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Haas, Jeff Cacophony of the Spheres Short Story Issue 176  
Haas, Jeff Immortality Street Flash Fiction Issue 188  
Haas, Jeff Searching for Nada Flash Fiction Issue 175  
Haas, Jeff The Civilized World Flash Fiction Issue 239  
Haas, Jeff The Last Book Flash Fiction Issue 170  
Haas, Jeff The Scientist and the Little People Short Story Issue 179  
Haas, Johanna Why We Called the Dog “Stumpy” Short Story Issue 942  
Haddox, Charles Wild Strawberries and Moonlight Short Story Issue 765  
Haelan, Ann Ultimate Particles Memoir Issue 459  
Hagedorn, Susan A. Immortality Poetry Issue 470  
Hagedorn, Susan A. Immortality (Memorial Reissue) Poetry Issue 685  
Hager, K. R. They Called Into Darkness Short Story Issue 431  
Hagerman, Lisa Marie Invasion of the Alien Parasite From Interdimensional Space Short Story Issue 925  
Hagey, Cathrin Baug’s Hollow Short Story Issue 644  
Hagey, Cathrin Leonora Short Story Issue 675  
Haigh, Liz Analysis Complete Flash Fiction Issue 355  
Haldar, Saarthak Awakening of Soul Poetry Issue 867  
Hall, Jeff Fade to Blue Short Story Issue 379  
Halmi, Suzanne Over the Bridge Short Story Issue 898  
Halupa, Colleen Daytrip Poetry Issue 846  
Halupa, Colleen The Mr. Sammy Incident Memoir Issue 528  
Halvorson, Odin H. Wolfman Blues Poetry Issue 949  
Hamel, Matthew W. Deleted Scenes Short Story Issue 242  
Hamel, Terry Emptiness and Hope Short Story Issue 677  
Hamel, Terry Pit of Sorrows Short Story Issue 387  
Hamel, Terry Spirit of Orion Short Story Issue 517  
Hamilton, Casey E. Plenty of Fish Short Story Issue 644  
Hamilton, John Cooper Egg Basket Short Story Issue 685  
Hamilton, Thomas Wm. An Arkham Halloween Short Story Issue 736  
Hamilton, Thomas Wm. Preparing the Apollo Missions Memoir Issue 816  
Hamilton, Tom The Pit Bull Short Story Issue 244  
Hamlett, Jan Through the Looking Glasses Flash Fiction Issue 328  
Hammann, William T. Retire First Short Story Issue 429  
Hammond, Hope Death at White Oaks Retirement Center Short Story Issue 154  
Hamon, Rod Clash of the Mutants Short Story Issue 249  
Hamon, Rod The Intelligence Machine Short Story Issue 479  
Hamon, Rod The Man Who Came From Nowhere Short Story Issue 347  
Hancock, John "Lerk" Aragorn Art Issue 36  
Hancock, John G. Cerberus Short Story Issue 506  
Hancock, John "Lerk" Pepe, the Club-Footed Elephant Short Story Issue 6  
Hancock, John "Lerk" Slush-O-Matic Short Story Issue 59  
Hancock, John "Lerk" Some Stuff Art Issue 15  
Hancock, John "Lerk" The Diet Poetry Issue 6  
Hancock, John "Lerk" Time Travel is Impossible Poetry Issue 33  
Hand, Jill Louie and Nick Short Story Issue 670  
Hand, Jill Spare Parts Short Story Issue 617  
Hand, Jill The Dream Room Short Story Issue 629  
Hand, Jill The Trouble With Tulpas Short Story Issue 606  
Hansen, Gregory Adverse Selection Serial Issue 102 Author's bibliography
Hansen, Gregory Cross Contact Short Story Issue 100  
Hansen, Gregory Investment Horizon Serial Issue 107 Author's bibliography
Hansen, Gregory Return of the King Short Story Issue 109  
Hansen, Michael C. Eaten by the Overlords Short Story Issue 110  
Hansen, Michael C. Gladys Short Story Issue 106  
Hansen, Michael C. Gnart Moves up in Hell Short Story Issue 107  
Hanson, Michael Thaumaturgical Fracas Serial Issue 115 Author's bibliography
Hanson, Michael The Night Jaunt of F. P. Willenby Short Story Issue 90  
Hanson, Michael White Veins Short Story Issue 111  
Hardin, J. Scott The Needle Short Story Issue 412  
Hardwick, Daniel Flowers at Dragon's Pool Short Story Issue 168  
Harfosh, Billy Monsoon Rains Poetry Issue 484  
Harfosh, William Pilar’s Poem Poetry Issue 478  
Harker, David Dream Date Flash Fiction Issue 458  
Harker, David What Is Music? Flash Fiction Issue 489  
Harmon, Kenneth W. Mr. Howard Retires Short Story Issue 435  
Harper-Murray, Brenton Unstuck Short Story Issue 334  
Harrington, Jim A Forever Love Flash Fiction Issue 296  
Harrington, Jim Sons of Their Fathers Flash Fiction Issue 262  
