Pike and Carp Fishing

As a teenager, I fished the Suffolk Stour, in beautiful Constable country, and the large, unpredictable gravel pits of East Essex. I was happy enough with my simple catches of small roach, perch and bream. But then I went off to college. Apart from the occasional, token foray onto some unknown water, which usually resulted in an empty net and a lot of frustration, my love of angling was all but forgotten for the best part of thirty years!

I remedied all that in the late '90s. Since then, I have focussed on catching Big Pike and Big Carp in small lakes. I don't want any more little fish, thanks very much: they just ruin my averages! And I aim to continue to improve my 'personal best' Pike and Carp weights by one pound each year. If I achieve that, I'll one day be a very contented 90-year old!

20-pound Pike
St Ives, 2004

My favourite pike lake
My favourite carp lake

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