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Cimo, Deborah Conversation at Face Value Short Story Issue 134  
Cimo, Deborah The Chair Poetry Issue 136  
Cimo, Deborah The Eberaldi Tree Short Story Contest 1  
Cimo, Deborah The Waterpipe Poetry Issue 131  
Ciriello, Dario Tigger Walks the Planck Short Story Issue 165  
Clar, James C. Fire and Water Short Story Issue 316  
Clark, Andrew The Taxidermist Short Story Issue 210  
Clark, Brian That Other Guy Novella Issue 892 Author's bibliography
Clark, Elena The Time Travelers' Companion Flash Fiction Contest 2  
Clarke, Regina Logic Is a Halfway House Short Story Issue 489  
Clayton, Ed I See Shadows Short Story Issue 12  
Cleden, David Going by the Book Short Story Issue 562  
Cleden, David Snitch Short Story Issue 626  
Clegg, Jaleta Glutton's Purgatory Short Story Issue 360  
Clegg, Jaleta Just Like the Movies Short Story Issue 405  
Clifton, Gary A Lion in Summer Flash Fiction Issue 774  
Clifton, Gary A Mother’s Blessing Flash Fiction Issue 688  
Clifton, Gary Alien Medical Captives Short Story Issue 703  
Clifton, Gary Ambush at Hang Tree Gulch Short Story Issue 789
Clifton, Gary And the Rockets’ Red Glare Flash Fiction Issue 909  
Clifton, Gary Another New Guy Short Story Issue 663  
Clifton, Gary As Eternity Whispers Short Story Issue 761  
Clifton, Gary As Meg Sees It Flash Fiction Issue 902  
Clifton, Gary At Heaven’s Threshold Short Story Issue 625  
Clifton, Gary Bait and Switch Short Story Issue 764  
Clifton, Gary Bear Facts Flash Fiction Issue 710  
Clifton, Gary Blind Corners Flash Fiction Issue 671  
Clifton, Gary Border Jumpers Short Story Issue 723  
Clifton, Gary Buchanan and Tonya Short Story Issue 677  
Clifton, Gary Calvin’s Computer Flash Fiction Issue 830  
Clifton, Gary Captain Willie Whizboom Flash Fiction Issue 654  
Clifton, Gary Champion of the Batonians Short Story Issue 647  
Clifton, Gary Chickens Indeed Memoir Issue 919  
Clifton, Gary Circles in the Sand Short Story Issue 620  
Clifton, Gary Clean Sweep Flash Fiction Issue 847  
Clifton, Gary Dance Hall Bounty Hunters Short Story Issue 721  
Clifton, Gary Dead Ends Short Story Issue 690  
Clifton, Gary Double Take Short Story Issue 675  
Clifton, Gary Down Time Short Story Issue 905  
Clifton, Gary Due North From Uvalde Short Story Issue 708  
Clifton, Gary False Start Flash Fiction Issue 850  
Clifton, Gary Family Sand Short Story Issue 785  
Clifton, Gary Firing Back Short Story Issue 595  
Clifton, Gary Five Points Justice Short Story Issue 780  
Clifton, Gary Forever Allison Flash Fiction Issue 854  
Clifton, Gary Freddy’s Diner Short Story Issue 822  
Clifton, Gary Freedom at Last Flash Fiction Issue 767  
Clifton, Gary Gorillo Lightfeather, Nose Guard Short Story Issue 744  
Clifton, Gary Ground Rules Memoir Issue 876  
Clifton, Gary Happy Jack Flash Fiction Issue 720  
Clifton, Gary Harbor City Blues Short Story Issue 811  
Clifton, Gary Hill Country Showdown Short Story Issue 706  
Clifton, Gary Hold That Hot Phone Short Story Issue 836  
Clifton, Gary Home Free Flash Fiction Issue 716  
Clifton, Gary Homecoming Blues Flash Fiction Issue 844  
Clifton, Gary Horizon’s Shadow Short Story Issue 644  
Clifton, Gary In the Absence of Caution Flash Fiction Issue 662  
Clifton, Gary Infinity’s Conclusion Short Story Issue 503  
Clifton, Gary Just Another Mark Flash Fiction Issue 741  
Clifton, Gary Karma Bites Back Flash Fiction Issue 871  
Clifton, Gary Killer Clan Short Story Issue 757  
Clifton, Gary Little Tina’s Ear Short Story Issue 839  
Clifton, Gary Lost Souls Memoir Issue 858  
Clifton, Gary Lunch With a Killer Short Story Issue 686  
Clifton, Gary Madman at the Gate Flash Fiction Issue 682
Clifton, Gary Measure Twice, Cut Once Short Story Issue 739  
Clifton, Gary Mercy’s Indifference Flash Fiction Issue 907  
Clifton, Gary Misfire Flash Fiction Issue 668  
Clifton, Gary Mission Concluded Flash Fiction Issue 648  
Clifton, Gary Monster Divine Short Story Issue 614  
Clifton, Gary Murder at Dead Woman Pass Short Story Issue 571  
Clifton, Gary Murder Me Sweetly Serial Issue 894 Author's bibliography
Clifton, Gary Murder Me Tenderly Short Story Issue 679  
Clifton, Gary Murder Out of Hand Short Story Issue 658  
Clifton, Gary Necessity’s Burden Flash Fiction Issue 949  
Clifton, Gary New Guns in the Valley Short Story Issue 715  
Clifton, Gary Not Quite Twenty Flash Fiction Issue 862  
Clifton, Gary Odd Man In Short Story Issue 687  
Clifton, Gary Officer Rosie Short Story Issue 628  
Clifton, Gary Officer Rosie and the Mindburner Short Story Issue 642  
Clifton, Gary On Frailty’s Honor Short Story Issue 638  