Harris, Chris Songs From the Wood Short Story Issue 263  
Harris, Chris The Box Short Story Issue 194  
Harris, G. Alex The Boy Who Couldn't Fly Short Story Issue 401  
Harris, Mary-Jean Puppet Masters Short Story Issue 701  
Harris, M. Scott Sidewalk Chunk Short Story Issue 130  
Harris, Patricia Feeding on the Moment Poetry Issue 782  
Harris, William W. Ode to a Rake Poetry Issue 441  
Harris, William W. Ode to Corn on the Cob Poetry Issue 443  
Harris, William W. Twinflower Poetry Issue 438  
Harrison, Dawnell An Unknown Grid Poetry Issue 459  
Harrison, Dawnell Angel’s Hair Poetry Issue 457  
Harrison, Dawnell Bleed Poetry Issue 471  
Harrison, Dawnell Cascade Poetry Issue 454  
Harrison, Dawnell Sweet Calling Poetry Issue 609  
Harrison, Dawnell The Monsoon Poetry Issue 611  
Harrison, Dawnell The Train Cries Poetry Issue 607  
Harrison, Matthew Blockchain World Poetry Issue 785  
Harrison, Matthew Josh Short Story Issue 688  
Harrison, Matthew Seen It Before Short Story Issue 787  
Harrison, Matthew The Difference Splitter Short Story Issue 723  
Harrison, Matthew What It Will Be Like Poetry Issue 783  
Harrison, Matthew Zeno’s Corporation Short Story Issue 743  
Harshbarger, Michael George and Marcus in Transit Drama Issue 807  
Hart, Lee Some Little Bug Poetry Issue 854  
Hart, Michael The Zeitsev Short Story Issue 237  
Hartings, Mindy Waiting in Carthagena Short Story Issue 663  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur A Walk Around Town Essay Issue 615  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur A Wanton Display of Skill Flash Fiction Issue 722  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur All Together Now! Short Story Issue 73  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Assassination, Ltd. Short Story Issue 572  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Attack on an Evil God Novella Issue 743 Author's bibliography
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Be Fit or Be Fined Short Story Issue 787  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Brian Pilkington Solves a Crime Short Story Issue 65  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Catnips Serial Issue 93 Author's bibliography
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Dog Life Essay Issue 632  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Error Novel Issue 413 Author's bibliography
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Fly Away Flash Fiction Issue 86  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur For the Birds Short Story Issue 66  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Good Choice Flash Fiction Issue 78  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Green Meadows Short Story Issue 740  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur It Can Play Dead, Too! Short Story Issue 106  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Jonas and the Hospitable Vampyre Short Story Issue 580  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Lars versus Space Aliens Short Story Issue 727  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Less Than the Eye Can See Flash Fiction Issue 756  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Little Pig, Little Pig Flash Fiction Contest 1  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Lost Patrol Short Story Issue 381  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Meat Puppets Novella Issue 241 Author's bibliography
