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Michael E. Lloyd

Thanks for coming over here to find out more about me.

You know, these days, when folk ask 'What do you do?', I find it very difficult to give a short or simple reply!

It used to be much easier, of course. For about 30 years, I just answered 'Oh, I'm in computers ...', and only tried to explain my strange profession further if really pressed. 

And work and family commitments often leave too little space or time for the many other things that also really inspire us, or promise to.

But I escaped from the corporate world in 2002, and I'm now able to pursue in much greater depth the interests, including writing in particular, which had sat more or less in the background until then.

This web site gives brief insights into some of them, and the latest state of things. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know ...  

Mike, May 2016





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