Clifton, Gary Outside the Box Short Story Issue 946  
Clifton, Gary Perception of Frailty Short Story Issue 588  
Clifton, Gary Playing the Fool Short Story Issue 750  
Clifton, Gary Priority One Flash Fiction Issue 852  
Clifton, Gary Relative Matters Flash Fiction Issue 889  
Clifton, Gary Savage Sands Flash Fiction Issue 665  
Clifton, Gary Secondary Solutions Flash Fiction Issue 886  
Clifton, Gary Seeking Romance in Paradise Short Story Issue 722  
Clifton, Gary Small Matters Short Story Issue 809  
Clifton, Gary Staged Play Flash Fiction Issue 878  
Clifton, Gary Stiff Katies Short Story Issue 697  
Clifton, Gary Take Honor Against a Sea of Troubles Short Story Issue 746  
Clifton, Gary Temptation’s Limit Flash Fiction Issue 656  
Clifton, Gary The Casa Loma Players Flash Fiction Issue 646  
Clifton, Gary The Constable’s Duty Flash Fiction Issue 922  
Clifton, Gary The Dead Bin Novel Issue 725 Author's bibliography
Clifton, Gary The Del Rio Crossing Short Story Issue 692  
Clifton, Gary The Dragon Slayer’s Helper Short Story Issue 795  
Clifton, Gary The Keeper of the San Lo Gate Short Story Issue 598  
Clifton, Gary The Last Word Short Story Issue 842  
Clifton, Gary The Never Index Short Story Issue 567  
Clifton, Gary The Olaf Conundrum Flash Fiction Issue 777  
Clifton, Gary The Vortex Short Story Issue 864  
Clifton, Gary The Way to Sanctuary Town Flash Fiction Issue 824  
Clifton, Gary The Wrong Men Flash Fiction Issue 913  
Clifton, Gary Time In Short Story Issue 699  
Clifton, Gary Total Kill Flash Fiction Issue 880  
Clifton, Gary Trash and Deathburgers Short Story Issue 640  
Clifton, Gary Tricycle, Tricycle Flash Fiction Issue 860  
Clifton, Gary Twilight of the Iceman Flash Fiction Issue 755  
Clifton, Gary Under the San Luis Bridge Short Story Issue 867  
Clifton, Gary Wayward Dogs Flash Fiction Issue 827  
Clifton, Gary What Comes Around Flash Fiction Issue 651  
Clifton, Gary When We Needed You Flash Fiction Issue 813  
Clifton, Gary Where Nowhere Begins Short Story Issue 694  
Clifton, Gary Who Murdered Tulsa Rose? Short Story Issue 769  
Coburn, Jef Jade Novel Issue 892 Author's bibliography
Cochrane, Andrew Watching the Twilight Short Story Issue 383  
Cody, Laura Ridding the World of Vice Short Story Issue 912  
Coet, Ed Big Bertha Short Story Issue 243  
Coet, Ed David's Angel Short Story Issue 234  
Coet, Ed Simon and Papa John Short Story Issue 245  
Coffey, Gaius The Anti-Zombification Properties of Pâté de foie gras Flash Fiction Issue 368  
Coffman, Frank Portent of Doom Poetry Issue 764  
Coffman, Frank Thessalonike Poetry Issue 763  
Cohen, Ernest B. Summer Poetry Issue 579  
Cohen, Ernest B. Sysman Short Story Issue 489  
Coker, Zane Victim of the Avenues Serial Issue 299 Author's bibliography
Colbert, Jazzy Living With OCD Monster Poetry Issue 844  
Cole, C. A. The Ineffableness of Non-Genetic Inheritance Short Story Issue 208  
Cole, Carol A. Time for the Tide Flash Fiction Issue 309  
Cole, Charles C. A Boy and His Kite Flash Fiction Issue 704  
Cole, Charles C. A Brief Public Rest Memoir Issue 564  
Cole, Charles C. A Cosmic Appeal Flash Fiction Issue 563  
Cole, Charles C. A Farewell to Mom Flash Fiction Issue 923  
Cole, Charles C. A Grampa’s Tale Flash Fiction Issue 619  
Cole, Charles C. A Lesser Immortal Flash Fiction Issue 502  
Cole, Charles C. A Locket With a Past Flash Fiction Issue 459  
Cole, Charles C. A Long Way Home Short Story Issue 467  
Cole, Charles C. A Message Served Cold Flash Fiction Issue 604  
Cole, Charles C. A Pantoum of Everyday Intercourse Flash Fiction Issue 798  
Cole, Charles C. A Perfect Day for Alewife Fishing Flash Fiction Issue 821  
Cole, Charles C. A Personal Investigation Flash Fiction
Issue 631  
Cole, Charles C. A Portable Childhood Memoir Issue 568  
Cole, Charles C. A Post-Human Conversation Flash Fiction Issue 910  
Cole, Charles C. A Prisoner of Habit Flash Fiction Issue 813  
Cole, Charles C. A Short History of the Secular Church Drama Issue 613  
Cole, Charles C. A Visitor in the Night Memoir Issue 460  
Cole, Charles C. A Way to Win Drama Issue 665  
Cole, Charles C. After Working With Lucy Flash Fiction Issue 937  
Cole, Charles C. Alien Abduction Abduction Memoir Issue 579  
Cole, Charles C. An Apocalyptic Relationship Flash Fiction Issue 841  
Cole, Charles C. An Early Teacher Flash Fiction Issue 708  
Cole, Charles C. Answering the Call Flash Fiction Issue 602  
Cole, Charles C. Auto-ism Flash Fiction Issue 835  
Cole, Charles C. Bad Rhyming Syndrome Flash Fiction Issue 901  
Cole, Charles C. Beauregard the Beatific Flash Fiction Issue 795  