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Mighty Cleofgharran Rules the Night Short Story Issue 505  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur My Co-Worker Edwin Memoir Issue 480  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur No Check-Out Short Story Issue 515  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Pet Elephant Short Story Issue 126  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Piece of Cake Short Story Issue 57  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Reality TV Bites Flash Fiction Issue 75  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Robot Emissary Flash Fiction Issue 329  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Scheduled for Demolition Short Story Issue 641  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Si vis pacem... Short Story Issue 103  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Taking the Train to Echoff Short Story Issue 876  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Big Insomnia Short Story Issue 91  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Fireman Short Story Issue 583  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Incredible Machine Short Story Issue 718  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Infinite Disaster Flash Fiction Contest 2  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Man Who Couldn’t Fly Short Story Issue 586  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Man Who Sold Sugar Cubes Short Story Issue 656  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Messenger Short Story Issue 108  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Missing Person Short Story Issue 89  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Neighbour Short Story Issue 85  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Objectors of Thunderpunch Short Story Issue 485  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Perfect Creation Short Story Issue 63  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Spider Lion Short Story Issue 781  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur The Zombie Space Ninja Adventure Flash Fiction Issue 847  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Three Midnights in the Peaceful Garden Flash Fiction Issue 72  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Weekender Serial Issue 111 Author's bibliography
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur When Grandmother was Young Short Story Issue 205  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Working People Serial Issue 555 Author's bibliography
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur Zombieworld Short Story Issue 370  
Hartmannsson, Ásgrímur & Madigan, D. A. Rust in Peace Short Story Issue 169  
Hartshorne, Sergio Sons and Mothers Short Story Issue 791  
Harvey, Jack All My Money Pissed Away Poetry Issue 835  
Harvey, Jack D. Don Juan Poetry Issue 838  
Harvey, Jack D. Guernica at the Prado Poetry Issue 840  
Harvey, Jack D. Schiller’s Skull Poetry Issue 843  
Haselden, Justin The Bodhisattva’s Blessings Short Story Issue 648  
Hassanzadeh, Farideh Pen Pals Poetry Issue 860  
Hauldren, Pat Catsup Flash Fiction Issue 346  
Havranek, Bryon From the Ashes of Our Fall Serial Issue 704 Author's bibliography
Havranek, Bryon The Alchemist Serial Issue 833 Author's bibliography
Havranek, Bryon L. The Masterful Timepiece Serial Issue 720 Author's bibliography
Hawes, Susie Just to Talk Short Story Issue 620  
Hawfield, Ann Higher Cause Poetry Issue 189  
Hawfield, John A Minor Fear Short Story Issue 198  
Hawfield, John Horse Sense Short Story Issue 201  
Hawfield, John The Puzzle Flash Fiction Issue 202  
Hawk, Saor The Program Short Story Issue 603  
Hawkins, Lucia D. Writing on the Edge Short Story Issue 523  
Hawthorne, Nathaniel The Artist of the Beautiful Novelette Issue 13  
Hayes, Aaron Roundabout Stalemate Flash Fiction Issue 241  
Hayes, Aaron & Dives, Daniel Diary of a Nihilist Short Story Issue 242  
Hayes, Shaun Mrs. Carmichael’s Best Short Story Issue 548  
Haymaker, John Papak’s Midwinter Kiss Short Story Issue 939  
Haymaker, John The Legend of Potter’s Field Serial Issue 835 Author's bibliography
Hays, K. J. Coffeeand Flash Fiction Issue 368  
Hazel, Nathaniel Journal from Sigma Eden Short Story Issue 580  
headsfromspace The Boy Who Could See and Touch Monkeys Short Story Issue 10  
Heath, Jo Wharton As Luck Would Have It Flash Fiction Issue 556  
Heath, Jo Wharton Will Rogers’ Wish Flash Fiction Issue 528  
Heavern, John P. Conjurings Poetry Issue 784  
