the Beast Flash Fiction Issue 240  
Schatz, Greg Odonata Short Story Issue 143  
Scheuer, A. L. Car Guys Short Story Issue 900  
Schicatano, Jim A.K.A. Hell Flash Fiction Issue 159  
Schicatano, Jim The Science Project Flash Fiction Issue 166  
Schizas, Lea Zany Aunt Martha Flash Fiction Issue 220  
Schlenz, Leonard My Eyes Leak Pus and My Toes Feel Gummy Short Story Issue 369  
Schlenz, Leonard Pearl Short Story Issue 450  
Schlenz, Leonard Starry Nights Short Story Issue 419  
Schlenz, Leonard You Crack Me Up Short Story Issue 530  
Schlosser, Jonathan J. Of Snow and Steel Short Story Issue 319  
Schmitz, Christopher The Quarry Short Story Issue 238  
Schnaufer, Jeff The Creature Without a Feature Flash Fiction Issue 257  
Schneider, Donald Bill Bowler's Essays and Fiction Essay Issue 284  
Schneider, Donald Pride's Prison Serial Issue 181 Author's bibliography
Schoen-Rene, Ernst The Memory Broker Short Story Issue 815  
Scholes, David Trath Short Story Issue 474  
Schonholzer, Tyger Favorite Meal Flash Fiction Issue 540  
Schonholzer, Tyger Fraturday Flash Fiction Issue 231  
Schubert, Edmund R. Climbing Clouds Again Short Story Issue 67  
Schulte, Ron Allergy Shots Short Story Issue 810  
Schulte, Ronald Creative Differences Short Story Issue 785  
Schulte, Ronald Home Brew Short Story Issue 753  
Schulte, Ronald The Deed Is Done Short Story Issue 832  
Schulte, Ronald The Hawk King Takes Flight Poetry Issue 761  
Schulte, Ronald The Problem With Expansion Packs Short Story Issue 909  
Schulze, Christine E. One Thousand and One Maidens Serial Issue 448 Author's bibliography
Schutte, Stefan Libertalia Poetry Issue 821  
Schwartz, Francine Between the Hours Poetry Issue 341  
Schwartz, Francine I Was Dancing Memoir Issue 281  
Schwartz, Francine Silhouettes Poetry Issue 348  
Schwartz, Francine Soul Mate Poetry Issue 345  
Schwartz, Francine When I Was a Fish Poetry Issue 344  
Schwartz, G. David In the Waiting Room Essay Issue 181  
Schwartz, G. David Review of the Idea of the Dictionary Essay Issue 111  
Schwartz, G. David Shawn Essay Issue 173  
Schwartz, G. David The Complaint of the Gardener and the Parable of the Vines Short Story Issue 73  
Schwartz, G. David The Essential Shelley Article Issue 215  
Schwartz, G. David The Hand in the Garden Essay Issue 151  
Schwartz, G. David The Masquerade Essay Issue 146  
Schweizer, William G. A Purpose in Liquidity Short Story Issue 314  
Schweizer, William The Drama Major Short Story Issue 167  
Scott, Beth Changeling Short Story Issue 214  
Scott, Rion A. Octavio the Clown's Last Act Short Story Issue 372  
Scott, S. L. Zombies Are Easier Short Story Issue 511  
Scribner, Joshua Draining Flash Fiction Issue 315  
Seal, Baishampayan Questions That Stay Poetry Issue 859  
Searles, Vera How Lincoln Became Immortal (and Arrived at Galaxy Mall) Short Story Issue 55  
Searles, Vera One Magic Spell Flash Fiction Contest 1  
Searles, Vera Shoe House Flash Fiction Contest 1  
Searles, Vera The Glass Head Short Story Issue 129  
Searles, Vera Women of the Woods Flash Fiction Contest 1  
Sebastian, J. F. In the Shadow of the Stars Short Story Issue 903  
Seery, Christine Implacable Spirit Poetry Issue 789  
Seidler, Laurie In the Box Flash Fiction Issue 133  
Seidler, Laurie Miracle Baby Flash Fiction Issue 130  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Dead Calm Short Story Issue 160  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Dead Men Hanging Short Story Issue 166  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Dead Speak Short Story Issue 168  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Gentlemenís Club Short Story Issue 159  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Ghost Town Serial Issue 175 Author's bibliography
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Hide and Seek Short Story Issue 167  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Honey-Trap Flash Fiction Contest 3  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Hunter's Story Serial Issue 170 Author's bibliography
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Lycan Short Story Issue 165  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Murphy's Law Short Story Issue 172  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Posse Short Story Issue 158  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. The Exodus Effect Short Story Issue 196  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Widow Maker Short Story Issue 161  
Sellers Jr., Robert L. Witchy Woman Short Story Issue 162  
Sells, Mariah A Girl Reciting Sylvia Plath Poetry Issue 469  
Sells, Mariah A Memory Within a Memory Poetry Issue 464  
Sells, Mariah A Scavenger Hunt for Omnipotence Poetry Issue 458  
Sells, Mariah Age Twenty-Six Poetry Issue 462  
Sells, Mariah An Ekphrastic Visit, Enlightening Poetry Issue 456  
Serio, Richard Spill Poetry Issue 404  
Serna, Rudolfo The Locust Farmer and the Green Children Short Story Issue 704  
Servis, Steven P. As the Spider Patiently Waits Short Story Issue 451  
Servis, Steven Delmur and the Old Man Short Story Issue 503  
Sever, Janet E. Dead Man Working Short Story Issue 776  
Sever, Janet Side Gig Short Story Issue 891  
Sever, S. E. Kuiper Court Short Story Issue 529  
Sexton-Riley, Dan The Skein of a Life Short Story Issue 863  
Sexton-Riley, Jen The Squirrel Eaters Serial Issue 826 Author's bibliography
Sexton-Riley, Jen Whatever Happened to Spider Monkey? Short Story Issue 855  

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