Cole, Charles C. Behind the Clerk’s Smile Flash Fiction Issue 512  
Cole, Charles C. Better Off Forgotten Memoir Issue 676  
Cole, Charles C. Blinking Lights in the Night Sky Flash Fiction Issue 887  
Cole, Charles C. Bluets, Ferns and Ashes Flash Fiction Issue 848  
Cole, Charles C. Brother Bushranger’s Inkpot Flash Fiction Issue 936  
Cole, Charles C. Brother Jacinto’s Mission Short Story Issue 660  
Cole, Charles C. Bugs Drama Issue 689  
Cole, Charles C. Cards of Comfort Flash Fiction Issue 931  
Cole, Charles C. Cemetery Blues Flash Fiction Issue 572  
Cole, Charles C. Channeling Dad Flash Fiction Issue 584  
Cole, Charles C. Chef Antoni in Space Flash Fiction Issue 906  
Cole, Charles C. Chester and Boo Flash Fiction Issue 899  
Cole, Charles C. Cloudy With a Chance of Visitors Flash Fiction Issue 929  
Cole, Charles C. Collector’s Items Flash Fiction Issue 855  
Cole, Charles C. Collision Course Flash Fiction Issue 733  
Cole, Charles C. Company Business Flash Fiction Issue 463  
Cole, Charles C. Dealing With the Little Things Flash Fiction Issue 615  
Cole, Charles C. Deegan Meets Jell-O Man Drama Issue 639  
Cole, Charles C. Discovered in a Library Memoir Issue 817  
Cole, Charles C. Dollard’s Perception Flash Fiction Issue 809  
Cole, Charles C. Down-Home Hunting Flash Fiction Issue 853  
Cole, Charles C. Dumb Mowers Flash Fiction Issue 582  
Cole, Charles C. Dwight Janko Saves the Human Race Flash Fiction Issue 611  
Cole, Charles C. Equivocation Flash Fiction Issue 672  
Cole, Charles C. Everybody Wins Drama Issue 607  
Cole, Charles C. Farewell, Solitary Loon Flash Fiction Issue 844  
Cole, Charles C. Final Gifts Flash Fiction Issue 529  
Cole, Charles C. Fire Fly Drama Issue 625  
Cole, Charles C. Foolish Destroyers of Comfort and Peace Flash Fiction Issue 932  
Cole, Charles C. Frank Spooner’s Last Words Flash Fiction Issue 574  
Cole, Charles C. Franklin Figgy Pudding Pierce Flash Fiction Issue 549  
Cole, Charles C. Frost Heave Flash Fiction Issue 700  
Cole, Charles C. Getting Even Drama Issue 834  
Cole, Charles C. Ginger Flash Fiction Issue 580  
Cole, Charles C. Gomer Flash Fiction Issue 897  
Cole, Charles C. Happee Halloween Drama Issue 641  
Cole, Charles C. Happy Transition Day Drama Issue 657  
Cole, Charles C. Hart 2.0 Drama Issue 627  
Cole, Charles C. Hello, Future Flash Fiction Issue 823  
Cole, Charles C. Hiking With Angels Flash Fiction Issue 836  
Cole, Charles C. Hitchhiking Memories Memoir Issue 535  
Cole, Charles C. Ice Dream Flash Fiction Issue 870  
Cole, Charles C. Independences Flash Fiction Issue 566  
Cole, Charles C. I'll Never Lose Affection Flash Fiction Issue 837  
Cole, Charles C. Janthyn the Desperate Flash Fiction Issue 895  
Cole, Charles C. Julia’s Hellmark Card Flash Fiction Issue 469  
Cole, Charles C. Katy Byed Flash Fiction Issue 811  
Cole, Charles C. Ledgework Flash Fiction Issue 561  
Cole, Charles C. Leilani and Me Memoir Issue 947  
Cole, Charles C. Let Him Eat Cake Flash Fiction Issue 592  
Cole, Charles C. Life, Interrupted Flash Fiction Issue 578  
Cole, Charles C. Magic Night at the Farm Drama Issue 908  
Cole, Charles C. Make No Mistake Flash Fiction Issue 686  
Cole, Charles C. Make Way For the Duck Family Drama Issue 754  
Cole, Charles C. Mars Minus Two Flash Fiction Issue 590  
Cole, Charles C. Mirror Twins Flash Fiction Issue 749  
Cole, Charles C. Moonflower Flash Fiction Issue 465  
Cole, Charles C. Mothers and Son Flash Fiction Issue 538  
Cole, Charles C. Mr. McCluskey’s Occupation Flash Fiction Issue 693  
Cole, Charles C. Mr. Pater Holidays in Maine Flash Fiction Issue 806  
Cole, Charles C. Murder in New Eden Novel Issue 762 Author's bibliography
Cole, Charles C. My Friend the Bully Memoir Issue 869  
Cole, Charles C. My Gypsy Mother Flash Fiction Issue 691  
Cole, Charles C. My House Call Flash Fiction Issue 894  
Cole, Charles C. My New Neighbor From Outer Space Flash Fiction Issue 920  
Cole, Charles C. Near Isleboro Flash Fiction Issue 648  
Cole, Charles C. Neighbors at the Gates Flash Fiction Issue 623  
Cole, Charles C. No Kiss, No Hug Flash Fiction Issue 930  
Cole, Charles C. Non-reunification Flash Fiction Issue 944  
Cole, Charles C. Northbound on Boutilier’s Way Flash Fiction Issue 938  
Cole, Charles C. Notes From a Normal Boy Flash Fiction Issue 885  
Cole, Charles C. Now Departing Drama Issue 702  
Cole, Charles C. Old Man Branson Wakes Up Flash Fiction Issue 802  
Cole, Charles C. Once More, With Feeling Drama Issue 742  
Cole, Charles C. One Winter Near San Francisco Memoir Issue 861  
Cole, Charles C. Owning My Mistake Memoir Issue 850  