Hebert, Richard A. And the Darkness Drank Them In Short Story Issue 524  
Heckman, C. J. Oura and Her Arbalest Short Story Issue 937  
Heckman, C. J. The Stranger from Scyllamar Short Story Issue 869  
Heffernan, Anthony The Cyclops Syndrome Short Story Issue 85  
Hegre, O. D. Beyond the Legend of the Mission Nun Short Story Issue 618  
Hegre, O. D. Immersion Art Short Story Issue 578  
Hegre, Orie D. The Guardian Short Story Issue 552  
Heide, John Grayson Going Down Short Story Issue 826  
Heigl, Karin S. At the Bottom of the Soul Ocean Poetry Issue 865  
Heigl, Karin S. Bittere Blume — Grim Flower Poetry Issue 755  
Heigl, Karin S. Black Dragon | Schwarzdrache | Svarti Drekinn Flash Fiction Issue 720  
Heigl, Karin S. Clinking Souls Poetry Issue 717  
Heigl, Karin S. Demon’s Wrath Poetry Issue 878  
Heigl, Karin S. Dragon’s Teeth Art Issue 727  
Heigl, Karin S. Fern Delighted — Farn erleuchtet Poetry Issue 858  
Heigl, Karin S. Frazzled — Zerfetzt Poetry Issue 703  
Heigl, Karin S. Human Rust — Menschenrost Poetry Issue 768  
Heigl, Karin S. River Glow — Flußglanz Poetry Issue 709  
Heigl, Karin S. The Crackling (and original German version: Das Knistern) Short Story Issue 695  
Heigl, Karin White Dragon — Weissdrachin — Hvítadreki Flash Fiction Issue 697  
Heigl, Karin S. Wicked Honey Poetry Issue 725  
Heinrich, Ronald E. Garbage Child Short Story Issue 342  
Heintze, Colin Lee In the Valley of Hermits Serial Issue 374 Author's bibliography
Heinze, Wayne An Angler and a Force of Nature Essay Issue 614  
Heister, Stephen Bound in a Nutshell Short Story Issue 103  
Heister, Stephen Company Man Short Story Issue 92  
Heister, Stephen Mean Time is the End of Us All Flash Fiction Issue 127  
Heister, Stephen The Seemingly Random Emergence of Threes Short Story Issue 98  
Helms, Russell The Forensic Toddler Short Story Issue 745  
Helms, Russell What Glenda Wanted Short Story Issue 451  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin All Aboard! Poetry Issue 822  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Beat This Level Poetry Issue 756  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Carefree Youths Poetry Issue 812  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Coming to the Boil Poetry Issue 777  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Darwin Poetry Issue 790  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Death Will Be Harder Now Poetry Issue 758  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Distance Poetry Issue 781  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Earth Competition Poetry Issue 794  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Eva’s Trip Poetry Issue 830  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin First Contact Poetry Issue 791  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin From Cavemen to Post-Human Poetry Issue 810  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin From the Sudden Sun Poetry Issue 762  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Hilltops Poetry Issue 850  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Humankind at Dusk Poetry Issue 799  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin I Started Out Alone Poetry Issue 816  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin In the Doorway of Her Smile Poetry Issue 823  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Interplanetary Explorer Poetry Issue 783  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Life Extension Poetry Issue 746  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Many Ways to Drown Poetry Issue 835  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Mosquitoes Poetry Issue 796  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Near Future — Same Show Poetry Issue 770  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Post-Adult Poetry Issue 842  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Post-Human Poetry Issue 760  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Post-Literacy Poetry Issue 