Cole, Charles C. Pain Beach Flash Fiction Issue 711  
Cole, Charles C. Performance Art in Hollywood Flash Fiction Issue 737  
Cole, Charles C. Philo Returns Home Flash Fiction Issue 934  
Cole, Charles C. Pioneer Justice on a Distant Planet Flash Fiction Issue 874  
Cole, Charles C. Polysapien Spacemen: the Rightly Stuffed Flash Fiction Issue 872  
Cole, Charles C. Prospecting on Island X Flash Fiction Issue 598  
Cole, Charles C. Rare Dining Drama Issue 594  
Cole, Charles C. Reading an Old Letter Memoir Issue 879  
Cole, Charles C. Releasing Shirley Drama Issue 669  
Cole, Charles C. Remembering Boot Camp Memoir Issue 555  
Cole, Charles C. Remembering the Hyperopiac Man Flash Fiction Issue 739  
Cole, Charles C. Royal Out of Season Flash Fiction Issue 804  
Cole, Charles C. Rules for Civil Disengagement Flash Fiction Issue 747  
Cole, Charles C. Science Comes Calling Flash Fiction Issue 601  
Cole, Charles C. Silverfish Flash Fiction Issue 552  
Cole, Charles C. Sisters of Promise Flash Fiction Issue 629  
Cole, Charles C. Something More for Winter Flash Fiction Issue 609  
Cole, Charles C. Speaking for a Friend Memoir Issue 886  
Cole, Charles C. Speed Hating Flash Fiction Issue 531  
Cole, Charles C. Stel Flash Fiction Issue 533  
Cole, Charles C. Strange Invader Flash Fiction Issue 706  
Cole, Charles C. Strange Neighbors Memoir Issue 826  
Cole, Charles C. Supernatural Reunion Flash Fiction Issue 830  
Cole, Charles C. Symptoms of a New Age Short Story Issue 497  
Cole, Charles C. That Damned Creak Flash Fiction Issue 504  
Cole, Charles C. That Palm Springs Style Flash Fiction Issue 683  
Cole, Charles C. The 50th Annual Life Partner Shindig Flash Fiction Issue 851  
Cole, Charles C. The Abduction Chronicles Serial Issue 474 Author's bibliography
Cole, Charles C. The All-In Game Drama Issue 633  
Cole, Charles C. The Bitter Dead Flash Fiction Issue 557  
Cole, Charles C. The Bitter Living Drama Issue 600  
Cole, Charles C. The Call from Mountainview Road Drama Issue 617  
Cole, Charles C. The Cat Who Came in From the Rain Memoir Issue 493  
Cole, Charles C. The Chair That Brought Opportunity Flash Fiction Issue 948  
Cole, Charles C. The Corner Lot Flash Fiction Issue 859  
Cole, Charles C. The Cryptid in the Break Room Essay Issue 471  
Cole, Charles C. The Dungeon Keeper’s Mission Flash Fiction Issue 570  
Cole, Charles C. The Far Flash Fiction Issue 745  
Cole, Charles C. The Gatekeeper Flash Fiction Issue 884  
Cole, Charles C. The Good Qualities of the Deceased Flash Fiction Issue 925  
Cole, Charles C. The Habiliments of Home Flash Fiction Issue 888  
Cole, Charles C. The Kindness of Strangers Memoir Issue 495  
Cole, Charles C. The Koenig Incident Short Story Issue 483  
Cole, Charles C. The Lady of Lake Therese Flash Fiction Issue 877  
Cole, Charles C. The Last Day of The Ugly Man Flash Fiction Issue 725  
Cole, Charles C. The Last Victory Short Story Issue 545  
Cole, Charles C. The Long-Distance Call Flash Fiction Issue 892  
Cole, Charles C. The Mechanical Engineer Flash Fiction Issue 678  
Cole, Charles C. The Most Powerful Emotion Flash Fiction Issue 527  
Cole, Charles C. The Neighborhood Business Flash Fiction Issue 940  
Cole, Charles C. The Other Woman Flash Fiction Issue 917  
Cole, Charles C. The Platonic Friends Society Drama Issue 588  
Cole, Charles C. The Purpose of Letters Flash Fiction Issue 914  
Cole, Charles C. The Return of Papa Gampu Flash Fiction Issue 928  
Cole, Charles C. The Rug Man Drama Issue 731  
Cole, Charles C. The Subtle Hydropathist Flash Fiction Issue 735  
Cole, Charles C. The Unexpected Passenger Flash Fiction Issue 950  
Cole, Charles C. The Violence Around and in Us Flash Fiction Issue 912  
Cole, Charles C. The Walls Have Mouths Memoir Issue 832  
Cole, Charles C. The White-Faced Dog Flash Fiction Issue 674  
Cole, Charles C. The Wizard’s Mule Short Story Issue 761  
Cole, Charles C. This Means Warma Flash Fiction Issue 576  
Cole, Charles C. Threadbare and Alone Flash Fiction Issue 801  
Cole, Charles C. To the Devil His Due Flash Fiction Issue 586  
Cole, Charles C. Tuffy McShane Supports the Arts Flash Fiction Issue 815  
Cole, Charles C. Undead Rendezvous Flash Fiction Issue 547  
Cole, Charles C. Until Next Time Drama Issue 621  
Cole, Charles C. Unveiling the Authentic Sentence Flash Fiction Issue 881  
Cole, Charles C. Vermouth and Cigarettes Memoir Issue 596  
Cole, Charles C. Wet Coriander Drama Issue 727  
Cole, Charles C. What We Do Together Serial Issue 679 Author's bibliography
Cole, Charles C. When I Knew Big Foot Flash Fiction Issue 752  
Cole, Charles C. Will the Real Adult Please Stand Up? Flash Fiction Issue 865  
Cole, Charles C. With Loss of Hands Flash Fiction Issue 846  
Cole, Charles C. Working With Lucy Flash Fiction Issue 915  
Cole, Jedd Eyes for the Inquisitor’s Children Short Story Issue 589  
Cole, Jedd Quantified Man Short Story Issue 606  
Cole, Merrill A Gray Princess Short Story Issue 532  
Coleoptera , Pittagarus K More of My So-Called Normal Life Article Issue 6  
Coleoptera , Pittagarus K My Normal Life Article Issue 5  
Coley, N. D. Megan’s Shift Serial Issue 873 Author's bibliography
Coley, N. D. The Last Station Short Story Issue 904  
Collier, Taylor The Pickfords Short Story Issue 204  
Collins, Michael J. Madhouse Soundtrack Poetry Issue 792  
Collins, Michael Reembezzlement Short Story Issue 147  
Collins, Michael J. Red Dancer Poetry Issue 788  
Collins, Michael J. Where Are the Ghosts? Poetry Issue 790  
Collins, Michael S. The Watcher Short Story Issue 439  
Collins, Michael ZVSM Short Story Issue 179  
Colón, Claire Yvette Prince Charming and the Lady Syncyre Short Story Issue 95  
Combs, Rick Me and Joe Short Story Issue 116  
Combs, Rick Teacher Short Story Issue 62  
Combs, Rick The Darker Side of Writing Article Issue 118  
Combs, Rick The Lady's Painting Serial Issue 60 Author's bibliography
Combs, Rick The Leader Short Story Issue 59  
Combs, Rick The Long, Dark Tunnel Short Story Issue 67  
Conine, Richard A. Lonely Planet Short Story Issue 559  
Conine, Richard A. Raft Short Story Issue 531  
Conlee, Jude Steps 1 to 10 Short Story Issue 672  
Connelley, John D. A Childhood Memory Short Story Issue 886  
Connelley, John D. Stories in the Sand Flash Fiction Issue 948  
Connolly, Daniel S. The Luck of the Beekeeper Short Story Issue 308  
Connor, Cat How Much Is Gold Worth? Short Story Issue 296  
Connor, Cat Tracks Short Story Issue 279  
Connor, Leighton Ross Fulton's Shattered Soul Short Story Issue 202  
Connor, Leighton The Rosamund Trap Short Story Issue 171  
Conrad, Lynne Road Rage Short Story Issue 825  
Conteur, Darke Strings Short Story Issue 461  
Conway, John C. Letters to the Luminiferous Aether Flash Fiction Issue 482  
Coombes, Mike Falling for Maggie Short Story Issue 190  
Coon, Scott Enduring Winter Short Story Issue 849  
Coon, Scott D. Heroes of the Hydra Short Story Issue 469  
Coon, Scott D. The Hero Rush Short Story Issue 460  
Coon, Scott D. The Laughing Bombs Short Story Issue 448  
Coon, Scott The Loneliest Advertisement Bot Short Story Issue 800  
Coon, Scott D. The Workforce Drive Serial Issue 713 Not available
Cooper, Benjamin Manning the Cannon Short Story Issue 481  
Cooper, Loren W. His Other Face Serial Issue 752 Author's bibliography
Coppola, Marta T. Because My Mouth Poetry Issue 350  
Coppola, Marta T. Even Roses Poetry Issue 352  
Coppola, Marta T. Fortune Cookie Poetry Issue 354  
Coppola, Marta T. G Minor 7 Poetry Issue 356  
Coppola, Marta T. Miltonian Dissonance Poetry Issue 358  
Coppola, Marta T. Sensing Poetry Issue 360  
Coppola, Marta T. World Round Grape Poetry Issue 362  
Corbitt, Diana Night Games Short Story Issue 561  
Corddry, Jill Homeward Bound Short Story Issue 555  
Cordingley, Ian Baby Stay Young Short Story Issue 283  
Cordingley, Ian Base Ten Short Story Issue 333  
Cordingley, Ian Cleaving of the Mind Short Story Issue 298  
Cordingley, Ian Executives of Neon Death Short Story Issue 501  
Cordingley, Ian For Your Tomorrow Short Story Issue 499  
Cordingley, Ian From a Distance Short Story Issue 456  
Cordingley, Ian Here Today Short Story Issue 231  
Cordingley, Ian Here With Me Now Short Story Issue 308  
Cordingley, Ian Marked Short Story Issue 228  
Cordingley, Ian Mental Block Short Story Issue 301  
Cordingley, Ian Pushing the Sky Away Short Story Issue 571  
Cordingley, Ian Singapore Flash Fiction Issue 285  
Cordingley, Ian Standing Athwart History Short Story Issue 524  
Cordingley, Ian To the Horizon Short Story Issue 547  
Cordingley, Ian We Are the Dead Short Story Issue 363  
Cormick, Craig Cook Loses His Heart to the Native Girls Short Story Issue 610  
Cornell, Christopher Growing Season Short Story Issue 544  
Corrigan, Mickey J. Brave New Lit Flash Fiction Issue 838  
Corrigan, Mickey Trigger Warnings: Home; Lit Prof; First Trigger Novella Issue 858 Author's bibliography
Corrigan, Noel Old Sea Tales Short Story Issue 928  
Cortalezzi, Claudia The Prey (and original Spanish version: La Presa) Short Story Issue 442  
Corvalan, Augusto Today's the Day Short Story Issue 314  
Corzett, Laurie Future's God Poetry Issue 379  
Costa, Paul Edward Priests of the Khravik Short Story Issue 806  
Costello, Bruce All at Once Flash Fiction Issue 600  