844  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Preparing for Post-Humanity Poetry Issue 798  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Sky-High Cowboy Poetry Issue 819  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Sly Reality Poetry Issue 764  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Space Colonization Poetry Issue 740  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin The Brain Simulates Poetry Issue 768  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin The Herald Poetry Issue 751  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin The Train Will Stop Poetry Issue 848  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin The Trendy Poetry Issue 753  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin The Walls of Planet Three Poetry Issue 837  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin The Word Poetry Issue 789  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin This Ape I Am Poetry Issue 846  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Unexplained Poetry Issue 814  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Walking, Then Running Poetry Issue 779  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Warfare Poetry Issue 793  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Where Do They Go? Poetry Issue 766  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Windsor and Oakes, 1943 Poetry Issue 839  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Wishful Thinking Poetry Issue 797  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin You Can’t Handle Full Sun Poetry Issue 792  
Helweg-Larsen, Robin Zombie Apocalypse Poetry Issue 749  
Hemming, Steven A Cry in the Crowd Short Story Issue 355  
Hemmings, Kyle They Don’t Catch Colds in Texas Short Story Issue 261  
Henderson, Dylan The Room Upstairs Short Story Issue 634  
Hendrickson, David H. A Half-Century of Greatness Flash Fiction Issue 301  
Henson, David A Place Without Music Flash Fiction Issue 922  
Henson, Dave Favorite Delight Short Story Issue 841  
Henson, David Priceless Short Story Issue 730  
Henson, Dave Steve, the Coruscating Ewe Short Story Issue 792  
Henson, David The Deeper Why Short Story Issue 906  
Henson, David The Greatest Artist of the 22nd Century Short Story Issue 742  
Henson, David The X52 Tiger Security System Short Story Issue 760  
Herde, Damian Love and Damnation Flash Fiction Issue 314  
Herman, Ilan Seven Degrees of Bogus Serial Issue 425 Author's bibliography
Herritt, Kenneth E. A Higher Purpose Short Story Issue 332  
Herting, A. Elizabeth Moments Upon the Stage Short Story Issue 753  
Herting, A. Elizabeth The Boys of Little Round Top Short Story Issue 691  
Hesselbach, Bruce The Great Carb Uncle Short Story Issue 590  
Hewitt, Gary House of Six Poetry Issue 418  
Hewitt, M. J. Judah Short Story Issue 3  
Hewitt, M. J. Sacrifice Poetry Issue 3  
Hewitt, M. J. The Night Land Short Story Issue 3  
Hewitt, M. J. The Stars They Scream My Name Poetry Issue 4  
Heys, Gerald Man of the Woods Flash Fiction Issue 449  
Hickey, Laurel Leaves of Glass Short Story Issue 207  
Hickey, Laurel Sa-sa Says Short Story Issue 226  
Hickman, Avis Floating Dust Flash Fiction Issue 314  
Hickman, Avis On the Road Home Flash Fiction Issue 330  
Hickman-Gibb, Avis Blood Moon Flash Fiction Issue 296  
Hickman-Gibb, Avis Mathematical Principles of Beauty Flash Fiction Issue 299  
Hidefi, Montaha The Day I Hit Sulaiman Memoir Issue 839  
Higginbotham, Ben Alcohol Short Story Issue 266  
Highland, Frederick The Liberace Ensemble Short Story Issue 837  
High-Placed Anonymous Source, A. Report from British Intelligence: Biblical Plague from the Deeps Article Issue 3  
Hilary, Sarah Black Box Flash Fiction Issue 275  
Hilary, Sarah Esmé and O'Ryan Flash Fiction Issue 286  
Hilary, Sarah The Skywatchers Flash Fiction Issue 307  
Hilary, Sarah Yesterday's Man Flash Fiction Issue 261  
Hill, Cy The Lure, the Hook Short Story Issue 938  
Hill, Jeremy Luke Neve Short Story Issue 704  