Costello, Bruce Man to Man Short Story Issue 593  
Costello, Bruce Me and Heather McGee Short Story Issue 624  
Costello, Bruce Reality Jolt Short Story Issue 595  
Costello, Bruce Sharp Cuts Flash Fiction Issue 599  
Costello, Bruce The Hole Truth Flash Fiction Issue 614  
Coulombe, Gerard Slash Slash, Screech Screech Poetry Issue 807  
Coulter-Pultz, Jude A Park Bench on Death Row Flash Fiction Issue 367  
Coundjeris, Catherine A Floating City Poetry Issue 938  
Coundjeris, Catherine A History of Dragons Poetry Issue 940  
Coundjeris, Catherine How the Golden Goose Came To Be Poetry Issue 934  
Coundjeris, Catherine The Year of the Firebird Poetry Issue 936  
Cover, Arthur B. Elvis at 50 Short Story Issue 623  
Coverley, Harris A Rant on Man: an Anti-Misanthropy Poetry Issue 851  
Coverley, Harris Don’t Praise the Machine Poetry Issue 808  
Coverley, Harris The Mist-Walkers Poetry Issue 881  
Coverley, Harris Warm, Lazy Evening Poetry Issue 820  
Cox, Tammy My Demon Spawn Short Story Issue 164  
Cox, Tammy Visits Short Story Issue 160  
Coyle, Kevin Genshi Bakudan Short Story Issue 237  
Crabtree, Neil Assume Short Story Issue 312  
Crabtree, Neil Fred and Anna Short Story Issue 255  
Crabtree, Neil Land of Opportunity Short Story Issue 271  
Crabtree, Neil While Researching a Horror Story Short Story Issue 361  
Craggs, John Processionary Flash Fiction Issue 247  
Crandall, Rob All Things Are Possible Short Story Issue 318  
Crandall, Rob Harper's Pond Short Story Issue 354  
Crandall, Rob In the Hole Flash Fiction Issue 509  
Crandall, Rob Karlo’s Curiosity Shop Short Story Issue 696  
Crandall, Rob Never Alone Short Story Issue 309  
Crawford, Gary William Curtain Call Flash Fiction Issue 252  
Crawford, Gary W. Gangrene Short Story Issue 319  
Crawford, Gary W. His Ghost Short Story Issue 311  
Crawford, Gary W. The Beautiful Signature Short Story Issue 314  
Crawford, Gary W. The Seminar Flash Fiction Issue 361  
Creek, Patrick Master Fairchild’s Garden Short Story Issue 847  
Cress, Edward The Lifelong Friendship of Dr. Atwood and Jonas Short Story Issue 518  
Crisler, Lincoln Farewell Engagement Short Story Issue 265  
Crist, Kenneth James The Ganymede Murders Novella Issue 13 Author's bibliography
Crist, Kenneth J. Mindgames Novelette Issue 16  
Crist, Kenneth J. Static Short Story Issue 14  
Crocker, Joe Coy Carp Poetry Issue 903  
Croitoru, Elena When the World’s Echoes Stopped Short Story Issue 642  
Cronhower-Avery Esq. Jsr. Ph.D. the Grate -III.5, Professor-Reverend Lo' James d;e Pain Poetry Issue 13  
Cronhower-Avery Esq. Jsr. Ph.D. the Grate -III.5, Professor-Reverend Lo' James d;e Will, I? Short Story Issue 10  
Cronin, Paul Hector’s Walk Short Story Issue 112  
Crook, Jeff Intermission Between the Opening of the Sixth and Seventh Seals Flash Fiction Issue 197  
Crook, Sandra Another Day in Paradise Flash Fiction Issue 475  
Crook, Sandra Bossy and the Beast Flash Fiction Issue 493  
Crook, Sandra Counting the Minutes Flash Fiction Issue 459  
Crook, Sandra Cyber Power Flash Fiction Issue 444  
Crook, Sandra A Bit More Up Top Flash Fiction Issue 448  
Crook, Sandra Faith Stealer Flash Fiction Issue 458  
Crook, Sandra No Secrets Now Short Story Issue 479  
Crook, Sandra The Bottom Line Flash Fiction Issue 450  
Crook, Sandra The Rag and Bone Man Memoir Issue 464  
Crook, Sandra The Two Swans Flash Fiction Issue 461  
Crook, Sandra Visiting Hour Flash Fiction Issue 446  
Crook, Sandra Waving Goodbye Flash Fiction Issue 454  
Cross, Daniel R. Visions of Truth Flash Fiction Issue 305  
Crossan, Dorothy Still Life Short Story Issue 339  
Crouch, Jeff Achab's Moon Landing Art Issue 215  
Crouch, Jeff Convenience Store Mirage Art Issue 213  
Crouch, Jeff Dallas in Red Brick Art Issue 213  
Crouch, Jeff Enoch Ascends Art Issue 218  
Crouch, Jeff In the Garden of the Moon Art Issue 214  
Crouch, Jeff Temple of the Cloud Art Issue 213  
Crowley, Tom Death Diminishes Short Story Issue 752  
Crowley, Tom When Working Memory Retires Serial Issue 779 Author's bibliography
Cruz, Reina Sombrerón Flash Fiction Issue 793  
Cruz, Ron J. Ferris Wheel Short Story Issue 516  
Crystalwizard A Day Begins in Gold Poetry Issue 937  
Crystalwizard Alien West Art Issue 598  
Crystalwizard All Through the Night Flash Fiction Issue 381  
Crystalwizard Autumn in Arizona Poetry Issue 793  
Crystalwizard Autumn’s Art Poetry Issue 736  
Crystalwizard Best Laid Plans Flash Fiction Issue 291  
Crystalwizard Breaking Points Short Story Issue 261  
Crystalwizard Cat vs. Rain Poetry Issue 774  
Crystalwizard Chance Meeting Art Issue 752  
Crystalwizard Coffee Talk Flash Fiction Issue 887  
Crystalwizard Dragon Tower Art Issue 272  
Crystalwizard ET Reader Art Issue 603  
Crystalwizard Final Exam Short Story Issue 244  
Crystalwizard Forest Dweller Poetry Issue 355  
Crystalwizard Ghostly Visions Art Issue 229  
Crystalwizard Home, Sweet Home Short Story Issue 486  
Crystalwizard Horsing Around Art Issue 754  
Crystalwizard Hypermodern Reader Art Issue 681  
Crystalwizard I Know You Poetry Issue 359  
Crystalwizard I Know You Poetry Issue 795  
Crystalwizard Island Princess Art Issue 711  
Crystalwizard It's Time Flash Fiction Issue 233  
Crystalwizard Kitty Cat poems Poetry Issue 247  
Crystalwizard Knitted Fractal Art Issue 727  
Crystalwizard Lulu-Belle and The One That Got Away Short Story Issue 249  
Crystalwizard Magic Tricks Art Issue 758  
Crystalwizard Memory Hole Poetry Issue 597  
Crystalwizard Mr. Cat Poetry Issue 712  
Crystalwizard On the Snowy High Road Flash Fiction Issue 837  
Crystalwizard Port Taranus Art Issue 250  
Crystalwizard Quantum Fantasy Poetry Issue 880  
Crystalwizard Rainbow Embrace Art Issue 253  
Crystalwizard Schoolgirl Commando Art Issue 726  
Crystalwizard Scientific Imagination Poetry Issue 768  
Crystalwizard Ships Art Issue 270  
Crystalwizard Sixpence Poetry Issue 248  
Crystalwizard Snoll and Books Art Issue 271  
Crystalwizard Space Pyramid Art Issue 707  
Crystalwizard Spellbound Novel Issue 273 Author's bibliography
Crystalwizard Storytime Art Issue 683  
Crystalwizard Stryker's Tail Short Story Issue 236  
Crystalwizard The Driver Flash Fiction Issue 339  
Crystalwizard The Gazebo Flash Fiction Issue 235  
Crystalwizard The Guest House Poetry Issue 282  
Crystalwizard The Lion Hunter Art Issue 303  
Crystalwizard The Peduncle Poetry Issue 703  
Crystalwizard The Poet's Lament Poetry Issue 228  
Crystalwizard The Sculptor Flash Fiction Issue 240  
Crystalwizard The Station Flash Fiction Issue 242  
Crystalwizard The Sun Sets Poetry Issue 595  
Cummings, Ray The Girl In The Golden Atom (Reprint) Special Feature / Novel Issue 21 Not available
Cummings, Thomas Skin Trade Short Story Issue 19  
Cummings, Thomas VV Short Story Issue 18  
Cunder, AJ Mirror, Mirror in the Pool Short Story Issue 760  
Curtis, Kaci All That Stood Between Short Story Issue 915  
Cusimano, Alessandro Agony in a Cage Poetry Issue 476  
Cusimano, Alessandro Almatango Poetry Issue 481  
Cusimano, Alessandro Amsterdam Wide Dreams Poetry Issue 450  
Cusimano, Alessandro August (and original Italian version: Augusto) Poetry Issue 484  
Cusimano, Alessandro Babylon (and original Italian version: Babilionia) Poetry Issue 460  
Cusimano, Alessandro Boogeychild Poetry Issue 470  
Cusimano, Alessandro Cockaigne Poetry Issue 494  
Cusimano, Alessandro Echoes of Lisbon Poetry Issue 474  
Cusimano, Alessandro Excellent Madman Poetry Issue 483  
Cusimano, Alessandro Hollywood Nymph Poetry Issue 468  
Cusimano, Alessandro Incubus Poetry Issue 496  
Cusimano, Alessandro Mercury Mission Prose Poetry Issue 452  
Cusimano, Alessandro Our Lady of Bohemia (and original Italian version: Nostra Signora di Boemia) Poetry Issue 464  
Cusimano, Alessandro Planet Azure Flash Fiction Issue 482  
Cusimano, Alessandro Queen of All Flowers (and original Italian version: La Virtù delle Rose) Poetry Issue 455  
Cusimano, Alessandro Riot Poetry Issue 488  
Cusimano, Alessandro The Brigade (and original Italian version: La Brigata) Poetry Issue 472  
Cusimano, Alessandro The Flowery Meadow (and original Italian version: Il Prato fiorito) Poetry Issue 486  
Cusimano, Alessandro The Lie (and original Italian version: La Menzogna) Poetry Issue 462  
Cusimano, Alessandro The Nation (and original Italian version: La Nazione) Poetry Issue 458  
Cusimano, Alessandro Thunderbolt Poetry Issue 492  
Cusimano, Alessandro Walpurgis Night (and original Italian version: Notte di Valpurga) Poetry Issue 453  
Cusimano, Alessandro War Cry on the Stone Earth (& original Italian: Grido di Guerra sulla Pietra Terra) Poetry Issue 466  
Cusumano, Joseph Roman Holiday Short Story Issue 766  
Cutting, EK Let Frank Handle It Short Story Issue 774  
D., Osiris Creation Poetry Issue 540  
D’Agosta, Tristan The Last Bottle Short Story Issue 310  
Dagstine, Lawrence R. Orion's Dendrites Serial Issue 156 Author's bibliography
Daia, Andreea The Price of Remembering Short Story Issue 718  
Dakovski, Dimitar The Perfect Form Short Story Issue 910  
Dale, S. Moamrath in the Media Essay Issue 172  
Daley, Matthew Dispatches from Rovil 4 Poetry Issue 896  
Dallas, Donna Midnight in the Garden of Words Poetry Issue 808  
Dallas, Donna Moontalk Poetry Issue 806  