Hill Ortiz, Martin A Remoteness From All Things Human Short Story Issue 484  
Hill Ortiz, Martin An Incurable Insomnia Poetry Issue 459  
Hill Ortiz, Martin Blink, Inc. Flash Fiction Issue 520  
Hill Ortiz, Martin Dr. Asquith’s Intelligent Teeth Short Story Issue 514  
Hill Ortiz, Martin Head-On Flash Fiction Issue 446  
Hill Ortiz, Martin I Walked With a Vambie Short Story Issue 558  
Hill Ortiz, Martin Little Dog Flash Fiction Issue 451  
Hill Ortiz, Martin The Diaphanoid Flash Fiction Issue 487  
Hill, Tyler Marching On Poetry Issue 382  
Hindustan Times (television interview) An Interview with Bertil Falk in India Interview Issue 731  
Hines, Lori Citrus Surprise Short Story Issue 399  
Hines, Silvia E. Science and Derision Short Story Issue 829  
Hines, Silvia Seeking Reconnection Memoir Issue 922  
Hines, Silvia E. Sibling Short Story Issue 886  
Hinton, S.J. Sick Day Short Story Issue 27  
Hintze, Udo Ode to Pennies Poetry Issue 382  
Hiortdahl, Sandy Hounded Grey Stop Flash Fiction Issue 539  
Hipps, Rick A Company Decision Short Story Issue 352  
Hiser, Doug Shrike Short Story Issue 189  
Hiser, Doug Texas Fire Ants Short Story Issue 159  
Hiser, Doug The Blackbird of Death Short Story Issue 281  
Hiser, Doug The Carnival of the Goat Man Short Story Issue 340  
Hiser, Doug The Shark in My Backyard Flash Fiction Issue 141  
Hodges, Andrew L. Bitter Mercies Short Story Issue 857  
Hodges, Andrew L. The Angel and the Locket Short Story Issue 824  
Hoefler, Matthias What's in Your Heart Will Wait for You Flash Fiction Issue 399  
Hoffman, Jennifer Using My Head Short Story Issue 171  
Hoffman, Sherri H. Thicker Than Water Short Story Issue 273  
Hofmann, Janie Memoirs of the Werewolf Short Story Issue 372  
Hofmann, Janie The Midnight Trip Flash Fiction Issue 244  
Hofmann, Janie The Recruit Short Story Issue 265  
Hofmann, Janie Trinity of the Werewolves Flash Fiction Issue 311  
Hogan, Ernest Where Civilizations Go To Die Short Story Issue 609  
Hogan, Ginny The Cessation Short Story Issue 918  
Hogan, J. B. A Father and a Son Choose Sides Short Story Issue 215  
Hogan, J. B. Caver Short Story Issue 184  
Hogan, J. B. Exile Short Story Issue 201  
Hogan, J. B. Flashback Poetry Issue 391  
Hogan, J. B. Holy Wafer Short Story Issue 200  
Hogan, J. B. Hooverville Short Story Issue 217  
Hogan, J. B. Humidifier Short Story Issue 202  
Hogan, J. B. Last Contact Poetry Issue 415  
Hogan, J. B. Last Stand Short Story Issue 203  
Hogan, J. B. Mushroom Visions Poetry Issue 419  
Hogan, J. B. Outside the Biograph Theatre Flash Fiction Issue 389  
Hogan, J. B. Outworld Short Story Issue 198  
Hogan, J. B. The Benefit of the Doubt Short Story Issue 438  
Holborow, Wendy Snakemark Poetry Issue 847  
Holborow, Wendy Sponged Out Poetry Issue 849  
Holborow, Wendy Stirred Words Poetry Issue 845  
Hole, Donna Laughing at Butterflies Short Story Issue 744  
Hole, Donna Two Minutes in Tomorrow Short Story Issue 424  
Hole, Simon Hot Hand Short Story Issue 664  
Hollander, Arnold At a Town Hall Near You Poetry Issue 364  
Hollander, Arnold Dollar-Bill Phil Poetry Issue 417  
Hollander, Arnold Gotcha! Flash Fiction Issue 314  
Hollander, Arnold Halloween Night Poetry Issue 453  
Hollander, Arnold I’m Alive Poetry Issue 425  
Hollander, Arnold In Hiding Poetry Issue 381  
Hollander, Arnold In the Woods Poetry Issue 347  
Hollander, Arnold It's Raining Poetry Issue 370  
Hollander, Arnold Leaving Poetry Issue 361  
Hollander, Arnold Light and Dark Poetry Issue 345  
Hollander, Arnold Nuclear Midnight Poetry Issue 251  
Hollander, Arnold One for the Money Short Story Issue 388  
Hollander, Arnold H. Pluto Poetry Issue 217  
Hollander, Arnold Post-It Delirium Poetry Issue 299  
Hollander, Arnold Satisfaction Poetry Issue 373  
Hollander, Arnold Shadows Poetry Issue 275  
Hollander, Arnold Sitting in the Shade Poetry Issue 331  
Hollander, Arnold Star Trick Poetry Issue 422  
Hollander, Arnold The Battle of Words Poetry Issue 343  
Hollander, Arnold The Foot Treatment Flash Fiction Issue 334  