Dallas, Donna Passing Thoughts Poetry Issue 802  
Dallas, Donna Portrait of a Woman Poetry Issue 804  
Dalligan, Mark Adam's Ale Flash Fiction Issue 316  
Dalligan, Mark Green Flash Fiction Issue 310  
Dalligan, Mark Settling Down Flash Fiction Issue 273  
Dalton, Ryan P. Poison Control Short Story Issue 881  
Daniel, Thomas Dylan The Price of Bliss Eternal Serial Issue 855 Author's bibliography
Danielson, Scott & Spud, The Invincible What Really Happened During the Hugo Awards Ceremony Article Issue 8  
Darnell, Sean M. The Anti-Thesis Essay Issue 239  
Dasef, Marva Fair's Fair Flash Fiction Issue 188  
Daumit, David F. Parity Short Story Issue 505  
Davidson, Margaret B. Bert's Dilemma Flash Fiction Issue 222  
Davidson, Shae By the Lake: the Trees, Singing Short Story Issue 360  
Davies, Caroline A Land Where Beauty Sleeps Poetry Issue 216  
Davies, Caroline M. All That Summer She Was Mad Flash Fiction Issue 198  
Davies, Caroline M. Lettuce Meditations Poetry Issue 265  
Davies, Caroline Man on an Aeroplane Poetry Issue 214  
Davies, Caroline Nettles Singing Poetry Issue 238  
Davies, Caroline Under the Waterfall Poetry Issue 223  
Davies, Caroline M. Writing a Sestina & Mother's Song
Poetry Issue 197  
Davies, Colin P. A Touch of Earth Short Story Issue 190  
Davies, Colin P. Clifford and the Bookmole Short Story Issue 197  
Davies, Colin P. Dust to Dust Short Story Issue 209  
Davies, Colin P. Happy Halloween Short Story Issue 265  
Davies, Colin P. Henry Jumps a Shark Short Story Issue 400  
Davies, Colin P. Her Precipitous Pride, His Lamentable Ears Short Story Issue 267  
Davies, Colin P. Pestworld Serial Issue 233 Author's bibliography
Davies, Colin P. The Evangelist Short Story Issue 183  
Davies, Colin P. The Monster on Mandrake Street Serial Issue 361 Author's bibliography
Davies, Colin P. The Thing from The Thing from Another World Short Story Issue 181  
Davies, Colin P. & Redd, David A Divine Madness Short Story Issue 221  
Davies, Phil The Arianthids Short Story Issue 530  
Davis, Arthur Dunsmoor Short Story Issue 651  
Davis, Arthur I Have Become the Leopard Short Story Issue 506  
Davis, Arthur Lost & Found Short Story Issue 523  
Davis, Arthur The Curse of the Lighthouse Short Story Issue 566  
Davis, Arthur The Games of Fifth Avenue Short Story Issue 724  
Davis, Arthur The Man Who Sold Time Serial Issue 682 Author's bibliography
Davis, Arthur The Morland Basking Plain Novella Issue 864 Author's bibliography
Davis, Arthur The Perfect Circle Short Story Issue 919  
Davis, Fiona The Dream Machine Short Story Issue 282  
Davis, Fiona The Far Side of the Moon Flash Fiction Issue 298  
Davis, Fiona The Test Flash Fiction Issue 295  
Davis, Jewel B. A Small Miracle Flash Fiction Issue 539  
Davis, Jewel Beth Flak Short Story Issue 458  
Davis, Jewel B. The Bullfrog’s Vision Short Story Issue 536  
Davis, Jewel Beth The Glow Boy Short Story Issue 462  
Davis, Melissa Snow Falls Flash Fiction Issue 558  
Davis, Steve Risks of Being Human Short Story Issue 621  
Dawson, Allie The Logician and the Selkie Serial Issue 681 Author's bibliography
Dawson, Robert S. The Only Shelter Short Story Issue 935  
Day, Holly Discipline Poetry Issue 346  
Day, Holly Letting Go of the Conceit Poetry Issue 811  
Day, Holly Signs of Early Spring Poetry Issue 349  
de Anda, Gabriel S. Castles in the Sky Novella Issue 914 Author's bibliography
De La Garza, Lela Marie The Door Short Story Issue 577  
de la Mare, Rosie A Heavy Burden Flash Fiction Issue 291  
de Régnier, Henri Mr. d’Andercausse’s Candle (translated by Michael Wooff) Short Story Issue 922  
Deadwood, Oscar After the Fall of Love Short Story Issue 185  
Deadwood, Oscar Asylum Flight Short Story Issue 184  
Deadwood, Oscar The Vinyl Crusade Flash Fiction Issue 210  
DeAmaral, Melissa Lazy Evenings Poetry Issue 846  
Dean, Ken Gifted Short Story Issue 305  
Dean, Ken Julie and the View Short Story Issue 241  
Dean, Lance Brain Dead Peep Star Dreams Serial Issue 769 Author's bibliography
Debenham, Graham A Matter of Time Serial Issue 440 Author's bibliography
Debenham, Graham Invisible Government Short Story Issue 470  
Debenham, Graham Past Imperfect Serial Issue 381 Author's bibliography
DeBord, Amanda K. If You Pick at It, It Will Never Heal Essay Issue 193  
Deegan, J. E. The Last Page Short Story Issue 278  
DeHart, JD Begets Flash Fiction Issue 568  
Dehart, JD The Mapmaker Parable Flash Fiction Issue 577  
Deitrick, Rick The Cold Call Drama Issue 545  
Del Canto, Cristina Caracas Poetry Issue 485  
del Priore, Joe Chukka Short Story Issue 376  
Delaney, Alan Awakening Short Story Issue