Hollander, Arnold The Proximity of Death Essay Issue 321  
Hollander, Arnold Two Red Chairs Poetry Issue 268  
Hollander, Arnold What Floor? Flash Fiction Issue 273  
Hollander, Arnold Whispers in My Mind Poetry Issue 336  
Hollinger, Timothy Yggdrasil Short Story Issue 251  
Hollingsworth, Donnie The Angel Poetry Issue 674  
Hollis, Marty Ice Song Poetry Issue 495  
Hollis, Marty Irish Graveyard Jig Poetry Issue 500  
Hollis, Marty The Cabin in the Hollow Poetry Issue 542  
Holub, David Beef Stew and Self-Loathing Short Story Issue 88  
Holzman, Shayne A Word Problem Essay Issue 439  
Holzman, Shayne Color My Face Short Story Issue 353  
Holzman, Shayne Mentally Unfit Short Story Issue 377  
Hone, Ara Will You Remember Me Short Story Issue 819  
Hooker, Tom A Case of Petit Mal Short Story Issue 859  
Hooker, Tom Vino Diaboli Short Story Issue 863  
Hooper, Jean Rosie and the Three Badgers Flash Fiction Contest 1  
Hoover, Kenneth Mark Tryst Short Story Issue 219  
Hoover, Mark The Engines of Manta-Geth Serial Issue 107 Author's bibliography
Horning, Edna C. A Spirit of Fun Short Story Issue 818  
Horning, Edna C. God Has One, Too Novella Issue 724 Author's bibliography
Horning, Edna C. MoJo the Mighty Short Story Issue 854  
Horning, Edna C. The Sign of the Cat Short Story Issue 775  
Horning, Edna C. Treasure for the Taking Short Story Issue 746  
Horton, Peggy T. She Did It Her Way Memoir Issue 496  
Houser, Hal The Real Six Degrees of Separation Short Story Issue 262  
Houston, Gabriela Before I Was Human Short Story Issue 635  
Houston, Graeme S. Don't Forget Your Dreams Between the Stars Short Story Issue 287  
Houston, S. D. Falling Shut Short Story Issue 348  
Howard, James Rip Tides of the Mind Poetry Issue 593  
Howard, Michael E. Skinned Cats Short Story Issue 399  
Howard-Hobson, Juleigh After the Ashen Spear Poetry Issue 210  
Howard-Hobson, Juleigh Soldiers by Night Short Story Issue 188  
Howe, J A Not Gonna Wait Short Story Issue 265  
Howe, Robert J. Pinocchio’s Diary Novella Issue 773 Author's bibliography
Hower, Sean Banishments Short Story Issue 109  
Hower, Sean Breaking Up, Breaking Down Flash Fiction Issue 147  
Hower, Sean Developer No Short Story Issue 111  
Hower, Sean Into the Burbs Short Story Issue 124  
Hower, Sean Over a Cup of Coffee Short Story Issue 207  
Hower, Sean Quietus Flash Fiction Issue 115  
Hower, Sean Stray Attachments Short Story Issue 204  
Hower, Sean The Coed, Some Ants, and a Flood Short Story Issue 405  
Hower, Sean The Road to Edo Short Story Issue 319  
Hower, Sean The Runner Short Story Issue 464  
Hower, Sean Tribal Huntress Short Story Issue 169  
Howse, Joseph A Liar's Grace Short Story Issue 292  
Howse, Joseph Blinkey Art Issue 273  
Howse, Joseph Cindy Snail Art Issue 274  
Howse, Joseph Shadow Art Issue 286  
Hueller, Patrick Sigh, O Narnia Short Story Issue 656  
Hugh, Chris The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo Short Story Issue 491  
Hughes, Landon Two Miles of Life Short Story Issue 123  
Hughes, Scott Songcaster and Little Dune Serial Issue 814 Author's bibliography
Hume, J. R. I, Romeo Short Story Issue 305  
Humphrey, Maurice A Celestial Squabble Poetry Issue 929  
Humphrey, Maurice A Week at the Beach Short Story Issue 852  
Humphrey, M. L. Interview with the Dungeon Master Short Story Issue 797  
Humphrey, Maurice Samuel and Irena Short Story Issue 801  
Humphrey, Romney S. The Northwest Corner Pool Short Story Issue 518  
Hunt, Angela N. Alice Assassin Flash Fiction Issue 239  
Hunt, Angela N. Fortunes Told While You Wait Flash Fiction Issue 225  
Hunt, Heather When the Spanish Ladies Sing Short Story Issue 822  
Hunter, Rob Cherokee Purple Serial Issue 364 Author's bibliography
Hunter, Rob Mark Twain in Milan Serial Issue 420 Author's bibliography
Hurwitz, Sara The Hole Short Story Issue 213  
Hutchinson, Lindsea L. Half Full Poetry Issue 464  
Hyslop, Jess Morning Light Drama Issue 446  

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